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Pleasurable Submission by ginger324
Pleasurable Submissionby Caroline Anthony
Jaxon Rossie isnt your average police detective or Dominant. Standing at 5'7", weighing 180 lbs of solid muscle and having a small obsession with James Bond Jaxon r...
||●ℙ𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕪●||✔️ by Madhusudana_
||●ℙ𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕪●||✔️by ʍǟɖɦǟʋ
"How it feels to be a backup or an option for past three years?" said the girl. "You said , we are just friends , right?" said the boy. "Never h...
crushing on him → pooter  by animesadiddies
crushing on him → pooter by naruto's bitch
Naya Jones has a celebrity crush named Pooter. He notices her one day, and they become more than friends. trust will be tested and so will feelings. over all this, can l...
*~Different~*  (MHA x  Fem reader) by WolfieGamerGirl12
*~Different~* (MHA x Fem reader)by Wolfie_Gaming231
Y/n is a girl with amazing talents! She dreamed of going to UA. While she's there she catches the attention of a few boys. A/n: Hello! This is my first story! Thank you...
The Kidnapper by solbymaster
The Kidnapperby Sam and Colby
Two guys named Sam and Colby get kidnapped. (Totally not based of of Sam and Colby lol) 😛 They both have very different lives from each other, but somehow got kidnapped...
Madea x Foster child Reader by Sealife56
Madea x Foster child Readerby Sealife56
Y/N's parents can't take care of Y/N anymore.Madea Goes to court & Madea takes care of Y/N.Yes,My friends we are doing A Madea Fanfiction All the oldschool kids will kno...
'JUDGEMENTAL' ||Kim Taehyung|| by KookieAlien20
'JUDGEMENTAL' ||Kim Taehyung||by KookieAlien20
A Taehyung (태형) fanfic where Taehyung is the poor well his father owns a small company and NOT that Handsome and a Girl who's picky ,don't like ugly people and very RICH...
Leave me alone! (Chibi among us) by DeadGhosy
Leave me alone! (Chibi among us)by ★GHOST★
You are a 14-15 teenager living your best life with your mother and 8 year old sibling. As much as you love your brother. He's a little shit. your iPad kid sibling brok...
Prison love by Jyugo1415
Prison loveby Alex
Jyugo was Alone taking his normal stroll around nanba prison after exscapeing for the uptenth time this month, but something felt off Hajime hasn't caught him yet or eve...
The Love Of A King ~Marcus Volturi X Oc~ by Local_Author
The Love Of A King ~Marcus St@r
~Marcus volturi x Oc~ Nadia Owen was not expecting to die the day of her college graduation but fait had other plans. Nadia Owens was on her way to her graduation when s...
Fallen into my web  by Sassymxsas
Fallen into my web by Sassymxsas
This is Angor rot X reader both fem and male Angor rot will be a bottom and tob through the story so look out for that
I think he knows  by Dracoismineleavemebe
I think he knows by Clarissa Salvatore
A Professor Riddle x reader story. I don't see enough of these, so here you go. And our personal fav: English ain't my first language 🤭 But I'm damn good in it, so let'...
The Don Baby Mada ( book 2)  episode 1-30  THE EMPIRE by slippery_wet
The Don Baby Mada ( book 2) 𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐃𝐎𝐍
The wedding was a success. Now that Zara is married to the love of her life , there seems to be something missing... a husband, the perfect life and also the a truth abo...
Lilith and her adventures by _Sivel
Lilith and her adventuresby _Sivel
This is a random novel I made because I was bored so don't expect much.Also don't mind the cover I didn't have any good cover photos so I just just chose that from my ga...
Through life ☆ by txgxgrace
Through life ☆by T.G Grace
Poems. These are poems written by me to inspire. My poems mean so much to me because it comes from deep down and it's really deep emotions that I choose to put in writin...
claimed by the leader by shellasbooks
claimed by the leaderby michelle grobler
17 year old girl Varonica Lodge came back home when she lived with her dad after parents deforced and she decided to go home to her mom in Freeridge with her old childho...
Hard To Get(Laito x Reader Fanfic) by Nqchristine18
Hard To Get(Laito x Reader Fanfic)by Nqchristine18
Laito Sakamaki x Reader Laito Sakamaki is the biggest pervert in the Sakamaki mansion, but the girls are head over heels in love with him and we all know what every girl...
Beauty and... NOT A BEAST!?!?! (Bakugou x Fem!Reader) by Nana00007658
Beauty and... NOT A BEAST!?!?! ( HotStuff58
Bakugou was known through the kingdom to be a heartless no good prince who was turned into a beast. When a thief(reader) runs into his castle for cover of the mayors gua...
Play Like A Girl  by DramaQueen122
Play Like A Girl by DramaQueen122
Tanner got a full ride to college on a baseball scholarship. The dream of an athlete. But how will the rest of the team react to the very first girl ever being apart of...
My failures of covers by PROJINY
My failures of coversby 威風凛々
"Because I'm self made, ain't nobody ever made me, We In the part going crazy and it feels amazing, and I feel like Gucci" Jessi🌻 Random horrible covers, yay...