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Pleasurable Submission by ginger324
Pleasurable Submissionby Caroline Anthony
Jaxon Rossie isnt your average police detective or Dominant. Standing at 5'7", weighing 180 lbs of solid muscle and having a small obsession with James Bond Jaxon r...
crushing on him → pooter  by animesadiddies
crushing on him → pooter by naruto's bitch
Naya Jones has a celebrity crush named Pooter. He notices her one day, and they become more than friends. trust will be tested and so will feelings. over all this, can l...
The difference In family  by Bernie1234567
The difference In family by Bernie1234567
Bella swan has a twin sister but she is difficult and definitely different then Bella Bailey swan fell for the dogs not the blood suckers will she be loved or rejected b...
Disaster Usually Follows by Talia_Brandeis
Disaster Usually Followsby Lia
// FORMERLY TITLED "The Jock and the Loser" // Maddie Greggor: Dubbed the "loser" and "nerd" of her school, she has always grown up being p...
Beauty and... NOT A BEAST!?!?! (Bakugou x Fem!Reader) by Nana00007658
Beauty and... NOT A BEAST!?!?! ( HotStuff58
Bakugou was known through the kingdom to be a heartless no good prince who was turned into a beast. When a thief(reader) runs into his castle for cover of the mayors gua...
The Love Of A King ~Marcus Volturi X Oc~ by Jelly_BeanArmy
The Love Of A King ~Marcus Trash Possum
~Marcus volturi x Oc~ Nadia Owen was not expecting to die the day of her college graduation but fait had other plans. Nadia Owens was on her way to her graduation when s...
Madea x Foster child Reader by Sealife56
Madea x Foster child Readerby Sealife56
Y/N's parents can't take care of Y/N anymore.Madea Goes to court & Madea takes care of Y/N.Yes,My friends we are doing A Madea Fanfiction All the oldschool kids will kno...
The Football Girl by anabelsoup
The Football Girlby Anabel
Alexandria wasn't your average girl. She loved football and she was pretty good at it too. Her father is her mentor to go out for it. She battles with her self to keep...
The Rose's Flame by pennerjones99
The Rose's Flameby Penner Jones
Princess Rose of Esmerdel is betrothed to Prince Oliver of Enchantment, also known as "The Goblin King." Oliver is reclusive and said to only appear in public...
Fallen into my web  by Sassymxsas
Fallen into my web by Sassymxsas
This is Angor rot X reader both fem and male Angor rot will be a bottom and tob through the story so look out for that
The Kidnapper by solbymaster
The Kidnapperby Sam and Colby
Two guys named Sam and Colby get kidnapped. (Totally not based of of Sam and Colby lol) 😛 They both have very different lives from each other, but somehow got kidnapped...
This will just be full of ships and shit and because I'm out of school I can post alot <33
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover (A Bunk'd Fanfiction) by Puppysmile2004
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover ( ᏞᎾᏁᎬᏞᎽ ᎶᏒᏞ
12 year old Katelyn Roy is new to Camp Kikiwaka this summer of 2017. And like the other campers, she's loud, happy, funny, and sweet. A total extrovert! But don't judge...
Down For You by DenizYildiz711
Down For Youby Deniz Yildiz
Inspiring journey of Ekim, a disabled high school graduate determined to defy the odds and enter the prestigious rich university. But her dreams are met with cruel bully...
Unapologetically Muslim by aaylinn__
Unapologetically Muslimby Aylin
Meet Nadia, a seventeen year old strong and fearless hijabi who wants nothing more than to get through senior year and achieve good grades without any problems. However...
The Guardian Of Juniper by SilenceReaper
The Guardian Of Juniperby Rika
In the world Lirium,there is a country named Juniper, the city was prosperous and a very beautiful and peaceful one. There are a total of 16 Guardians, each protecting t...
Flaws in our Foundation by jemima_bahng
Flaws in our Foundationby jemima_bahng
A collection of poems by me. Emotion-stained poetry. Sit with a box of tissues.
A miraculous life by _AlphaPlease_
A miraculous lifeby MissAhri
It's time for Marinette to tell Adrien her feeling for him but we all know he loves ladybug. How will this go? When Marinette get rejected she asks her friend Chatnoir f...
Prison love by Jyugo1415
Prison loveby Alex
Jyugo was Alone taking his normal stroll around nanba prison after exscapeing for the uptenth time this month, but something felt off Hajime hasn't caught him yet or eve...
dwayne johnsons true identity by johncenafanclub
dwayne johnsons true identityby johncenafanclub
this story is going to be about the truth of dwayne johnson otherwise known as "The Rock". he seems so happy, jolly, and strong all the time. even through thos...