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The Werewolf and the Scientist (Werewolf! reader X Wilson) by HeyElectricJupiter
The Werewolf and the Scientist ( Hey Electric Jupiter
A sequel to Don't turn. The gang finds a way out and what is the world lime when they get out. What are they going to be lime when they leave. And will Y/n be able to s...
Don't Starve: Book One by empatheticanalyst
Don't Starve: Book Oneby Yuvon
It's a story we all know and love. Boy meets Girl. Except for this boy is a certain gentleman scientist, and this girl is a chimerical young dreamer. who is this dreamer...
[OLD] When there's a Wilson,there is a way.(Wilson x Reader) by Star_Gazer901
[OLD] When there's a Wilson, 🅂🅃🄰🅁🄶🄰🅉🄴🅁
[THIS STORY WILL NO LONGER BE CONTINUED] Hey this is my first story and since there isn't a lot of these I decided to make one.Enjoy!
Don't Starve: Wilson x Reader Winterland Nightmare by eminArevoL7102
Don't Starve: Wilson x Reader 96猫とValshe
I am alone, cold and hungry in these cold winterland on what I call a nightmare. It was night when I finished gathering logs, grass and flint to make a fire. A growl fro...
The Gentleman Scientist (Reader x Wilson) by KattyPawZ
The Gentleman Scientist (Reader WafflrMan
You aren't happy with life. Everything is just the same as always and you hate it. You only want a new adventure. What happens when a strange man claims to be able to gi...
Gods - A Don't Starve Universe (DISCONTINUED) by StarryOfThy
Gods - A Don't Starve Universe ( Megaman trash
All has been peaceful in Umbra, a strange world full of wonders and monsters, and Gods. But when the shadows begin to corrupt the land and Gods begin disappearing, Wilso...
Don't starve X Reader Oneshots by TrashyVE
Don't starve X Reader Oneshotsby TrashyVE
---Requests are currently Open!--- ~Say pal, you don't look so good. You should find something to eat before night comes.~ You like the don't starve universe? You li...
Fact and Fantasy (Wilson x Reader) by HeadphonesAndAPen
Fact and Fantasy (Wilson x Reader)by HeadphonesAndAPen
You grew up knowing about fae folk. You knew not to step in their rings. You knew not to make deals with them. And yet you did. The question is, do you regret it? A slow...
the moon - wormwood x wx78 by anx13ty_r1dd3n
the moon - wormwood x wx78by anx13ty_r1dd3n
When your in the Constant, you can't be picky on who your surviving with. This is an unfortunate thing for our maniacal robot friend, WX-78, who has a pure hatred for ba...
A New Leader by JustMonikaJustMe
A New Leaderby Just Monika
[art credit to polarspaz on tumblr] You, the reader, are dropped into a completely different world with a little to no survival skills and empty pockets. Let's see how l...
I'm not lonely, just lost by Chaikitty
I'm not lonely, just lostby Luna
Karnoe is just an orphan girl. Being all alone isn't that bad but it seems like something is missing.. On a foggy, cold October day, she is given the chance to change...
Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Shots #Requests: CLOSED# by Twilight175
Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Twilight175
Read the title, read the rules. Requests are closed. *I don't own the characters I just write the stories.*
Don't starve (WilsonXReader) by PrincePercical
Don't starve (WilsonXReader)by Percival
Idk just had this in my head might make something good out of it idk lol
Don't Starve Wilson Percival Higgsbury X Reader by serpentinejellyfish
Don't Starve Wilson Percival Cheshire (Chess) Gibbs
When you, a university student with a love of all things occult and weird, are whisked away from what you called home, you can't help but worry. Things are not working o...
Wilson x Maxwell on shots (Requests open) by Wilson_Higgsbury1109
Wilson x Maxwell on shots ( Wilson_Higgsbury9011
The title rlly explains it tbh 🍨sweet ❌smut 😭angst REQUESTS OPEN
[Don't Starve] Someone I'm Close To {Maxwil} by ricecrispbees
[Don't Starve] Someone I'm Close ricecrispbees
The cover is not mine. It was made by SnappyCrocodile. HUGE thanks for that! ~~ Summary: Something's been bothering Wilson to the point where he's begun to work to the...
Don't Starve x Reader Scenarios! [ 2022! ] by minoubouffe
Don't Starve x Reader Scenarios! [ fredd
A series of scenarios between the all-so-loveable you, and the all-so-loveable Don't Starve characters! Enter a world of love, chaos, and Willow setting the farms on fir...
Don't Starve Characters React To... by BrainBlister
Don't Starve Characters React Martin
Don't Starve Characters x Reader story You and them reacting to various scenarios You may request scenarios
Starving isn't so bad when you aren't alone (Don't Starve fanfiction) by Nightmarereader512
Starving isn't so bad when you TheReaperOfGodsAbove
A story of a gentleman scientist finding a new hope and purpose in life after such a long time in solitude. What will happen when he finds out he isn't all alone? What h...