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Thousand Dollar Friend by MissLunaRose
Thousand Dollar Friendby Luna Rose
"Make friends with my daughter, and I'll pay you a thousand dollars." Tara's junior year of high school is turned upside down after she collides into the life...
Isla Extraordinary  by Monrosey
Isla Extraordinary by Monrosey
Shortlisted for ONC 2023! A 16-year-old girl with Down syndrome takes on the popular class clown in an intense, but unforgettable, run for president of the eleventh grad...
Unique (Oneshot!) by Kittymasterofall14
Unique (Oneshot!)by Kitty
TMNT-2012 Mikey has Down Syndrome and is a little different, but his family is there to show him that he's unique, and that they love him more than anything! Disclaimer:...
The Journey of Elliot by CollegeGirl2015
The Journey of Elliotby CollegeGirl2015
***Procrastinating Life ~ No Regular Updates*** They always said loss came in 3's, and Elliot would have to agree. After losing her mother at an early age due to cancer...
A Look Beyond  by DrKawtharhameed
A Look Beyond by DrKawthar Hameed
A compilation of blog entries addressing various disabilities and obstacles, aimed at assisting parents and educators in fostering better connections with their childre...
TDF Short Stories by MissLunaRose
TDF Short Storiesby Luna Rose
Join the cast of Thousand Dollar Friend in an anthology of short stories exploring friendship, disability, and the complicated process of growing up. NOTES: These storie...
Rhythm's of The Soul  by DrKawtharhameed
Rhythm's of The Soul by DrKawthar Hameed
A collection of Poems about children with challenges and disabilities.
Special but Not So Different by sebisalive
Special but Not So Differentby DeadGirlsTellNoTales
Disclaimer: This is a slightly fictionalized story of what it's like to exist in a special education classroom. Names have been changed to protect students and teachers...
Sister Dearest by MissSunnyBell
Sister Dearestby Sunny Bell
Autistic Elody finally feels like her life is coming together when she gets an offer to write a feature for a high profile organization. Her happiness is interrupted and...
Short Stories by MissLunaRose
Short Storiesby Luna Rose
Open your eyes to different perspectives in these stories about autism, disability, LGBT+ issues, and what it means to be unique. From the writer of Silent Voice and Tho...
Sid Phillips x Elmo  by columbineshooter
Sid Phillips x Elmo by columbineshooter
The beautiful love story of Sid and Elmo.
When the World Died by AdamRawson21
When the World Diedby Adam Rawson
When the world turns to shit, you have to learn to desensitise yourself quickly or die. This proves harder than expected for Jacob who is thrown into an unfamiliar world...
Sarah Grace X Madeline Sturt:The picture collection  by AussieFurbyMogwaiFan
Sarah Grace X Madeline Sturt:The Milney McFly 🇦🇺💖
Just a random picture book tribute to 2 of my favourite pepole Matty B's sister Sarah Grace and model Madeline Sturt!
(Watty Top 10 Award Winner) It's Not Your Fault by ictabiaasf
(Watty Top 10 Award Winner) It's ictabiaasf
#laterhaters Ms Podolinsky was having another boring day of recess duty, again. Well it's not so boring today anymore. She was about to find out one of her students has...
Corona Christmas  by selahneely
Corona Christmas by selah
Christmas 2020 will be very different to other years and Billie has a lot to say about it. She talks about covid restrictions, things that have happened though the year...
Dream Catcher by AbbigailRobinsonGibs
Dream Catcherby Abbigail RobinsonGibson
A boy with Down syndrome ask's a popular girl out and she says yes so they do a lot together
Unwanted by piper312
Unwantedby Piper312
16 year old Zac struggles with teenage years at school because he is told he is gay. But he didn't know what he was. His sister and him were in foster care since she was...
One Shot: From the Star 🌟 by ilobefries06
One Shot: From the Star 🌟by ilobefries06
It's my first attempt at writing! Do support and kindly give your valuable comments 🙏
Bridges of Friendship: A Journey of Acceptance and Love by Christopher569570
Bridges of Friendship: A Journey Christopher569570
"Bridges of Friendship" is a heartwarming tale of Alex, a transgender male, who befriends Lily, a girl with Down syndrome and speech delay, in high school. The...