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Like you do | DREAMNOTFOUND by heartcorez
Like you do | DREAMNOTFOUNDby ‎eva 💒
Where George accidentally leaves a piece of paper on a table with his discord on it, not realising that it was the last person he wants it to be finding that piece of...
the not so good subgoal by dnfslost
the not so good subgoalby dnfslost
"george what's the new subgoal going to be?" dream questioned. - "chat i'm not gonna read fanfiction as a subgoal.."
Buttercup II Dreamnotfound by _twigleaf_
Buttercup II Dreamnotfoundby Twig
George meets a strange man while at work. { Mafia AU }
all for a dare by dnfslost
all for a dareby dnfslost
george gets pressured to go to a party. where he meets clay, his brothers best friend. george gets sucked into a game of truth or dare where someone later starts playing...
Famously Infamous (DNF) by Nnailrak
Famously Infamous (DNF)by Nnailrak
Clay is a famous faceless Youtuber known as Dream, but his friends and family have no idea. And he wants to keep it that way. But after a strange interaction, Clays best...
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfound by _twigleaf_
Silent Melodies II dreamnotfoundby Twig
George, a lonely boy, decides to befriend the deaf kid.
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP} by MoonGazer215
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP}by Moved to AO3
Neko's. Cat people. Many think them to be lazy, dumb, and not very helpful. But they were coveted for their beauty and grace. Inu's. Dog people. Bold, loyal, sometimes l...
Unlocked Feelings [DNF] by notkiribye
Unlocked Feelings [DNF]by kiri
- High School/Omegaverse AU - New College, New Friends, New Identity. George attempts to hide the fact that he's a male omega from the entire college, only proving to be...
Famous Hearts || Dreamnotfound by lovelvcifer
Famous Hearts || Dreamnotfoundby ☹︎ 𝗹𝘂𝗽𝗮 ☹︎
Being able to go to his favorite band's concert is a dream-come-true for George, but when the leader singer, Dream, notices him... that's a whole different story. #1 geo...
Honeydew || dnf by Glittercat34
Honeydew || dnfby 🌈river🌈
Major TW: eating disorder/anorexia nervosa, severe body issues George struggles a lot with his self image. After being in a toxic relationship, he's left with horrible a...
Under The Night Blue Sky (DreamNotFound) by MystLucid
Under The Night Blue Sky (DreamNot...by MystLucid
A Werewolf / Omegaverse AU George was an Omega living a miserable life in L'manberg ruled over by their Alpha Schlatt. His parent also didn't care for him. He had enoug...
Worth The Wait [Dreamnotfound] by Akainato
Worth The Wait [Dreamnotfound]by Akito
Pretty British boy moves from England to Florida and catches the eyes of Clay, a popular student in Minecrafton High School. Clay was on a hunt to find his childhood on...
Just Across The Hall by Zero_the_loser22
Just Across The Hallby Zero
⚠️Warnings for this book!⚠️ -Toxic Relationship -Yelling -Abusive Relationship -Smut -Uncensored Swearing I knowww, sucky warnings, I'm sorry!! There might be more but...
Dropping Hints - DNF  by sweetnsour19
Dropping Hints - DNF by sweetnsour19
Dream can't help but radiate top energy no matter what situation he is in that's basically the description of this story. NOTE!! This is based off the personas and thi...
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The Wedding //dnf by haveheart9
The Wedding //dnfby wavie9
When Dream's girlfriend breaks up with him a week before his mom's wedding, what's a poor sad, green blob to do but invite his best friend George instead? Art Creds: htt...
It was always, you - dreamnotfound by justlrybored
It was always, you - dreamnotfoundby justlrybored
Dream George, Sapnap and Bad came to the decision to move in together, they thought it would be easy since they had been friends with each other for ages. Not soon after...
Twelve Seconds by esorwasfoundandtaken
Twelve Secondsby esor
George is desperate to leave the boy he thought he loved, Dream is desperate to make George fall for himself instead. It only takes twelve seconds to realise, twelve sec...
opposites attract, dnf/dreamnotfound (devil au) by kyrolla
opposites attract, dnf/dreamnotfou...by kyro ♡︎
cover art is by friccafracc on twitter george, an average human with a dead father and a mother with a failing heart, goes to a medium, someone who can see in a differen...
Teach me how to Love by paigenotfound_2
Teach me how to Loveby paigenotfound_2
Dream being a single father has had a crush on his sons kindergarten teacher for over a year now what could go wrong will he win the heart of Mr. Davidson? Cover art by:...
My Little Meow Meow - DNF by hidingpandauwu
My Little Meow Meow - DNFby hidingpandauwu
This fanfic will be pretty chill, so if you need a calming, fluff read, this is the book for you! George flies to Florida a week earlier than planned and surprises Dream...