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💜The Unexpected Truth💜 ~Dreamswap Fanfic~ by HimeOfShyness
💜The Unexpected Truth💜 ~Dreamswa...by ꪖꪶỉꪗꪖꫝ ꪑꪖꪹỉꫀ
"Everyone was starting to notice something strange about Nightmare, especially Dream. He started to do things that someone like him would not normally do. No matter...
Venerate by SpiritBlackPaw
Venerateby Fourth Wall
Venerate: to regard with great respect; revere. Error wasn't sure what to do with himself. He'd expected to die in the Void, not end up in a Multiverse so much younger t...
Control. Slash. Delete.  by Inkygalaxycat
Control. Slash. Delete. by Inkygalaxycat
A.U.s have suddenly started to disappear, even ones as popular as HorrorTale and UnderSwap. The only ones unaffected are all who live outside of A.U.s in the Anti Void a...
Glitching Restoration by SecretsofEntropy
Glitching Restorationby Chaotic Entropy
A mainly DS Error centered story.
A Shadow of the Past by Doryzitter
A Shadow of the Pastby Doryzitter
A typical multiverse. A typical situation. Typical characters. But a shadow watches over them, waiting. They are oblivious to the darkness lurking right beneath their no...
A new Multiverse by kaprixk
A new Multiverseby kaprixk
Ink, Error, Sans and Outer were at Outertale when suddenly they got transported into another multiverse. - May not be canon to Dreamswap -
The Negative Flower (A Dreamswap Story) by KaitouPaint
The Negative Flower (A Dreamswap S...by 【KaitouPaint】
What does it feel like to be betrayed by your friends? Especially the ones you trust the most. Friends...they are nice to you, they keep you company, they make you happy...
°DS Drink° by tedy_gir1
°DS Drink°by FĻuffy ĆlOud
Art not mine;-; The sanses here are humans! They are young like. Ink:17 Dream:19 I Just love this ship!!!!!! And no i dont ship Drink in the originals Multiverse.!
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A confusing turn of the code || Changed Code DreamSwap by Just_Undertale_Trash
A confusing turn of the code || Ch...by Geno
A Virus found itself in the Multiverse DreamSwap. It changed the code which caused things to change. No one quite remembers what the Multiverse used to be like. What hap...
Dreamswap "Just Blue" by UNsweetHoneyLemonTEA
Dreamswap "Just Blue"by UnSweet
It was just a normal day for the meme squad Well.. As normal as it gets without the accidental' kidnapping of an slick blue skeleton What will happen as the meme squad...
Adventures in Dreamswap by Echo_The_Fallen
Adventures in Dreamswapby EchoFall
Sci has figured out how to open portals to other Multiverses, and the original council votes that Dream should be the first to go to the new Multiverse - With a camera o...
New Worlds (Dreamtale Meets Dreamswap) by KassyxTheDumbFox
New Worlds (Dreamtale Meets Dreams...by Kass •ω•
Formerly: A New And Strange World I got this idea from a comment... Dream (and Nightmare [this wasn't part of the comment, I came up with it myself]) somehow end up in D...
Sometimes you should fight back by Bird_of_blep
Sometimes you should fight backby Bird_of_blep
It was a normal day in dreamswap when somethink strange happened nightmare started seeing a weird light when he goes to sleep and his negative aura has grown, dream has...
•My lovely daughter• [discontinue] by LilyLunaetic
•My lovely daughter• [discontinue]by Lunatic
an au where ds Dream adopted a child that fell from the air? I'm in Oh yeh if you're here from my channel. Just telling you lovely daughter is a whole different story t...
A Brand New Destiny by kibawolfy13
A Brand New Destinyby Call me Nathaniel!
Error falls into the void of outertale. He awake somewhere strange... Where roles are switched? What now? sorry, i cant write good descriptions. basically, error falls i...
During The Snowstorm by KaitouPaint
During The Snowstormby 【KaitouPaint】
The meme squad were being chased by the Justice Reign as usual. But this time, they were being chased during a massive snowstorm. When an accident happened, that acciden...
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshots (Infrequent Updates) by good_night51
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshots (Infreq...by ᶜʰᵃʳˡᵒᵗᵗᵉ
If you can't tell what this is from the title idk what to tell you... I will do requests and they can be as detailed or as vague as you want. I will do OCs if you want. ...
FGOD Error in Dreamswap (COMPLETED) by AstrileWritesStuff
FGOD Error in Dreamswap (COMPLETED)by Astrile
(Very old and idk what to do with it) what would happen to Error if instead of ending up in the NaJ universe he ended up in Dream swap? (THIS BOOK IT COMPLETED) (I dont...
Sans AU X M!Reader by KeyraThalita12
Sans AU X M!Readerby Keyra Thalita
(m / n) (L / n) is a 19 year old boy and he is frisk's cousin, (m / n) always looks after frisk like his own sibling because since childhood frisk has always been treate...
Sanscest Oneshots by An-Nephthys
Sanscest Oneshotsby Em
Recently updated July 29th, 2022 Requests currently PAUSED. I'm a multi shipper so everything and everyone is welcome here. Cover art is NOT by me! If you happen to know...