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Break the cycle by FKathleen19
Break the cycleby FKathleen
The Multiverse for a long time has been an endless loop. Both inside the AUs and in itself. Error and Ink making a truce then breaking it in any possible way. The Dreamt...
urs. nightkiller by korriko
urs. nightkillerby -RIKO.
in which - killer is loyal to nightmare. but perhaps, too loyal?
Trying for a Child by Nightkiller_Fan
Trying for a Childby Jack Esme
Killermare when they first had Crescent, was tough. THIS IS FOR MATURE AUDIANCES, this is also my first time writing smut so lets see how I go-
{a special idiot}  || Killermare by wish_in_a_bottle
{a special idiot} || Killermareby Susie from Deltarune
YES IM WRITING ANOTHER ONE. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO AND THIS SHIP JUST MAKES ME HAPPY, OKAY?! If you don't like it, cry about it- (kidding. Just don't read if you don't...
Insert name here by RaWrXD4209
Insert name hereby RaWrXD4209
Looks like you've really gone to the bottom of the pile to get here. Welcome to this. I'll be making an intro to explain the details, ships, storyline, all that good stu...
[Killer One Shots] (request are Now Closed, Thank You) by imkinddasus
[Killer One Shots] (request are Maybe active?¿
Go away I don't remember this book Warning: this book contains self harm, abuse, sensitive topics, gore. And killer
"Heh,what a fool I am..." by Amy-is-gone-
"Heh,what a fool I am..."by That-one-shipper
Empireveres Nighkill/killermare Killer is not the most loved person,he himself doesn't love him so why would anyone love him That is what he asked himself every night b...
The Forbidden Bond by RoseMuffinPlayz
The Forbidden Bondby RoseMuffinPlayz
A story of love between enemies. Who says that even bad people can't love.
killer x Nightmare (DISCONTINUED) by Lovable_dork
killer x Nightmare (DISCONTINUED)by dork
(this meh first story QwQ I hope you enjoy this QwQ) *Images are not mine unless I said so* WARNING: Cringey, Bad Grammar and very old(this was like when I was a child-)
The Truce 《Sans AUs Story》 by Sunset_Strawberry09
The Truce 《Sans AUs Story》by Sunset_Strawberry09
Ink sits in Outertale thinking about his problems and fights with his friend Dream. Error bumps into Ink while in Outertale and they have a conversation. Error accidenta...
Killermare One-shot by foxyrokxy
Killermare One-shotby •Marlou•
Some silly lil one shot about the one and only Killermare ship! Human au (only in certain chapter) Contains : violence (?) Strong language Lemon
Insult to Injury  by Abomination_X
Insult to Injury by Cross in the real
: to do or say something that makes a bad situation even worse for someone Krossmare, except they're all terrible and should have never been allowed to engage in romanti...
The Castle that Changed my life by POTATO_QUEEN_WEY-
The Castle that Changed my lifeby Potastic
Killer Target. A young lady who was taught to live of her free will and to never listen to rules. Magic flowed everywhere, and she was one of the few gifted with that. B...
Father than close - Killermare Soulmates - by starcutter66
Father than close - Killermare Catherine packard
A soulmate, it something everyone has, but very few find, some fall for someone else, sometimes the soulmate dies before they are found, Sometimes they don't even try to...
Sanscest Oneshots (Request Closed) by nothing_12367
Sanscest Oneshots (Request Closed)by nothingbody
HI! request r no longer open and I will not be posting any new stories. I will be active reading stories but I am no longer writing. <3 thank you for 3k I think reads...
Irony is Real||Killermare/Nightkiller by mixtapesys
Irony is Real||Killermare/ Amiibo Shipping Brainrot 101
The Guardian King of negativity? In love? Wow, that's a laugh! (*obviously cover art isn't mine, btw*)
I'm in love with my kidnapper by FreshPaperSansJam
I'm in love with my kidnapperby That one dumbass
Killer was just an teen when his 8-year-old brother was murdered and he was kidnapped by Nightmare, his mothers good friend oldest. *WARNING! RAPE, GORE, AND OTHER THIN...
fandom smut stories by Patient_13
fandom smut storiesby Patient_13
Welcome to THE fandom smut collection. ........................ this will be spread throughout various fandoms. I will do smut, one shots, maybe fluf ec...
I don't want 1.. by KillerSD23
I don't want KillerSD23
Killer is a speechless guy he wasn't always speechless he developed speech loss when he was 20 he now is 35 just figuring out his life he refused to learn sign language...
Killermare (I can't think of a title-) by avxntxrime
Killermare (I can't think of a avxntxrime
Completed: August 8th, 2020 Killer is nightmares right hand man. Doing everything nightmare pleases. (That sounded wrong. Not in that way- Anyways-) though errors secon...