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Reborn As A Dust Sans [Undertale Multiverse] by DeadEnDead
Reborn As A Dust Sans [Undertale DeadEnDead
#4 of 64k tagged with Undertale After drowning as a human, Ashe reawakens as a DustTale variant of Sans. With his ghost Papy helping keep him from falling into suicide a...
HIATUS | Omen [Undertale Multiverse] by DeadEnDead
HIATUS | Omen [Undertale DeadEnDead
#3 out of 8k stories tagged as Ink (>.<) Omen was created as the Guardian of Hope and, indirectly, healing. If anybody can help the balancers of this multiverse, i...
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Children of Darkness (Soul of Void) - [FGoD!Error Sans] by LunaRoAC
Children of Darkness (Soul of Mooni
[HK/Undertale Crossover] For ages, the Void godness has to sit and see how her multiverse was fill and filled by AUs of her Universe, Undertale, she hated them at first...
HIATUS | Found Family [Undertale / Nightmare Gang] by DeadEnDead
HIATUS | Found Family [ DeadEnDead
Cherry, an unusual swap-sans type, draws the attention of Dream and Nightmare when he is left the only survivor in his underground. With his Papy's gaster blasters follo...
Abandoned Undertale Stories by DeadEnDead
Abandoned Undertale Storiesby DeadEnDead
Edit: Now using this book to store stories I started writing but lost motivating in continuing.
Killermare (I can't think of a title-) by avxntxrime
Killermare (I can't think of a avxntxrime
Completed: August 8th, 2020 Killer is nightmares right hand man. Doing everything nightmare pleases. (That sounded wrong. Not in that way- Anyways-) though errors secon...
Princess Of The Crescent Moon by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Princess Of The Crescent Moonby UnderTaleHyperFixed
They died. They had died alone, scared, cold.... only to reborn in a new life, as royalty of all things! Things were confusing, and scary, and maybe she should probably...
Nightmare and his baby gang by Scrip-Doodle
Nightmare and his baby gangby Scrip
Today was a good day, their raid went perfectly fine and they got everything they needed without the Stars sanses coming to annoy them, he even had some quiet time when...
Immersed In The Shadows by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Immersed In The Shadowsby UnderTaleHyperFixed
After dying, someone is reincarnated as a Shadow Papyri and settles into a routine. However, that routine seems to be continuously disturbed and constantly needs to be a...
wHo wOuld KnoW by InkPaperCrane
wHo wOuld KnoWby InkPaperCrane
So guys you Maybe expect here a Descripion but here will be non becous im really bad at something like that, but i can say thats not a FGOD story! i do like thos but the...
The glitch in the backrooms (REWRITE) by LifeBringmehere
The glitch in the backrooms ( LifeBringmehere
(This is a re-work of my old fanfic, and the original idea of this is M1lun4 while the Fgod is from Harrish6 the cover of the book was made by me, please do not steal it...
A funky time (fresh centric oneshots)  by here-have-a-potato
A funky time (fresh centric it's da rei
originally posted this on AO3 and decided to repost here. just some one shots about our favorite creepy crawly parasite. (also the cover is mine.)
I have ENOUGH! (Error Sans Forced God of Destruction) by AlterCreep
I have ENOUGH! (Error Sans AlterCreep
Error Sans had enough of Ink's Creativity so he stop destroying. Ink never realized it until the multiverse collapse. What will they do now?
Reaper goes into the void  by KarmaAkabane425
Reaper goes into the void by Karma Akabane
What one even appreciates reaper for all that he does as death? What if..even those on yin side hated him? Well not everyone but he doesn't know that there are a...
I'm Nightmare!?  by die_sonne50
I'm Nightmare!? by Die Sonne
I've seen many fanfics of people becoming nootmare so I decided why not I do the same thing.
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Becoming a creator but a child in Undertale. by _Alone_Raven_
Becoming a creator but a child _Alone_Raven_
An ordinary child woke up in an unfamiliar place from an unfamiliar voice that told her about some creators. "Why me??!" (English is not my native language and...
Infernal Love - Old by KamiSteinward
Infernal Love - Oldby KamiSteinward
Ink. Quite a unique character dont you think. Always positive, happy and saving people. Error. A character interesting in his own way. Apathetic and loves his job. ...
Multiverse Reset by AllbadOtk
Multiverse Resetby It's A Secret Shhhh
Y/N and Papyrus tries to go back to the first timeline in undertale, to stop the wars in the AU's but something goes wrong. what will Y/N and Papyrus do? Made at 17-12-1...
the shining stars ( a multiverse chaos) by Vera_Woldy
the shining stars ( a multiverse Vera_Woldy
a story about a multiverse chaos happening around the whole multiverse , and this is the story that what happen in the outertale . it gonna have multiverse characters li...
UnderMemories (Undertale AU) by Zahra_Malaysia
UnderMemories (Undertale AU)by Siti Fatimah Azzahra Illias
Shortly, Frisk suicided after they come out from the barrier in true pacifist timeline in order to break the chains of fate and destiny. Then, the universe collapsed int...