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30 day OTP challenge by POTATO_QUEEN_WEY-
30 day OTP challengeby Potastic
I'll rewrite this in the future... (I'm reposting this story in this account since the other one I have to delete it, also it's kind of cringe but has a lot of fluff!) N...
The Castle that Changed my life by POTATO_QUEEN_WEY-
The Castle that Changed my lifeby Potastic
Killer Target. A young lady who was taught to live of her free will and to never listen to rules. Magic flowed everywhere, and she was one of the few gifted with that. B...
Bitter Taste by SairenBlade
Bitter Tasteby W.D Sairen
The bad sanses and the stars were fighting for many's the time to stop these useless battles and make a treaty for the two team. Both of the team...
Nightkiller for life  by DroopingWillow
Nightkiller for life by Willow tree
After the truce with the star sans everything's been boring. Killer got bored of reading his book and goes for a walk. When walking he finds nightmare sitting near the...
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love story) by Aron-Might
I Dont Care... (nightkiller love Aron lives with me
i never could feel anything as long as i remeber, everything i do is because im forsed to but... one day i met someone who could free me! make me happy!? but why do you...
the wrath of scourge by AUTHORMARE
the wrath of scourgeby Author-San
being the son of nightmare the king of darkness and a gruesome killer, the young child starts to have troubles and others turn on him
Killer's werid ass heram [13+] by multi_ship_join
Killer's werid ass heram [13+]by The multi shipper
Killer has a heram, dude get's fucked 5 times a week by ... 1... 2.. 3... 5 skeletons- who are they: Nightmare, Error, Cross, Dust and horror One of many stories to spe...
What I want by fallenmemes
What I wantby Undertale dead memes
Color took Killer and gave him his emotions, everything was fine at first but then he got bored and to think of it he missed killing other's, would he spend his day's ki...
~How did you know?~  [A multiship sanscest] by Shining_Crystal27
~How did you know?~ [A Shining Crystal
Nightmare's gang was only having Error, Dust, Horror and Cross at this point. when suddenly they were to be sucked in a weird hellhole, or so what they thought. That's w...
Pink Vial Incident (Killer X Nightmare fanfic) by Ren_CML
Pink Vial Incident (Killer X Ren_CML
So heres the story, Noot Noot accidentaly drank the pink vial blah blah blah and then umm.. Just read the story...
We Truly Do Get Along (Nightmare x Killer) by BestUsrname
We Truly Do Get Along (Nightmare BestUsername everrrr
This is a highschool based story between a cheerleader and football player. Like in most cheesy cliche love story of a cheerleader and a football player, this story brin...
Guardian Angel [UNDERTALE] by LunaAlmightyGod
Guardian Angel [UNDERTALE]by LunaAlmightyGod
"Ink sighed long, his back arched while he watched with a dull eye the field of echo flowers in front of him. He was desperate, desperate by his constant fails, his...
Emotions (Nightkiller) by Princeofflies
Emotions (Nightkiller)by 👑Prince of Flies🪰
Nightmare and Killer are part of the bad Sans but killer suddenly gets sick and only Nightmare can help him.
Shallow Hearts by Redknifewasstolen
Shallow Heartsby Red knife was stolen
This is an old story so it may be bad. I found it the other day and forgot about it until now. Its completed so yeah. After an argument between Nightmare and Killer, Kil...
The Start Of Something New [ErrorInk] by DestroyerOfAus
The Start Of Something New [ your local error
;w; i made this for all the shippers out there, please tell me if u like i really think its not that good but uhh, if you like it- thanksss and if i dont update it regul...
[Killer One Shots] (request are open as usual!) by imkinddasus
[Killer One Shots] (request are ItzKillerSans
it's sad⛈️ it's happy 💕 no lime or lemon🥰 enjoy Warning: this book contains self harm, abuse, sensitive topics, gore. And killer
unknowing by Berry2Draw
unknowingby ★Call-me-Ur-B¡tch★
Killer was a normal monster but with black like tar Flowing endlessly along is face. This fellow skeleton was Friends with Lust sans Since childhood, He started picking...
Nightkiller & Cream Oneshot/Fanfic book (2) by multi_ship_join
Nightkiller & Cream Oneshot/ The multi shipper
cream and nightkiller can do love (or not) if you ship both cream and nightkiller your welcome! if you dont- Well why are you reading this uh? anyway lets fill up this b...
Killermare One-shot by foxyrokxy
Killermare One-shotby •Foxylerenard•
Killermare Human au (only in certain chapter) Contains : violence (?) Strong language
~ my KING ~ by Lay-___-
~ my KING ~by Lay-___-JV
(The writer is currently in senior high) (Ongoing) A kingdom far away from HUMAN civilization, was surviving from an edge. This particular Kingdom is special, unlike th...