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Innocence lost by eazypeachy
Innocence lostby eazypeachy
I'm the good girl in the group of bad girls. I don't drink , smoke or rarely party. I stay out of everyone's way most of the time. I live in Compton there's danger every...
West Coast Lovin by WWEFOREVER0823
West Coast Lovinby Cash Daddy 🦄
Dr. Dre's niece is an aspiring singer who just moved California to make her dreams come true. She puts her career before anything and anyone, well that is before she mee...
Roman Disaster by BreeNBrit90s
Roman Disasterby Brittania Williams
Nicki Minaj gets lucky when Jerry Heller, the manager of NWA signs her to ruthless records. Thinking she's going to have the best life ever suddenly things takes a horri...
Let's go back by prettymama1214
Let's go backby prettymama1214
"Let's go back."
Forever Love? by eazyfantasy
Forever Love?by eazyfantasy
Giselle Mars is about to be fresh out of high school. She lives with her parents and her two siblings, goes to the beach and worries about her hair just like every other...
NWA Imagines  by CiciBarbs
NWA Imagines by CiciBarbs
Eazy E Oshea Renz Yella Dr Dre
Uptown girl- by eazypeachy
Uptown girl-by eazypeachy
An uptown Beverly Hills girl meets a Compton guy. -------------------------------- This story is going to have semi racism. So if that's not your thing keep moving . Bu...
If only we didn't meet them  by worldsbiggestweiner
If only we didn't meet them by worldsbiggestweiner
When 2 best friends by the name of Dee and bria move to Compton after they turn 18 because they wanted to leave there toxic family they fun into people that are even mor...
Dreams • short Eazy E fan fic [Completed] by Shayylondon
Dreams • short Eazy E fan fic [Com...by Shayy💗
"Believe in your dreams. They were giving to you for a reason " ✨ Winner of Best Short Story - NWA FFA 2017 ✨ Writers awards nominee 2017 Completed 4.12.17 20...
More than a crush (Eazy-E love story) by tweety_614
More than a crush (Eazy-E love sto...by misslyric_14
Massani is a 15 year old girls who lives in Compton California. She meets Eric aka Eazy-E and doesn't know if her emotions are real for him or not. Read to find out
Ruthless Love (Eazy-E Fan-Fiction) by Rapper_fanfics
Ruthless Love (Eazy-E Fan-Fiction)by Rapper_Fanfics
Vanessa Rodriguez was just a normal 20 year old from Long Beach, California. In till one day changed everything. She went from being a good girl to taking risk. She was...
It Is What It Is || EazyE XX Ice Cube by EazyyyE
It Is What It Is || EazyE XX Ice C...by EazyyyE
Jada Robinson, also know as J is an only child and lives with her mother. She's been homeschooled by her mother ever since her father ran away when she was 6 but what ha...
Broken Promises( O'Shea Jackson Jr. Love Story) by Amour_Shae
Broken Promises( O'Shea Jackson Jr...by The Amour_Shae❣️
O'Shea promised Antonia, that after the fame and the fortune, that their relationship will still be the same? Well what happens when he starts feeling himself and let's...
Baby Girl and Casual by BreeNBrit90s
Baby Girl and Casualby Brittania Williams
It's Aaliyah and Eric are two close friends who flirt a lot never pouring out there true feelings. After one night in the studio they finally become official but when gr...
Thug Luv a Layzie Bone Story ❤️❤️😩 by legendaryresa
Thug Luv a Layzie Bone Story ❤️❤️😩by legendaryresa
This story is about a girl named Lisa and how she moved to LA to become a song writer just when she thought it was all over she meets Her Future.....
The New Girl in Compton 2 by Goodlettsg002
The New Girl in Compton 2by NOOONIE😍
The muthphuckin saga continues 😛
The Rev by EazyBazed
The Revby Eric Lynn
"I won't dos ya wrong, cause I always dos ya right." Coming soon.
The manager (Eazy E Fanfiction) by KekeE907
The manager (Eazy E Fanfiction)by KekeE907
Manager to the company "Ruthless Records" , Mikayla thinks its just buisness but things take a different turn when she meets Eric Wright and from that moment o...
The boy from across the street by Nbaklove
The boy from across the streetby Nbaklove
Dedricks new to the neighborhood and dosent exactly fit in, he finds him self in some trouble. can the neighborhood "thug" save him before its to late