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C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad? by hurricanstreets
C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad?by hurricane streets
This is my story about meeting Ed Sheeran right before he became the biggest pop star in the world.
My One and Only {An Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction} by thewriterdanielle
My One and Only {An Ed Sheeran Fan...by thewriterdanielle
It all started with the words 'Your place or mine?' Paige and Ed met in a bar, after both having bad days. Paige is charmed by Ed's manners, red hair, and how he talks...
red hair and a blue hoodie // ed sheeran by TheLostTurtle
red hair and a blue hoodie // ed s...by xenia
a story about a girl who goes blind and a boy that just wants to love her. [dont worry - i am planning to go back and edit this story soon so it wont be as gross as it i...
Invaded by you (Ed Sheeran) by mariesheerio
Invaded by you (Ed Sheeran)by Marie
"Lost in the future we had. It's over, it's over but I'll always be invaded by you" 3rd January 2014 I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I will never get tired...
supermarket flowers, glee by -luxpins
supermarket flowers, gleeby bekky ༄
- SUPERMARKET FLOWERS - ❝so I'll sing Hallelujah you were an angel in the shape of my mum when I fell down you'd be there holding me up spread your wings as you go and...
we started with a rumor (instagram L. S.) by levxosa
we started with a rumor (instagram...by levxosa
In which Niall Horan and the fandom spread a rumor about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson dating. But is it really just a rumor? An Instagram fanfiction
Endlessly (Harry Styles) by Make1Wish
Endlessly (Harry Styles)by Veronica
This is the story of an endless love between two young people bound together by their love of music (and chocolate). Hazel Murray is a young girl living in a small Ameri...
☆◇~Schlattbur Oneshots~◇☆ (DISCONTINUED) by M4v3r1ckxxR1nn3y
☆◇~Schlattbur Oneshots~◇☆ (DISCONT...by Nox/Maverick
here's some little (not all r little lmao-) storys I thought of! will contain: fluff angst AUs Blood & organs (organs on 1st chapter only) Smut Panic attacks & stuff...
how shed eeran conquered the world by jaswrld
how shed eeran conquered the worldby j <3
'stunning, remarkable, entertaining.' - joris bohnson 'a real page-turner. you will never get bored of this exciting story.' - lana del armadillo ⚠️⚠️⚠️TW: words, senten...
Instagram love...(NIAM) by TawanThitipoom20
Instagram love...(NIAM)by SANYA⭐️
Social media can really help you to meet the love of your life❤️
Five Vampires, Five Mates, One Girl, One Direction (One Direction Fanfiction) by 200394231m
Five Vampires, Five Mates, One Gir...by 200394231m
*SEQUEL IS NOW OPEN* When Lacy goes for a walk during the evening, she doesn't expect to be kidnapped by five guys, guys that aren't normal. These guys are a coven call...
Not So Typical by liquorxintellect
Not So Typicalby liquorxintellect
Melody is a typical 20 year old, bored with how typical her life is. That quickly changes when she meets a guy in a bar named Harry Styles. It becomes a roller coaster o...
Instagram || Narry au by niallwhoransbabe
Instagram || Narry auby K
Where Harry is an Instagram model and Niall is a solo artist that just happens to find Harry very attractive.
Loving Her Was Red by Evil_Narcotics
Loving Her Was Redby Evil_Narcotics
Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, are world renowned celebrities. Everything would've been perfect, had they not fallen for each other. But for their popularity and Taylor'...
louis' boy by rEaRvIeWHABIT
louis' boyby eli
this was made because of a tweet that i saw on twitter! i hope you enjoy ~ "ohhh there's tommo's boy" "stop dickhead he's gonna hear you"
It's You (Camila/You/Lauren) by BadassCabello
It's You (Camila/You/Lauren)by B🖤
An Instagram Fic.
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Afire Love by Evil_Narcotics
Afire Loveby Evil_Narcotics
It is customary of human nature to commit mistakes. People say our mistakes define who we are today, what we will be tomorrow. But some mistakes, a result of erratic and...
The BadGirl and The Badboy by unknown_panda_lover
The BadGirl and The Badboyby Shelia
Westlake High School, has over 2,000 students it's your typical cliche school with the nerd's, goth's, emo's , geek's, popular's, and of course there's many more but the...
Hopelessly (Sequel to Endlessly) by Make1Wish
Hopelessly (Sequel to Endlessly)by Veronica
This is the story of a hopeless love between two young people who drifted apart because of many things. Hazel Murray is a young woman from a small American town who only...
One Direction Niall Horan's Kids.  by veronicajo124
One Direction Niall Horan's Kids. by veronicajo124
This is the Sequel to Arrange Marriage to Niall Horan