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the alchemy • tayvis one shots  by hrtsfortaytay
the alchemy • tayvis one shots by chloe <3
just another fictional fanfic about taylor swift and travis kelce. please enjoy reading. 💕
Send Warmth To The Beautiful And Powerful Second Male Lead (Quick Wear)  by HaruuuuMit
Send Warmth To The Beautiful And P...by HaruuuuMit
Whether it's a disabled boss who betrayed his family; or a darkened aristocratic boy who was exploited until his family was ruined; or a paranoid god who has fallen into...
Under His Rule ✔ by Celeste_Bianchi
Under His Rule ✔by Celeste Bianchi
Elsie: I have had a crush on a man for years and would stay with him in any capacity. But he is with me just because my eyes look like the woman in his dream. Vincent: P...
Sushi Hotline  by AMG297
Sushi Hotline by AMG
"This is Holvan's Sushi hotline, how may I help you?" "That's one sexy voice" "Excuse me?" 🍣 A sushi loving girl and a mysterious hotline...
Story Title Ideas  by kweeneli
Story Title Ideas by elle
Ok so I like to think of random titles for just random stories that I will probably never create since I'm probably the worst writer ever and the least creative of anyon...
Learning Korean (한국어 배우기) [COMPLETE] by sae__byuk
Learning Korean (한국어 배우기) [COMPLET...by 오브
COMPLETE I'm 100% Korean. I promise :P I'll try to teach you guys all the basics so you can communicate a little with others. Plz write comments to what you reallyy want...
The Whole Family Was Banished to the Cold Palace  by aiketsuki
The Whole Family Was Banished to t...by aiketsuki
Because of her selfless spirit of eating melons, Chu Yaoyao crossed into a book. She became the princess of the Great Qi Kingdom. Not bad, not bad, with a house, money a...
Meet Her Eyes by catloving
Meet Her Eyesby Shravani
(Sequel to thirst of power.) When a forced marriage turns into a passionate love affair. This is the story of Roopak and Sukanya. God! She was beautiful, like a bouquet...
BLACKPINK  by summer_1956
If you're new to blackpink then here is a great book for you to know them. And if you're already a blink for a long time now, then welcome!! There are lyrics of their of...
The breaking news by catloving
The breaking newsby Shravani
A hot billionaire with secrets and the sexy reporter hell bent on unravelling them. when the chemistry ignites, all is at risk of burning down. Mahi was one step away fr...
How to Glow Up✨ by C0RPSE_BRlDE
How to Glow Up✨by Cami
A detailed guide on how to make yourself look & feel better :)
Book Title Ideas by 1-800-StylesRat
Book Title Ideasby GATEN
So, I made this book because I know how hard it can be to come up with book titles. It is truly a struggle, believe me. I decided to make a book as a reference since I'm...
It's Not That Easy by HollisMayer
It's Not That Easyby HollisMayer
Complete. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' No truer words have ever been spoken, and Addyson Grace Coulter Mills is proof of that. She lived alone in Boston...
CAGE  by GabbyDejesus
CAGE by GabbyDejesus
After losing both his parents a young man tries to figure out what happened to them. little does he know it's way more complicated then that.
Learn Japanese by Akaru2002
Learn Japaneseby Noa Bouw
A book to learn Japanese. The title says all. I'm still learning by myself too. If you have questions, just ask me, I'll do everything to answer your question! 😉
Bible Studying by LoverOfChristC
Bible Studyingby Izzy
This is a bible study program for experienced Christians and people who don't even know God. Hope this helps you out a lot. Check my 1st chapter for more information.
Love is easy {McBusted} ~ Sequel to Hypnotised by paigexolivia
Love is easy {McBusted} ~ Sequel t...by ♡ ♡ ♡
Sequel to Hypnotised This is the sequel to Hypnotised so before u read this fanfic u will understand it more if u go and read Hypnotised first. Enjoy!
The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips by CatMint5
The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tipsby Dilyana K.
I was thinking about what to give to the awesome wattpad community so I made The Help Book - Basic Wattpad Tips. The first chapters are for those who are just starting o...
Language Bites, Volume I: Spanish ✔ by JoyeEverett715
Language Bites, Volume I: Spanish ✔by Joye Everett
Ever wanted to learn Spanish? Are you stuck on past tense preterite, are you tired of stupid teaching methods, or needed to practice your vocabulary? What about strength...
Real Girl Tips by bby_rai
Real Girl Tipsby Rai ❤
This is a guide for all the girls out there that have problems with getting guys, flirting, fashion, and other girly crap that us chics deal with! These are quick, fun...