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All Things Nice » Band of Brothers by starcrossed-
All Things Nice » Band of Brothersby issie 🧸
"What are little girls made of?" Cutting off all of her hair, faking a medical examination, and signing up for the paratroopers aren't feats that were necessar...
Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is an eighteen year old girl w...
WW2 and WW1 memes by AnimeYoutube6
WW2 and WW1 memesby Anime Youtube
○if you wanna die of laghut, open the book:))
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For the Love of War by Mileyisamaniac
For the Love of Warby Mileyisamaniac
Adeline is a German nurse during WW2. When her unit is destroyed, she is captured by the Americans who are in desperate need of her help. She gradually warms up to the A...
Love You Till The End (Robert Zussman x Reader) by heyfam_itssam
Love You Till The End (Robert Zuss...by Sam I Am
{UNDERGOING EDITING} It's the year 1942. News of the Second World War can be found in every newspaper. After you find yourself in a bad relationship and manage to get o...
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x RWBY Crossover) by ussamerica2018
Marines in Remnant (US Marines x R...by AlphaHELLCAT279
What Happens when 4 US Marines from different conflicts are thrown together into a new world and they have to fight together to stay alive. by the way I do not own RWBY...
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History memes and humor by Animated_Imagination
History memes and humorby SKASEis paradigm
as titled, some memes are my OC but most are google images or Reddit mostly from the history memes sub. 95% memes, 5% other humours history related finds. PLS COMMENT I...
Internment  by AugustLikeTheMonth
Internment by August
Reyna Feldman, a twenty year old Jewish girl from the tiniest of villages in France, is on the run. Captured by German soldiers while trying to escape over the boarder...
Yesterday Once More by RoseAdelaide2020
Yesterday Once Moreby Adelaide Marianarose
Timeless love was born in the most unexpected era of darkness. Jane would never expect her heart surgery to get her time travelled back to 1938. She certainly did not ex...
Purpose (Azur lane X male Reader) by Synlixia
Purpose (Azur lane X male Reader)by Syn
A secret Project of Germany from WW2 by the nickname "Project K" is a plan in which the kriegsmarine Endorsed A line of Konnig class battleships ranging in sha...
'45 Summon by yeeetrt
'45 Summonby Yeeetrtyaboi
After WW2, the United States along with their forces abroad, were suddenly transported to a New World where empires reign and the weak gets eaten. Now forced to fight im...
The rising of Northeast Empire by VladimirKlaus
The rising of Northeast Empireby Administrators Vladimir
When demihumans were born, they were assumed to be the lowest of Gaia's races, treated as tools and exploited to the extreme. unfair treatment by other races as a commod...
❝ you're a former asthmatic who can lift a bus and i'm a working-class woman who bosses men around in the united states army. we're living, breathing proof that nothing...
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya.  by Ikaiqa17
Cerita Pendek Gay dan seumpamanya. by Ikaiqa17
Kisah kisah pendek yang mengandungi unsur unsur sayang menyayang sesama lelaki. Tiada babak 18sx sebab tak pandai.
The Sergeants Gal (Bucky Barnes) by awkward_trouble
The Sergeants Gal (Bucky Barnes)by Lulu
Olivia Ward (oc) x Bucky Barnes. 1940's fanfic Olivia ward falls in love with the Charming Bucky Barnes. A wonderful story with a few surprising twists and turns. Past...
Blood Rush by maverickd-r
Blood Rushby Maverick
In which Jasper has someone to relate to.
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace At Any Price by RickyAdams9
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace...by Ricky Adams
Nathan Thorn is a young US Army private who joins up due to his brothers death in Africa. He will face death, feel it. Nathan must suffer through almost constant loss as...
Azure Lane: A Story of Iron and Blood. by Vauntedpix
Azure Lane: A Story of Iron and Bl...by Vauntedpixie35
"In the End, all that matters is if you succeed or not. Everything else just vanishes with the time and you. You failed them." ...
War Guilt [#Wattys2015] by beccyyy57
War Guilt [#Wattys2015]by Bec Young
Maria Brown joins the US Army back in 1942 as an act of revenge for the death of her family. She is shipped out to join the 107th in Germany but is forced to act a man a...
The Great German Superbattleship In Azur Lane (ENG) (Indefinite Hiatus) by MaidM200
The Great German Superbattleship I...by Da Maid of M200
(if youre WoWs player you maybe know about German Superbattleship KMS Hannover right?, if not let me explain) KMS Hannover is the one of H-Klasse Superbattleship from Z...