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reincarnated as a rich young master by violaa0_0
reincarnated as a rich young masterby Achyls♡︎
lu huan a person who had a sad life because of being born in a shitty family who didn't care about him and always abused him then one day while he was going to buy book...
Pretty Cannon Fodder [Unlimited] by tabooslice
Pretty Cannon Fodder [Unlimited]by tabooslice
Name: 漂亮炮灰[无限] Author: 小阿芬 [In this single-family villa, a vicious case once occurred. ] [Graduation season, the protagonist and his group meet to go on a self-guided to...
I Became the Younger Brother of a Regretful Obsessive Male Lead (BL) by vaegeukies
I Became the Younger Brother of ★ ━ 𝐊𝐘𝐎!
I've transmigrated into the world of the BL webtoon where I left my one and only spiteful comment. On top of that, I became the adopted younger brother of my favorite c...
QT: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! (continuation of Arc 8) by Zhuyuri
QT: Heroine Arrives, Woman Hoshino Zhuyuri
( this is the continuation that I will uploaded since i know that some of you quite like this story) 😃 this is not my story!!!😖 Credits to the author and translators...
I am afraid of my prosperous beauty [BL] by GriffinTranslation
I am afraid of my prosperous Griffin translation
English Translation I am afraid of my prosperous beauty [综武侠]我的盛世美颜我自己都害怕 Chapters: 90(completed) Author: Xing Ruxu /星如許 Summary: Ye Qing passed through the shell of t...
scarlet as rose by useruseruserr
scarlet as roseby -
in which, cale henituse was a prettiest person to ever exist. forget dragon, even goddess of beauty will never beat him in terms of beauty. but how cale henituse comrade...
After Jian Xiu Transformed into a Beautiful NPC in a Holographic Game | BL, MTL by Usingthisusername
After Jian Xiu Transformed into Usingthisusername
Yan Jin is the number one genius swordsman in the Jiutian Realm, a seventeen-year-old golden elixir, a hundred-year-old Mahayana, and has only been a year old so far. At...
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I Can See Status Windows by vaegeukies
I Can See Status Windowsby ★ ━ 𝐊𝐘𝐎!
Me and my twin sister were condemned as a villain and villainess when we died, but somehow we returned to the past as a five-year-old. The moment I faced my father while...
Reincarnated As A Mob Character by Haine13-chan
Reincarnated As A Mob Characterby Haine13-chan
Lilliane Wolfe had a bad life ever since she was born. Her parents abused her, piers bullied her, and teachers expected a lot from her.Her only escape was animals and ga...
I was rincarnated as what? As a rose!!?? by BonnieLove123
I was rincarnated as what? As a BonnieLove ♡
Follow the story of our protagonist Rossella (Rosi). And her dream of dominating the world. She will find many friends in her adventures But there is only one problem...
Fox Demon Princess  by mafia_honey
Fox Demon Princess by 💋
As a savage nine-tailed fox demon, Su Jiu has paid too much, and her heart has long since died. Inexplicably, he travels to the future beast world, where the females ar...
Plan Is To Run Away by Gorana66
Plan Is To Run Awayby Gorana66
I was average girl. I had many friends. It is been normal until I I sleep and then I reborn.WTH Where is truck-san? And now I am a villainess of cliche game &q...
Till Death do us Part by Azre_Ike
Till Death do us Partby Shiro
------ After her tragic death, Fiona finds herself reincarnated into a new body in a luxurious palace - her past memories and feelings for the male lead, Izek, are now a...
IDOL LIFE : Any Kind Of Trainee by kkandkelly_creates
IDOL LIFE : Any Kind Of Traineeby KK
It's a story written by my sister. I'm just publishing it on my account because she is too scared to do it herself. Warning!Long and short Chapters!
- A Villainess choice -  [Under Massive Editing] by ScarletRose149
- A Villainess choice - [Under ScarletRose149
Spoilers: MC: If I may ask, what does the prince, his highness, wants from me? Prince: Could you stop calling me your highness?!! MC: M'lady, you do know it is impertine...
This Isn't The First [Aegis Orta x F!Reader x Yanderes] by Jul_was_never_here
This Isn't The First [Aegis Orta I was never here to begin with
Since the birth of [Name] Lovela. The doctors discovered a single daffodil pinned into her temple so they tried to pull it out but it won't budge. As if the stem was roo...
The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as you by _itsM_
The Warm Breeze is not as Warm _itsM_
Chinese Title: 暖风不及你情深 Author: 青青谁笑 After her rebirth, she stared at her drop-dead gorgeous husband and suspected that she must have struck her head hard at the door fo...