Edwardianera Stories

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The Opera Singer's Daughter (A Sherlock Holmes Spin-Off Novel) by thequietwriter
The Opera Singer's Daughter (A She...by Bethany Swafford
1902: Fourteen-year-old Aida Briar Norton's life at school is interrupted when two men arrive, claiming they are to take her to her parents. Every instinct declares that...
Circus of Silence by PhantomoCat
Circus of Silenceby Grace
The Witch's circus is in town, and you've got the best seat in the house! We only come around once in your pitiful, mortal lifespan. We've got feral beasts and fer...
✔️ 15 DAYS APART | original by -wutheringdelights
✔️ 15 DAYS APART | originalby -wutheringdelights
"And it's like the sky is new And it's warm and real and bright And the world has somehow shifted..." Louise Harrison, a young lady during the Edwardian era, h...
Rainy Nights in Paris | Matthew Fairchild x Reader by weirdfanaus
Rainy Nights in Paris | Matthew Fa...by cris :)
On a rainy night in Paris, Matthew Fairchild might find another love while thinking of the woman he thinks he loves. Matthew Fairchild (The Last Hours Series) x Shadowh...
Business Partners [Mr Birling x Reader] by calypsoworshipper
Business Partners [Mr Birling x Re...by DeclerationAquit
When an old man helps Y/N after another night of drinking, Y/N can't help but fall head over heels for the business owner. Mr Birling is known for his materialistic and...
The Mermaid ✔ by inkmagpie
The Mermaid ✔by Ink
When struggling writer, Walter Thripp, is invited to join an old school friend at his summer home in southern Italy on the eve of the first world war, illicit romances b...
1913 • Tom Branson • by Antoinette_II
1913 • Tom Branson •by Antoinette_II
Lady Madeline Crawley lived to follow the rules made my society... That... was until 1913... ------ { Tom Branson x OC } {Brief Platonic OC x OC } { Downton Abbey season...
Diary of Soldier Charles by creativeYari
Diary of Soldier Charlesby creativeYari
(beginning of diary 1901-end of diary 1914) This is a short story,the diary of a soldier from the British army named Charles.He starts writing in his diary when queen Vi...
Diary of Soldier Charles  by FunnyYari
Diary of Soldier Charles by A Creative Girl
(beginning of diary 1901-end of diary 1914) This is a short story,the diary of a soldier from the British army named Charles.He starts writing in his diary when queen Vi...
When writers fall in love by LilacThief
When writers fall in loveby LilacThief
In year 1904 Young rising poet swears his heart only beats for the poetry and books. He has dedicated his whole life to writing and becoming one of the most famous write...
The Ship of Dreams by Amethystery
The Ship of Dreamsby Amethystery
Touted as the safest, largest, most luxurious ship in the world, the Titanic is a beacon of hope on both sides of the Atlantic. The ship is the culmination of humanity's...
Summer • Sheith by gaybielashton
Summer • Sheithby Keith Kogayne
Shiro was, undeniably, a fantastic suitor. Keith is intimidating.
Against Reason by BethanyRaeMiller589
Against Reasonby Bethany
The Broughton family are respectable and wealthy, and seemingly unplagued by the burden of scandal. Yet, simmering beneath the surface is something more sinister and dis...
Crusaders of Adsephone by Addison-Noel
Crusaders of Adsephoneby Addison-Noel
The long lost granddaughter of Lord William Van Dame has at last returned to the Van Dame estate, but there's something precarious- and almost frightening about her sudd...
Fire by combinationsofwords
Fireby combinationsofwords
In this one part story, our main character Isabel deals with delusion and monsters in the dark-that she isn't even sure exist-and delves deep into her family history to...
The Living Theater by wyckliffesskylark
The Living Theaterby wyckliffesskylark
"All my heart is yours, sir: it belongs to you."
True Love Never Sinks by witchor
True Love Never Sinksby TORI
In 1912, Mary from Ireland wants to start a new life in America and boards the RMS Titanic, where she meets the love that she would never forget about.
Peter Pan & Wendy (My Version/Retelling) (On Hold) by kltqt1
Peter Pan & Wendy (My Version/Rete...by 💖Klarcie Jubilee💖
"When Wendy Darling, an imaginative, precocious African American 13 year old girl has to grow up and move with her classy grandmother, Sylvia to Wales. The night b...
Far Beyond, Far Below by AudreyTheStargazer
Far Beyond, Far Belowby AudreyTheStargazer
Around 1903, in a quiet village in Kent, fourteen-year-old misfits Jessica, Jaclyn, and Charles stick by each other in their final year of compulsory education. They hav...