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Married To A Larry Shipper || Larry Stylinson (Complete) ✔️ by LouAndI_Larry
Married To A Larry Shipper || Larr...by Lecree
"I love you my beautiful wife." "Shut up, Harry. You're gay and that's that." ~Or~ Harry is married and his wife swears he's in love with Louis. || R...
Only you // Larry Stylinson by hslt1994
Only you // Larry Stylinsonby C🌙💫
Harry Styles: Middle school boy with major feelings for a senior Louis Tomlinson: Senior with a bad boy reputation and a girlfriend and is the most popular guy in school
Lottie's Brother #2 by tosanfransico28
Lottie's Brother #2by tosanfransico28
(Sequel to Lottie's Brother) It all started with Harry having a crush on his best friend's brother. Now Louis has moved away to university. Lottie and Niall have to gro...
Something Great (H.S) by goldenjarry
Something Great (H.S)by J
Jenelle Taylor is an everyday girl, with a dream job at the biggest music TV network in Australia. "Boybands have never really been my thing," she says, oblivi...
My Brother's Best Mate | Larry Stylinson Fanfic ✔ by hazxlouforever112
My Brother's Best Mate | Larry Sty...by nirvana
"I never wanted to fall inlove, espically with my bestfriends brother..." - Harry has been crushing on Louis Tomlinsion for aslong as he can remember. Louis i...
A Preadator and it's Prey (Larry Stylinson AU) by thecheekychesirecat
A Preadator and it's Prey (Larry S...by thecheekychesirecat
Hall Cross is just like any other high school you've ever been too. You've got the drama geeks, the nerds, the jocks, the wannabes, the outcasts and, of course the popul...
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (...by Lucy
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
One Direction Sisters by alwaysateengirl
One Direction Sistersby Nina
See what happens when Selena Malik, Vanessa Malik and Ashley Horan had to move in with their brothers and their lads. Would they be able to handle the pressure of the fa...
The Popular Couple [Larry Stylinson] by MIWAmanda
The Popular Couple [Larry Stylinso...by Amanda Everett
Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder; the popular high school couple that everyone talked about. It was like people lived to know what was going on in their lives. But w...
One Direction Sisters Kids by alwaysateengirl
One Direction Sisters Kidsby Nina
To understand this story you need to read the first book: "One Direction Sisters" They are all grown up and have children. After 13 years Zayn and Paris are ge...
Is That My Baby, Baby? Harry Styles/Niall Horan by 1dobsessed_twinss
Is That My Baby, Baby? Harry Style...by 1dobsessed_twinss
Jessamine Tomlinson is pregnant with Harry Styles' baby, he can't decide if he thinks the baby is his or not. Insert best friend Niall Horan here, who falls in love with...
Larry proof by Ellesings73
Larry proofby Ellesings73
"Never be ashamed of how much you love, or how quickly you fall. Love fully, love completely, but most importantly, love naturally- and don't ever apologise for it...
Adopted By Elounor by CorrinaWalsh
Adopted By Elounorby Corrina Walsh
{book 1 of the Adopted By Elounor series} Alex had no idea that when she entered a contest to spend a day with Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, that...
Larry proof 2.0 by Ellesings73
Larry proof 2.0by Ellesings73
"If darkness is really not darkness at all, but rather, the absence of light, then his flaws are not really flaws at all, but rather, the absence of him" ~ ano...
Instalove by 21_Larry_21
Instaloveby Larry ship, SAIL!!
louist91 liked your comment louist91 liked your post. louist91 commented on your post. louist91 followed you. louist91 became your boyfriend Harry.
Pretty Alpha X Larry by verifiedlarry
Pretty Alpha X Larryby yellow☽
Harry is Louis' alpha, he's the dominant, strong, manly one in the relationship. That is, until Eleanor paints Harry's nails.
FIVE by gumdrophoran
FIVEby 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖇𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖐 𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙...
just a very normal group chat between some friends. that is, if you call one direction normal. /҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉/҉...
Eleanor by Little_Lamb315
Eleanorby Little_Lamb315
You know my name, you've seen my picture and you know I love Starbucks, but do you know who I really am? It's my turn to tell my side of the story. I am Eleanor Calder.
1D Girl's Project  by elounorslove
1D Girl's Project by elounorslove
What happens when all One Direction girlfriends get stuck in the same house ? What drama will arise and how will they learn to cope with one another ? (Mainly Eleanor...
Larry recommendations by Only_Angel_31
Larry recommendationsby Angel 丰
Where I will tell you about the fanfics I've read and describe them, so you can find books to add to your list.