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The Faults of a Man Who Lives Forever by JackHarkness456
The Faults of a Man Who Lives Fore...by Jack
Jack tries his best to sensitive when it comes to the people he loves. He doesn't always succeed, in fact most times he fails. His bedside manner isn't that polished eit...
Sodor: End of Days by Engine9824
Sodor: End of Daysby luke henry
The Island of Sodor. Most famous for the North Western Railway. A happy place. A magical land where dreams come true as the locals put it. There's even going to be a mo...
Outbreak: The Extinction Chronicles by jhepong24
Outbreak: The Extinction Chroniclesby jhepong24
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin Amidst the nuclear wa...
Angelfall Fanfiction by Evil-Ewa
Angelfall Fanfictionby Evil-Ewa
Dear fellow citizens or immigrants, I'm writing a fantastic fanfiction about the places and characters in Susan Ee's series: Penryn and the End of Days. I will pretty mu...
The Pelican by AuthorMNaidoo
The Pelicanby M.Naidoo
The prospect of turning fifty doesn't send Julia running for the hills or plastic surgery. In fact, getting a facelift, tattoo, motorcycle license or taking up a new, mi...
Surviving Humanity: Outsider by ManicTyr
Surviving Humanity: Outsiderby ManicTyr
If you somehow found my story please give it a read. Although it's still early in development. If you enjoy the content or have any suggestions for characters or develop...
The Prison Keeper by ppauthor
The Prison Keeperby Perry Patterson
The world has fallen apart, communities are spread far and wide across the land with little or no contact. North, south, east or west, whichever way you go, you never kn...
Origin of Antichrist.  by livinginthelastdays
Origin of Antichrist. by livinginthelastdays
As we Approach the end of days according to bible prophecies, it is important to make the world aware of the coming Man of sin and his kingdom. This book discusses about...
The New Normal (Part 1) by Barren33
The New Normal (Part 1)by Barren33
The students of Becker Academy return from their break to find that all the adults in the campus and possibly the world have disappeared without a trace. Out of the chao...
The world's only hope by CantStopWorrying
The world's only hopeby CantStopWorrying
The world has fallen down. Cities that were bright an beautiful are now, dark and dead. The plant's are dead, humans are dead. There is a little amount of survivors. How...
A Zombie Comes To Town by JediFromOuranAcademy
A Zombie Comes To Townby Jedi
A group of girls find themselves in a growing zombie apocalypse. They run, they hide, the meet new people, they die. But this isn't some teenage zombie story where shit...
The Reader's Shire - Book Reviews by anecdotesbyayesha
The Reader's Shire - Book Reviewsby The Writing Whale
I really suck at summaries so it would be better if you read the first part as I introduce everything over there. This "story" contains my reviews and rants, s...
The End of The Horsemen by romurdock2000
The End of The Horsemenby Riley Murdock
The Earth was scorched with hellfire, the sea ran red with blood, hell has been unleashed on the world. Heaven has fallen silent and locked it's doors to keep Hell out...
FGT.  Squad Armageddon by anthonythewriter
FGT. Squad Armageddonby anthonythewriter
The tale if idiots in the end of days
The End of Days (Only the Strong Survive) by buckythewolftherian
The End of Days (Only the Strong S...by Jacob Lindeen
This is a story of a boy and his wolfdog as they try to survive the end of days...
The Last One - Mankind's Only Hope by dextrano
The Last One - Mankind's Only Hopeby dominic
The world is over it seems. Earth is overrun with Demons. Hell is upon Humanity and Heaven's hands are Tied. Every Angel sent down by Theos to fight for mankind has bee...
End of Days by Month_of_Mysteries
End of Daysby Month_of_Mysteries
After spending the last eight years off her life locked up inside a secure facility, Luna is finally freed into a world on the precipice of destruction. A world controll...
The End ✓ by Vintage_Loving_Girl
The End ✓by Vintage Lover
My fear. My worst nightmare. This is the only way to get it out. If not. Then this is my life.
Marblemounts Kids  by LullabyPrincesss
Marblemounts Kids by ~Ally~Cat~
Not only is your loved ones blood on your arms but you're the one that killed them with your own disgusting nails and rotten teeth. Bare footed, clothes ripped, missing...
Shifting Murder  by MelleTakeOver
Shifting Murder by MelleTakeOver
Group a friends prepare for a yearly Halloween adventure when suddenly they encounter a new mysterious figure with an eerie message