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Command & Conquer: The Wide Seas by samxdemon
Command & Conquer: The Wide Seasby sam master
Shipgirls? Sirins? wisdomcube? . . .WTF IS THIS?! Oh and I have an army . . . .wait . . .what?!
Azur Lane: I'm not a lolicon! This is hell! by IJN-Haruna-1915
Azur Lane: I'm not a lolicon! This...by IJN Haruna
Waking up in the middle of nowhere as HMS Ark Royal R09, knowing nothing, you just have to survive at all costs in enemy territory, what will you do? DISCLAIMER: Azur La...
Death From Below: Season 1: King's Return by Smug_Kokomi
Death From Below: Season 1: King's...by Ciel Sakurajima
[Tirpitz x Male Reader] The Leviathan, a creature of the deep resembling a sea serpent with a dragon's head and sometimes tentacles. These creature will strike it's prey...
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Lane}  by theidiotno23
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Lan...by Bang💥..
Y/n a boy who has been raised in orphanage because his mother abandoned him. He has been raising until age 6 then someone took him as his son. Y/n think him as a Stepfat...
Rise of the USS Hawaii [Male reader x Azur lane] (On Hold) by X-Zane
Rise of the USS Hawaii [Male reade...by Ex Zane
What if alternate worlds exist what happens if you find yourself in 1 Well lets just see how all of this rolls {Ps:All image's used belongs to their respective owners a...
Highway to the danger zone! (F-14 Tomcat pilot in Azur Lane) by AWACS_Solitary
Highway to the danger zone! (F-14...by Hello there
Y/n L/n, a 19 year old F-14 Pilot with countless victories under his name. A flawless pilot. Perfect in everything he does. Air to air or air to ground he will finish it...
The Carrier and The Commander by Arrow2k12
The Carrier and The Commanderby GreyGhost1701E
Prequel to 'Azur Lane The Next Generation' I don't own anything related to Azur Lane
Into a new world by Martial-Law
Into a new worldby MegumiKato
This is a story of Gisborough Jaëger, a young man of German, British, and American decent who's only purpose in life is to fight like his father said. Now he sinks with...
The Arrival of CVN-65 by TheLuckyYandereE
The Arrival of CVN-65by TheLuckyYandereE
CVN-65, a ship that is about to be scrapped, sits waiting in her dock. Suddenly, an enormous whirlpool opens up near it, sucking CVN-65 inside. CVN-65 finds herself sitt...
The Remnant Theater (RWBY x Azur Lane) by Mobius117
The Remnant Theater (RWBY x Azur L...by Mobius117
Remnant. A world where humanity fights against monsters whose sole purpose is to destroy and feed off negativity. To this end, they have employed specially trained warr...
Great... Any Idea Who The Pervert That Made Them? by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Great... Any Idea Who The Pervert...by Change is Good
Dante in Azur Lane... cause why not? also bored and my mind won't give a damn for not writing on my other books.
Different Worlds. Same Enemy by Barricadw
Different Worlds. Same Enemyby Barricadw
The more things change, The more they stay the same..... .....What am I? "Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato Notes: My first ever story...
Azur Lane x Halo M/Reader) by ObsidianWolf2591
Azur Lane x Halo M/Reader)by Obsidian Wolf
After being blown up in the middle of a battle, you wake up on Earth, but not quite your Earth [Best I can come up with]
Azur lane: CVN 65 by kcore2234
Azur lane: CVN 65by Corr
You were a well known commander on the Enterprise CVN 65 during the cold war. You were training with your fleet when an explosion went off. What will happen when you rea...
Azur Lane: The Pilot and Enterprise by coolguy6267
Azur Lane: The Pilot and Enterpriseby coolguy6267
Thomas was a American pilot for the navy. He flew a Hellcat for the USS Enterprise. During a battle he was shot down. When he crashed everything went black. When he woke...
Admiral Arc by UNSA_Retribution
Admiral Arcby UNSA_Retribution
Jaune Was Betrayed and Abandoned by his own Team and Friends After Alister Kurokoko Destroyed his Chances of Becoming a Huntsman Fortunately for Jaune Fate had other Pl...
Is This...Real (Azur Lane Fanfic) by Hunter300607
Is This...Real (Azur Lane Fanfic)by hunter306
Lets cut this short Y/n + reincarnated = nagato (yeah, so just to remind you this is not a reader story because im going to change the name when y/n gets isekai'd, and...
From the Deep Seas (Multicross) (Ongoing) by Phantomope
From the Deep Seas (Multicross) (O...by Phantomope
(From The Depths Crossovers) Waking up in the middle of an Oil Rig with little robots telling you that YOU are Oil Rig is not what I expected to wake up after drinking t...
Azur Lane: A very unfortunate adventure by IJN-Haruna-1915
Azur Lane: A very unfortunate adve...by IJN Haruna
Our protagonist after being run over by a rookie goddess, the goddess as an apology offers our protagonist to reincarnate in another world, but due to another mistake of...
Engineer's enterprise by The_Gunner_Gundam
Engineer's enterpriseby Krow
Jackson Rezal, a middle age male being 20 year old Engineer that has been assigned to Eagle Union's strongest Air Craft carrier; Enterprise. how will Jackson handle hims...