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(BL)The general wore back to the real young master and became popular(MTL) by Darkknight123457
(BL)The general wore back to the r...by Maria Aguirre
https://m.shubaow.net/231/231910/ Author: Jianming Rusong Category: Danmei Fans Release time: 2022-01-21 Latest: Chapter 125 Fanwaiyi Danmei Fans finished 427,000 Weidu...
Life Observation Of The Rich Giants (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Life Observation Of The Rich Giant...by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 豪门生活观察日志 AUTHOR: 十六月西瓜 In the third year of wearing the book, Su Wan became popular. The reason was that she and her wealthy husband merged toge...
Help, What Should I Do With My Boyfriend's Fine Points! (MTL) ✓ by CN_SweetSmile
Help, What Should I Do With My Boy...by Sweet Smile
NOT MINE ORIGINAL TITLE: 救命,我男友精分怎么办! AUTHOR: 板栗子 One day, on the Haijiao forum, a post called "Help, what should I do with my boyfriend?!" Original poster...
.........NOT MINE.......FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY........ Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne...
Chinese BL (Danmei) Novel Recommendations (Part II) by PhantomGale
Chinese BL (Danmei) Novel Recommen...by Acethystia Guenhwyvar
For many years, I've been reading Chinese BL a.ka. Danmei novel. I'll just make a list of recommendations on what I've read and deemed to be deserving of recommendation...
Superstar And His Mafia Wife by ArtiKumari745
Superstar And His Mafia Wifeby miss Srivastava
She Was A Princess Live In A Castle But She Was Not A Fragile Or Weak As A Normal Princess .She Was A Stubborn, Strong And A Fighter Called As A Mafia Princess. A Perfec...
အမြောက်စာခံအတုအယောင်သခင်လေးကပြန်လည်မွေးဖွားပြီးတဲ့နောက်မှာထိတ်လန့်သွားရပြီ by Xiao_Dream
အမြောက်စာခံအတုအယောင်သခင်လေးကပြန်လည...by Dream
Title - Cannon Fodder Fake Master Was Stunned After Being Reborn {炮灰假少爷重生后惊呆了} Author - 稚棠(ZhiTang) Status in coo - 108 Chapters + 6 extras တစ်ကြောင်းတည်းမိတ်ဆက် - အစက က...
Fast Lane | ✔️ by Monrosey
Fast Lane | ✔️by Darly Jamison
Fame launched them to the top of the Hollywood hierarchy, but life in the fast lane may come with deadly consequences. ...
━ DOLL | h. hyunjin ✔️ by AILESTINA
━ DOLL | h. hyunjin ✔️by ━ done. forever grateful.
❝ she tells him she's feeding him and loving him, nonetheless, she also feeds on his happiness and hope. ❞ ▸ a story in which a boy is a g...
Recruited by a Villainess System by DDionneR
Recruited by a Villainess Systemby DDionneR
At her lowest, when everything seemed bleak, a mechanical voice approached her. [I can save your sister.] She was already trapped in a dead-end. Now that opportunity h...
Rissaya by bobachai
Rissayaby bobachai
When Lada, a first-tier actress finds herself prematurely dying due to an accident and then reincarnating 30 years in the past in the body of an heiress, Rissaya, who lo...
One Tough Cloaca by MrFredCDobbs
One Tough Cloacaby
It's Major Kirrahe's most challenging assignment for the Special Tasks Group yet: serving as military consultant to the Blasto vid being made about the assault on Saren'...
Zodiacs In A Horror Movie by RileyDelton152
Zodiacs In A Horror Movieby ZARINE MAZIN
read the story. i ain giving spoilers. but if you really want it, i am gonna give a crappy one. basically this is a story where the FL and villainess are friends and the...
~•~ Actor/Actress Imagines ~•~ by marissaactress
~•~ Actor/Actress Imagines ~•~by mar
This is a compilation of different imagines about the life of an actor/actress!!! They'll use Y/N and include all different types of imagines, ranging from booking your...
My Other Half [Jaehyungparkian/ongoing] by ListentomyMelodia
My Other Half [Jaehyungparkian/ong...by Melodia 🏳️‍🌈
Jaehyung and Younghyun are two aspiring musicians struggling to succeed. One can't perform while the other doesn't sing, their agency decides to match them to be one sin...