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The Surrogate by Greyfictions
The Surrogateby G R E Y
"I want to be a dad but I don't want a woman" Despite having everything one could ever Dream of he wasn't satisfied ,he wasn't happy. His biggest desire was t...
Bind Us Together | Hwang Hyunjin by lifino
Bind Us Together | Hwang Hyunjinby Fifi
What will happen when two idols, who are always the centre of attraction collabs? Is it going create a history or a controversy? And what will happen between them?
his true self by strayfic
his true selfby Hanna
Hyunjin Gang/Mafia FF You always wondered where Hyunjin went and why he always came back injured. When he disappeared one day, you accidentally found out about his true...
Yeji Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Yeji Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Requested 🍬 Female Reader Imagines with Yeji of Itzy 💐 Message me for any requests you have 💗 Started: 6-30-20 Completed: Highest Rankings: ♡ #1 in yejixreader ♡ ♡ #...
Her - Seventeen 14th Member by --solaris--
Her - Seventeen 14th Memberby S.
Dami, fourth oldest and mother of 12 teenage boys doesn't have life easy. Member of the group who's name doesn't match their numbers, she lives life in the spotlight. A...
Tomorrow x Together x Reader by YourNameLovesKpop
Tomorrow x Together x Readerby YourNameLovesKpop
This TXT fanfic collection spans romance, fluff, angst, and smut, immersing readers in a range of intimate experiences with the band members. It's a concise journey thro...
Jimin ONESHOTS completed | Jimin x reader ff by Minjixwq
Jimin ONESHOTS completed | Jimin JKVXAS
These are all of MY Jimin Oneshots and Imagines I made a second version of this compilation. The title says it all. Contains Fluff and Smut These are Jimin oneshots, S...
What will happen if bestfriends fall in love with eachother brother who are also bestfriends. Taehyung,Jungkook are best friend so is their sisters ...
girlgroup oneshots | fem reader by wintchocolate
girlgroup oneshots | fem readerby imoko
! SHIPS ⇎ X FEM READER ! ⟸ { MULTIPLE AUS } ⟺ { ONGOING } ⟹ in which you, y/n, fall in love and watch others do the same. © copyright 2024 wintchocolate
Skz Imagines 🖤 by enchantedlix
Skz Imagines 🖤by enchantedlix
Yet another oneshot ( and rarely short series ) collection of my favourite boys. These are just the text format of my instagram imagine page. Check out for more in insta...
Seventeen Imagines by 17ExoBoys
Seventeen Imaginesby Stan ateez + loona
Seventeen Imagines for all 13 members •S.Coups •Jeonghan •Joshua •Jun •Hoshi •Wonwoo •Woozi •DK •Mingyu •The8 •Seungkwan •Hansol •Dino Book backgrounds all credits to tu...
Txt reactions ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ by Ithinkabouttzu1
Txt reactions ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚by Macx
Tomorrow x Togethers reactions for our boys! Please feel free to send any requests or recommendations!! Please make sure to follow me on tumblr @ ithinkabouttzu (I will...
Jungkook mature oneshot by DarkBunnyff
Jungkook mature oneshotby TaeJk
🔞This book will contain extreme mature darkshots🔞🔞🔞 of Jeon Jungkook so if you feel uncomfortable or don't like this type of content please don't read it...
𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 | han jisung¹ by haesbichsalang
𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 | han jisung¹by ᵏⁱᵏⁱ
@jisquirrel wants to send you a message 「lowercase intended」 「completed」
Yoongi Imagines by gayforddlovato
Yoongi Imaginesby Kaylee♡
*cover made by hwasa_s_sweat* 🌹 requested 🍃 Book 5/7 My fifth book of BTS imagines! Imagines with Yoongi aka Suga of BTS Requests are always open, but smut and person...
Skz smut by blessmysoulll
Skz smutby blessmysoulll
YOU WILL GET WET!!! these are direct smuts and no it isn't a gay smut It includes bookish kinda smuts which You will enjoy (I hope) I accept requests and make smuts on...
Jeongin / I.N Imagines by gayforddlovato
Jeongin / I.N Imaginesby Kaylee♡
*cover designed by the amazing hwasa_s_sweat* 🥰🩷 requested 🥰 Imagines with Jeongin aka I.N of Stray Kids! Requests are ALWAYS open but I do not do smuts or personal i...
Arrange Marriage||Taehyung ff|| [COMPLETE] by PayalSharma671
Arrange Marriage||Taehyung ff|| [ P.S
y/n and Taehyung who are no way in love with each other are arranged into a marriage by their would they live as a married couple and what problems would t...
Fate's whisper by CyperStar_07
Fate's whisperby ✨
Jeon Jungkook , the CEO of Jeon's enterprises is a tough man according to the business world. Kim Taehyung, the CEO of Kim 's Jewels and Cars is perfect in everyone's e...
TXT SCENARIOS by hoseokxhaechan
Reaction/ imagines for TXT ♡ ❥ Tomorrow x Together 🔆Let your imagination do the work 🔆 REQUESTS OPEN SOOBIN ☼ YEONJUN ☼ BEOMGYU ☼ TAEHYUN ☼ KAI ☼ don't transla...