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My Little Bunnies || JJK by Andyywritesstuff
My Little Bunnies || JJKby Andyywritesstuff
[ Sequel to "My Little Bunny || JJK" ] . . Life after high school went great for Jungkook and Yn, the two went to University then graduated, got good jobs, an...
My Arranged Husband | Kth ✔︎  by moon_borahae7
My Arranged Husband | Kth ✔︎ by 🦋𝙏𝙖𝙚𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠💚💜
"Promise me you would marry someone of your choice if I happened to leave this world..." A/n's note- This was the first fanfiction I ever wrote so it may not b...
Mr CEO's Pilot Wife| Jungkook| JJK| BTS| Fanfic by Purpleocean_AN
Mr CEO's Pilot Wife| Jungkook| Author Nim V
it's just fanfic so don't take it seriously and don't copy my work god have gave all of us brains so please use them... Have a fun time reading!!! Author Nim V 💜
MY HERO (Taekook)  by m0o9c8h7i
MY HERO (Taekook) by 🍓
"Sir... Sir... someone is sitting in the back seat..." the man called me and showed me a boy who was sitting in the back... "FUCK...!!" I couldn't te...
MY CRIME PARTNER...  by WingsIntro
MY CRIME PARTNER... by Wings Intro
ithu ente Oru new story anu.. Ennal ente swantham story allatto... Wingsintro fan group il oru FF nadakkunnund.. aa FF il njanum oru character ayapoo enik oru intresting...
Boy By The Sea • taekook by AmlikaQ
Boy By The Sea • taekookby Amlika
Jeongguk rescues a homeless punk off the street - bright eyes and fiery, Kim Taehyung turns out to not be the one that needs to be redeemed. An age gap story featuring...
SECOND CHANCE by rumyavidushiholic
"Some people say that I don't deserve to be loved. They are right. may be I will stay alone forever." Jin lost all his hopes from life. While growing up lost t...
Piece by Piece (BTS Reverse Harem Story) by Clara_Elena_EXO
Piece by Piece (BTS Reverse Borahae
Soulmate has been a common event in this world nowadays, but will it last forever and will it bring a hundred percent guarantee of happiness well no one know it except u...
THE PROPOSAL 💐 ||BTS 21+ FF|| by mrsjung1811
THE PROPOSAL 💐 ||BTS 21+ FF||by Nandini chauhan
You can't fall for him can't...... 😔😔 hi armies! this is my first ff so please support me. this full story is just based on my imagination 🙈😜😏 so plea...
Summer Vacation by Even_Better
Summer Vacationby Even_Better
A YoongixReader. It all happened during a normal summer vacation or at least it was supposed to be until you re-encounter an old friend that turns your world completely...
House Of Dreams by Purple___7
House Of Dreamsby AD__95
Jimin: I have a epic character and You know That..right? Jimin: That once the girl fall in love with me then I will leave her because..... After that there is no fun to...
deal with marriage / გარიგებით ქორწინება(დასრულებული) by minaisminu
deal with marriage / გარიგებით ქორ minaisminu
ეს არის ფიკი 4 გოგონაზე არაჩვეულებრივი ბედით და მათ მოულოდნელ ქორწინებაზე დანარჩენს კი გაიგებთ თუ წაიკითხავთ.
RACING HEART'S ✅ BTS  (Kim Taehyung Ff) by MissJade1628
Will love be waiting at the finish line? Dedicated doctor Park Jade lives her life cautiously- The opposite of Kim Taehyung, world famous car race driver and her newest...
Fairytales (Jungkook FF) by Sapphyre7
Fairytales (Jungkook FF)by Sapphyre7
"I can't promise you that we'll ever be the way that we were. I can't promise you anything, Jungkook." I breathed. "Because as much as I love you, I can't...
The Red Bullet:  A Namjoon Love Story -- ON HOLD by AdrienneArmy
The Red Bullet: A Namjoon Love Adrienne Army
Realistic Series (Summer 2015), Mature, On-going: Follows a parallel to "Most Beautiful Moment in Life", but focuses on Namjoon and his relationship and the R...
𝑇𝐻𝐸 𝐵𝑂𝑌 || BTS Taehyung ff (Will Be Deleted Soon) by boxysmileislife
𝑇𝐻𝐸 𝐵𝑂𝑌 || BTS Taehyung ff ( ♡Larisasimagination♡︎
Read the advanture of Taehyung falling for a girl who doesen't even know that is the boy she met long time ago. (update: I will delete it but thank you!💜)
A NEVER SEEN CRAZE OF LOVE (OT7) by mixcreations7
A NEVER SEEN CRAZE OF LOVE (OT7)by mix creations
What happens when the kim brother's and their brother park jimin fall in love by destiny?! two people only vaguely attracted to one another can fall madly in love if th...
DESTINED by btsfandom28
DESTINEDby Bangtan2809
"Wait for me here, I will be right back" he told me and left "Wait, what is your name?" I questioned him but he left by then. When he returned the sm...