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Badla (Book1 Raizada Series) by SwatiSandeep
Badla (Book1 Raizada Series)by SwatiSandeep
Abhay Raizada only wanted one thing! Revenge! Revenge on the father who deserted him on his birth! A father who married again and now had a happy family! A father who th...
Masterpiece Meets Mahesvara (You-Zitsu x Mahouka) by Nikonagi
Masterpiece Meets Mahesvara ( 😶
The White Room -- This is a facility where they experiment on how to mass produce Strategic-Class Magicians. But over the decade only one has ever succeeded in doing tha...
Girls Und Panzer - The Missing Heir by KokinaTenshi6991
Girls Und Panzer - The Missing Heirby KokinaTenshi6991
This story takes place after the Girls Und Panzer der Film where boys are suddenly allowed to participate in Senshado. It's about a boy that suddenly decides to take up...
Hotel Transylvania: 🦇Prince of the Night x Y/n Longhran🦇  by AshleyGryffindor
Hotel Transylvania: 🦇Prince of AshleyGryffindor
The only son of Count Dracula dreams of leaving the only home that he has ever known: Hotel Transylvania. Dracula is extremely overprotective of his son since his wife M...
The Prince Of Night and the Elven Princess by ShibataYuuya
The Prince Of Night and the Yandra
Yotsuba Maya is said to be one of the strongest magician on planet,head of the Yotsuba family even nicknamed as Demon king of Far East .Everyone knows when Maya was twe...
Jerika - Broken 💔 by booksbytasha
Jerika - Broken 💔by booksbytasha
This story starts off as Jake and Erika breaking up, but as the story goes on they realise just how much they need each other in their life. So... they find their way ba...
Always Here for You (Erika, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Always Here for You (Erika, Porco
Erika develops feelings for someone close to her, but is she looking in the wrong place... FYI this is an Erika and reader story.
Another One (Book 3 of selection fanfics) by _lovemultifandoms_
Another One (Book 3 of selection _lovemultifandoms_
Erika Carpenter entered the Selection to save her family farm--she wasn't expecting to fall in love with Prince Derek Schreave. After a horrific rebel attack that left h...
Another Elite (Book 2 of Selection fanfics) by _lovemultifandoms_
Another Elite (Book 2 of _lovemultifandoms_
Erika Carpenter entered the Selection in the hopes of saving her family home and for the chance of falling in love. Now an Elite, those hopes don't seem as far out of re...
His Mate -Jesse Black by Bekahs246677
His Mate -Jesse Blackby Jessica alexis Payne
Esme just a girl a simple girl that likes to keep to herself. She has the best grades in her class that she is proud of. That all change when one bad boy comes into her...
magic and grimore by bloodedge_alter_god
magic and grimoreby 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉�...
jason was an the gate after central fiction,was training to be the next guardian of the gate until the gate have the idea of send jason to another world who have somethi...
Another Selected (Book 1 of Selection fanfics) by _lovemultifandoms_
Another Selected (Book 1 of _lovemultifandoms_
Erika Carpenter lives the simple life of a farm girl in the heart of Kent. Though the castes have been abolished, her family still sees its effects. Farming is a dangero...
(Sata Kyouya x reader) Not Just Another Prince Charming by run_on_espresso
(Sata Kyouya x reader) Not Just run_on_espresso
Sometimes you never think about what you do. Sometimes you just keep going, thinking nothing of it or the consequences. But of course, sometimes those little things come...
Grizz Visser x Reader - The Society (Discontinued) by FranticFroggy
Grizz Visser x Reader - The welcome!
IM FROM THE UK SO I AM SORRY IF WORDS ARE DIFFERENT LMAO; I'd like to say that I don't mean to offend anyone because I have changed the character so he is bi. Let me jus...
The Red Queen (Azur lane x OC's) by QUEBEC_PILOT
The Red Queen (Azur lane x OC's)by Maria Silva
A beast shall rise once more from the depths of the sea to take revenge upon those who wronged her. How will the shipgirls handle this new threat (I do NOT OWN Azur lan...
I F*cked Up.(completed)  by CaptainJackSparrow16
I F*cked Up.(completed) by Champion
No Description of course ;).
Teen Pregnancy (completed) by jerikafanfic2019
Teen Pregnancy (completed)by Jerikafanfic2019
Erika raped at the age pf 14 becomes pregnant with her daughter Sarah. Not having any help from her family shes forced to fend for herself and take care of her daughter...
Stuck With Two by renee_Writez
Stuck With Twoby .•⛧•Renee•⛧•.
Shane and Erika were best friends when they were kids. Shane had to move when he was ten. After five years when he returns, he isn't the same Shane Erika used to know. H...
A New Front (Girls und Panzer x Male Reader) by Dr_Pum
A New Front (Girls und Panzer x Dr_Pum
Your name is Uwe Geier, and you are the most renowned student tanker all of Germany has to offer. With the Japanese Sensha Do Federation gaining more global recognition...