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Give me a reason to stay... by BrittneyLynn135
Give me a reason to Brittney Lynn
Ashlynn is the daughter of Chibs and Fiona and older sister to Kerrianne. When Chibs leaves to live in the States, Ashlynn goes with becoming SAMCRO's princess. Man, aft...
The Tatted Psycho by kn_writing
The Tatted Psychoby K. Nicole
✔️ [first book in Riders of Lykos series] -- When Emily Hearst learned that her mother kept her father out of her life simply so she could use Emily as a slave, Emily r...
Why were all the so-called normal guys, a**holes? Why couldn't she find a decent guy. Was something wrong with her? She knew her days of youthfulness were gone. She didn...
My Protector by kn_writing
My Protectorby K. Nicole
[2nd book in the Riders of Lykos series] Melanie was a beautiful dancer and a strong minded women. One thing always stood in her way though, her father. Melanie's fathe...
Runner by Mikaelatesss
Runnerby Mikaela's Stories
Book 1 of The Veterans MC Lilly is on the run with the baby she carries inside her. Not able to bring herself to trust another man she prides herself on her independence...
Angel(Kings MC #1) by JesseGainley
Angel(Kings MC #1)by Jesse Gainley
(in the stage of re-writing) My name is Alice Scott. I have a crazy stalker. I can't see my parents because of it. I dont want to put them in danger. I move every time h...
Hell's Devils MC Queen  by GinelleW
Hell's Devils MC Queen by GinelleW
DISCLAIMER: This book has a mature audience and violence that may be a trigger for some, so warning is advised. Please note that I do not condone anytime type of violen...
Marley by morganknave
Marleyby Morgan Kira Nave
MC Book 3 Cheyenne suffered from abuse most of her life at the hands of her father. When she finally escapes at the age of 18 with her 8 year old brother, Jack, she run...
ပြန်ချစ်လေဗျာ လိမ္မာပါ့မယ် (My Universe) by ayemya_yeik
ပြန်ချစ်လေဗျာ လိမ္မာပါ့မယ် (My 『 ayemya 』
MY Creditor Side Story ပါ။ Parallel Universe သဘောမျိုးပြန်ပြီး Creation လုပ်ထားတာမို့ main story နဲ့ မသက်ဆိုင်ပဲ အရင် character ကို ရသအသစ် တစ်မျိုးနဲ့ထပ်မံဖတ်ရူနိုင်မှာဖ...
Tears of an Angel (Hellhound's MC) by Cheerwine05
Tears of an Angel (Hellhound's MC)by Cheerwine05
In the small town of Hemlock South Dakota, you keep your head down to avoid trouble. Trouble being the MC that calls this town home. They are known for protecting the to...
Sweet as Venom by Explode
Sweet as Venomby Simone Elise
Gabriella left home to find freedom. But ended up finding something completely different; and that was Saxon.
Strong by Sleepykitten13
Strongby Sleepykitten13
Petal Athena Jones grew up in the MC life. She was royalty there in her father's Club, the Lost Boys. She was the princess along with her best friend Margo. They were tr...
Racing the Wind by countryreb020
Racing the Windby Country Writer
Small town. Marry your high school sweetheart. Settle down. Find a job or stay at the one you have. Same old same old. That is until a group of bikers ride into town. I...
The Archons Favorite by DragonLover366
The Archons Favoriteby River
(Genshin Impact Y/n x Obey me) Y/n has been a traveler that has easily won the hearts around her. The Archons have bestowed upon her visions. She learned from her travel...
Holding Out: Hawks MC Ballarat Charter #1 by LilaR09
Holding Out: Hawks MC Ballarat Lila Rose
Not everything is roses, chocolates and vibrators in Zara's life...until Talon, Hawks MC President, wants to claim her as his. Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old se...
best friend. // corpse husband by punzotw
best friend. // corpse husbandby lana
where two best friends realize their true feelings during a simple game with friends corpse x !fem oc
A New Beginning by BrittanyMaugh
A New Beginningby BrittanyMaugh
Hannah comes home from a business trip to find out that her husband has been sleeping around with her best friend. To make matters worse it looks like her job has been...
Brimfire Mc by Sashster90
Brimfire Mcby Sasha b
A mc dedicated to saving children. Stopping sex trafficking. One mission they might get a gift. A gift of a women who has been in there hands for 17 years. A girl who wa...
Jasper (Devil's Ranyne MC Book 3) by ItsJustABook1
Jasper (Devil's Ranyne MC Book 3)by Allie
Too many years have passed for her to ever forgive my mistakes, but that doesn't mean I won't try. It's my fault she was in the situation she was. I left her without a...
Marlows' Promise (MC) by AussieeBums
Marlows' Promise (MC)by S.C
"You can't save the world, but you might save the man in front of you, if you work fast enough". Marlow had escaped the small town she had once called home and...