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Bucky and Enigma by AlexHam12345
Bucky and Enigmaby Alexander Hamilton
Bucky is taken back to Hydra, in an attempt to capture a teen assassin. Wounded and helpless, Bucky turns to the girl for help. Enigma has been at Hydra forever, when sh...
Let the Storm Rage On (REWRITE) by HufflepufThunderbird
Let the Storm Rage On (REWRITE)by :p
A continuation of my Jelsa series. Read "The cold never bothered me anyway" before reading this one, you'll more than likely be confused by the events in this...
Come Home With Me;Adopted by Zack Merrick by AllTimeFuckUp23
Come Home With Me;Adopted by AllTimeFuckUp23
yo, yes I know there are many typos. Half the time I wrote this, I'm in bed. I never sleep. So get used to it.
Astronomicon: Icarus by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Icarusby Paul Vincent
A standalone novel set in the Astronomicon Universe. ( REVAMPED in 2016 ) In 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep spac...
Ś ō ł ę by lunaaahoope
Ś ō ł ęby lunaaahoope
Хөвгүүн :Сонс !! Би хараал идсэн ижил хүйстэн гээд байна сонсож байна уу !! Охин : тэгээд ? Хөвгүүн : ю-юу? Охин : Хараал идсэн ижил хүйстэн минь найзууд болцгооё Хөвгү...
Pongo the emotional support spirit  by Pongothelab
Pongo the emotional support spirit by Pongothelab
Pongo is a Labrador spirit ent to help a young boy named Felix through the tough times in his life.
L'éveil du souverain des âmes by Zheneos
L'éveil du souverain des âmesby Loic scognamiglio
Bonjour :) J'aimerais vous présenter mon light-novel, l'éveil du souverain des âmes Zheneos, un enfant touché d'une maladie mortelle et possesseur du don de vision des â...
Moon Shot by NaveedMalekafzali
Moon Shotby Naveed Malekafzali
After shipment of resources to the Lunar Colonies are halted in the year 2035, massive social tensions arrive. Andrew Deakins is a NASA astronaut, separated from his col...
Hunarli odam doim yutadi by  Ergasheva Ozoda  by ShoxsanamAmirqulova
Hunarli odam doim yutadi by Shoxsanam Amirqulova
bu ertak hunarni puldan ustunligi haqida .Ikki do'stning biri hunar ikkinchisi pulni tanlashi lekin kiyenchalik o'sha tanlagan puli hech nimani hal qilmasligi ,hunarni e...
Everything You Must Know About Emotional Support Animals and ESA Letters by jouicylara
Everything You Must Know About Jouicy Lara
Uncover the world of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and ESA Letters. Learn how these supportive companions can enhance your well-being. Understand the importance of ES...
my candy store// bl0g by lasttae
my candy store// bl0gby fxcks u
pues ni dulcería, nah mi blog
To Saturn and back (A Cassini-Huygens book) by spiralcities
To Saturn and back (A spiralcities
Cassini becomes better friends with Huygens as they head off to observe Saturn & its moons.
Get to Know About the benefits of Emotional Support Animal Ohio by richardhamsmith
Get to Know About the benefits Richard Hamsmith
Emotional Support Animal Ohio is an effective way to improve your mental health without taking any medications. Here you'll learn the benefits of emotional support anima...
Emotional support animals certificate by aidenezra1
Emotional support animals Aiden Ezra
Emotional support animals are thought to be required for the owner's mental and psychological well-being. This concept of esa letter originated in the United States and...
Low by ctlnxcx
Lowby ctlnxcx
La vida, momentos, "amigos".