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D.R.A.R.R.Y Supremacy by hurryp0tta
D.R.A.R.R.Y Supremacyby hurryp0tta
Basically Evil Harry in Slytherin ~ "Living forever's amazing, Draco," Harry whispered to his soulmate, his forehead pressed up against his as he lightly thumb...
The Dark King *COMPLETED* by iceygirl200510
The Dark King *COMPLETED*by Slytherins Bride💚
What if Harry Potter turned on everything he ever knew? Harry is sick and tired of being used as the hero. He never wanted to be 'the boy who lived' but somehow people...
And The Devil Said Her Name by FranziM7
And The Devil Said Her Nameby Franzi M
She walked down the corridor of Azkaban, her footsteps echoing in the hallway making the situation even more frightening. ___________________________ A very dark Harry P...
Darkside by Lololololololol798
Darksideby Lololololololol798
Harry is constantly getting told what to do or how to act, until he finally gets enough he decides to go to Draco and ask for friendship once he gets it he is asks for r...
The Heir Of The Dark Lord by dianakoh80
The Heir Of The Dark Lordby dianakoh80
During his 5th Year , Harry Starts Doubting His Friend , Ron. He decides to ask Hermione for help... and that is when he finds out he is the heir to the dark lord.
The Lord's Discovery. by Oz6100
The Lord's Discovery.by Your Narrator
ONE-SHOT! The Order of the Phoenix is finished. They have been betrayed by the most unlikely person.... Or rather... Persons. But who? Lord Potter himself.
Dark Prince [Harry Potter AU fanfiction] by Astoria_Greengrass
Dark Prince [Harry Potter AU fanfi...by lum
"You would never be able to comprehend the lengths I would go to see this wretched world torn asunder, burning and wasted. You, of all people, would never understan...
Harry James Riddle...Evil Harry Potter Fanfic by dianakoh80
Harry James Riddle...Evil Harry Po...by dianakoh80
What if James And Lily were never killed? Instead , they traded his son to spare their lives... after all.. better they live rather than all of them die... right? After...
Son of a Lord by grassT7
Son of a Lordby grassT7
"I will take the very one that was meant to destroy me, who was prophesized to be my doom. I will take him and make him loyal to me and me only. " Harry Potter...
The Dark Forest by StellarOwl1207
The Dark Forestby ☾𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒶𝓇
After the War Hermione Granger went to Forks for a break away from the magical world. While on the trip she met Edward Cullen who is a vampire. This is my first story an...
Darkness over Light BOOK 2 (Adopted!) by aleksagabi
Darkness over Light BOOK 2 (Adopte...by alexer
This book is now adopted by @Blood_Wolf96 . Go check them out! Harry Potter the-boy-who-live WRONG!! Silvester Riddle son of Tom Riddle Will he suceed in dedending his f...
Bad boy harry by harrypotterfanfic87
Bad boy harryby harrypotterfanfic87
All Harry Potter rights are not mine all credit goes to jk.rowling this is just my fan fiction! This is based at the end of the 8th film where harry does the unthinkable...