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Bloodsport   ;   tommy shelby by tomhardis
Bloodsport ; tommy shelbyby 𝒍𝐢𝐥𝐢
[ COMPLETED 2018, REWRITING 2021 ] 1918, A STRANGER arrives in Small Heath for the first time on the 6 o'clock morning train. Magnetic and mysterious, Iris Hancock captu...
You, My Dream! (Completed✓) by she_who_dreams
You, My Dream! (Completed✓)by she_who_dreams
{1st in #Nikkah , 86th in #spiritual } He pecked on her forehead making her shiver under his touch, and than again looked deeply in her eyes and said " But I want...
The Official Douche Bag Travel Guide of Chad Barrington by PJLowry
The Official Douche Bag Travel Gui...by P.J. Lowry
After having a tantrum in court that lands him in contempt, Chad Barrington is forced to seek counseling and take two months off. Unable to work, this top notch lawyer d...
Experiment VII by Sniperbait
Experiment VIIby ѕиιρєявαιт
"Experiment number G7, that's all I am now. Who we were, everything we had, gone. We're just a bunch of failed experiments, but they made a mistake. They underestim...
Military Badass  by melimeli102
Military Badass by °Angel°
Leo-Jay Danbury is a 17 year old daughter of a military family. Growing up in that type family Leo-Jay 'Leo' for short has grown used to moving almost every year if not...
Sung Hyun  by AreumNaeil
Sung Hyun by Rose
#1 koreandrama May 7 - May 24 ""Get back here or i'll chop your son's head off." He snarled, feeling victorious. Thick, red, liquid trickled down Sung Hy...
The 200 Murders of 1977 (Murder Game Series Book 1) by EmberShy
The 200 Murders of 1977 (Murder Ga...by Emily Sawyer
Somewhere in Japan in a town almost forgotten, a cult lead by evil like no other was murdering it away. Though they have challengers, will they succeed? What madness lie...
Warmth Of Seduction #Wattys2020 by Diamond_Ash_Writer
Warmth Of Seduction #Wattys2020by Diamond Ash
"Oh c'mon, I know you're attracted to me, I saw you staring at me" She said as she flung herself on the stranger. "You're drunk, go away" The strange...
Happy Poetry by VWilkening17
Happy Poetryby Val
Poetry that will make you smile and think. Enjoy!
GD Blues by thelittlesttiefling
GD Bluesby Peregrin Sanchez
recently released from a decades-long exile, ex-Quaestor Kire Jarkeiwicz has been granted a year of freedom before he has to rejoin the Covinus, the vampire mafia who ha...
Villainous Tendencies :  Katsuki Bakugo X Reader by EternalSickness
Villainous Tendencies : Katsuki B...by TheRealYuno
This is the story about a messed up girl trying to do what she thinks is right. But with her internal battle of hero Vs villain, will she choose the right side?
World of Monsters by PJLowry
World of Monstersby P.J. Lowry
In order for Alyssa to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, she was going to have to trust another kind of monster...
Live With Joy by guitarnotes
Live With Joyby Sarah Montsinger
Joy. I strongly believe in the power that being joyful brings to life. If I wasn't joyful, I don't know who I'd be. Joy is life for me, and it's my goal to help everyone...
 Tales From Hell | ✓ by -ater-
Tales From Hell | ✓by wabi-sabi
↪Winner Of Ankara Community Awards. ➳ sporadic updates | ➵ ➳ ➸ | ❝pray tell, young lass, what do you know about...
Definition Humane by Pinkroseutena
Definition Humaneby Pinkroseutena
*Graphics by CannibalisticNarco :) 200 years ago man created the greatest AI known but this Machine eventually grew a mind of its own and evetually it's own body, it ros...
A girl with secrets. Secrets on which the very fabric of space and time are threatened of their existence. "What she did was a crime"- is what they'd all say...
Fate Leads Me to You~~~  {Shimayu Fanfiction} by bk_radiant
Fate Leads Me to You~~~ {Shimayu...by BKR
Amawaka Mayura is a kind and caring person, she is quite popular in her school causing her many suitors Ikaruga Shimon is a very serious guy and a charming young man ca...
PoemsByKamar by kamarcanales
PoemsByKamarby K༙A༙M༙A༙R༙
Dear reader I'm not a poet I don't sound poetic Poetry isn't my thing Am just a normal being What am feeling Is what am spilling This is what I can No need to be...
D A Y L I G H T by BishWhatDidYouSay
D A Y L I G H Tby Darcey
Harlow Greene was known as the violent girl at school. Praised for her rebellious nature and no-shits-given attitude, it was only a matter of time before she got involve...