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Eddsworld ~LEMONZ~ by Coffeethedietcoke
Eddsworld ~LEMONZ~by Hamburber
This book all contains smut. so shut up. if you dont like smut. dont read.
UnHealthy...(TomTord) by Shipping-Chan
UnHealthy...(TomTord)by Sean-Chan
(This is kind of like Harley Quinn and Joker...Moving on) (Insane Asylum AU) Mr.Rocklynn is a Therapist for the Psycho's in the Insane Asylum in America...One day Mr.Roc...
My Brave Little Soldier 💞/Matt×Tord by EddsworldMattt
My Brave Little Soldier 💞/Matt×To...by EddsworldMattt
After a year and a half matt wouldn't stop thinking about tord. Matt wants to find tord but he is scared thinking he will do something terrible to him. But Matt on the...
EddTord ! (Eddsworld) by N0va1sntHere
EddTord ! (Eddsworld)by Novaa
EddTord is a underrated Eddsworld ship.
Machina-TomTord Robot AU by TheTreeGroup
Machina-TomTord Robot AUby Ranboo writes stuff
Tord is an inventor-a genius Tom is a robot-a blank slate What will happen when Tom flees from Tord?
EddsWorld Oneshots by ColaCubed
EddsWorld Oneshotsby °•EddHead•°
^Title •Character x Character •I don't do x Readers, its uncomfortable •Mostly fluff, emphasis on mostly •I take requests
Eddsworld age regression :D by itzthegoldteaspoon
Eddsworld age regression :Dby Hehe
mostly sfw, no sin Just cute little fluffshots of the characters as littles/caregivers!
Eddsworld Ships Oneshots by starcola
Eddsworld Ships Oneshotsby noah h
a thing I might add add x reader idk
Tomtord fluff :) by floweyard
Tomtord fluff :)by Meltyymoon
Its my first fanfic so pls be gentle lmao so its fluff maybe there's one "lemon" thing in the story but nothing big :P (AAA i suck at aquarelle)
ring. - an eddsworld love story (rewritten) by mackncheezee
ring. - an eddsworld love story (r...by cheezee mack
Edd is your average 23 year old bloke, he's got the dead end art job, the nonstop partying friends, and the impending doom of death on his plate. But, he's also got Tori...
Monsters In The Woods (discontinued) by AyrieArtCat
Monsters In The Woods (discontinue...by Ur mom
(discontinued) There's an urban legend about the woods on the outskirts of Edd, Matt, and Tords hometown, they say that there's a monster that lives there. To enforce t...
Eddsworld Request Booklet by ReCreati0n_q
Eddsworld Request Bookletby ReCreati0n_Q
Self-Explanatory. You guys write down requests, and I'll make 'em. I do any ship. :D! I accept, Smut, gore, fluff, lemon and everything else in between! :D SO DO WHAT YO...
TomTord Pictures! (2) by Irioucity
TomTord Pictures! (2)by https-chaoticchild
Ayyyyyyye here's the second story of my TomTord book that kept getting flagged (Description and cover under construction) Temp. Cover by MikleiRin
rain boy and Killer (Grunge!Tord X Grunge!Tom) by spookynodles
rain boy and Killer (Grunge!Tord X...by s.saltedBERRY
!MALEXMALE! This is TomTord, if you don't like it, don't hate. Back off. ! INCLUDES : MILD LANGUAGE, VIOLANCE, AND A LITTLE GORE !
Tomtord Oneshot by Fcech23
Tomtord Oneshotby Fcech
I'll try to do your request as soon as possible.
Art dumppp by ToastyTem
Art dumpppby ToastyTem
some eddsworld ships and other random drawings :P
Mattedd (vampire Matthew x edd)  by Connor_cringe_cake
Mattedd (vampire Matthew x edd) by Connor_cringe_cake
hopefully this will stay Mattedd if i get enough people reading it i will try my best with ideas and stuff please comment if your interested to read a Mattedd story