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The Magical Exorcist by Roewziee_
The Magical Exorcistby Roewzi
THE MAGICAL EXORCIST [Please be aware that this is just a fiction stories which doesn't related with any events, character, religion and so on] This story is about...
AASHIQ: A Lustful Demonโœ”๏ธ by Haaaaafsat_
AASHIQ: A Lustful Demonโœ”๏ธby Hafsat Idris
ยฉ 2020 All Rights Reserved When Aisha Muhammad goes out late at night to empty the waste bin, something accompanies her back home.
๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐ž๐ง๐๐ž๐ง๐ญ โšฃ๏ธŽ scum villain's self-saving system x male reader by chillebby
๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐ž๐ง๐๐ž๐ง๐ญ โšฃ๏ธŽ scum vil...by that one mxtx ff writer
โ˜ฏ๏ธŽโšฃ๏ธŽ ๐–—๐–Š๐–˜๐–•๐–‘๐–Š๐–“๐–‰๐–Š๐–“๐–™ *เณƒเผ„ หห‹ สณแต‰โฟ แถปสฐแตƒ แถ แตƒโฟแต–แตƒโฑ แถปโฑสฒโฑแต˜ แถปโฑแต—แต’โฟแตโ €โ €โ™กโ €โ €แตแตƒหกแต‰ สณแต‰แตƒแตˆแต‰สณ หŠหŽ หห‹ยฐโ€ข*โ€โžท WHEN A YOUNG MAN FROM MODERN TIMES SUDDENLY DIES OF AN UNTIMELY DEAT...
Exorcist him! // Craig x Tweek// (Creek) by FunkinVibez
Exorcist him! // Craig x Tweek// (...by IboopUrNose
Sometimes love comes in pretty questionable ways, a bump at the amusement park, spilled coffee. But from a demon you've just summoned!? ugh now that's just insane. And...
Exonemesis by Loba_Writes
Exonemesisby Ms. Loba
~Gravity Falls Fanfic (Bill x Dipper)~ Welcome to Gravity Falls! A small town that has never been heard of and that the outside world had long forgotten. This town has b...
A Hymn for salvation (Gojo Satoru x Reader) by ImAlwaysTiredZzz
A Hymn for salvation (Gojo Satoru...by โ™ก I'm Always Tired โ™ก
(Gojo Satoru x Reader) Deep inside a secret garden, situated just in the outskirts of Tokyo, there is a temple who houses a goddess for those who fight in the dark and...
ๅค่‘ฃไธ‹ๅฑฑ (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down The Mountain) by MaybeCabbage
ๅค่‘ฃไธ‹ๅฑฑ (ENGLISH: Old Fogey Goes Down...by MaybeCabbage
We are fan translators! Please be nice in comments for the community :) Original Author: ็ผ˜ไฝ•ๆ•… Yuรกn hรฉgรน In the great and mighty and advanced 21st century, an old fogey w...
๐ˆ๐ฆ๐ฆ๐จ๐ซ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ ๐…๐จ๐ž๐ฌ // OC Completed// by harley__robbie
๐ˆ๐ฆ๐ฆ๐จ๐ซ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ ๐…๐จ๐ž๐ฌ // OC Co...by May Robbie Bee Lay๐Ÿ
แ€แ€ปแ€šแ€บแ€›แ€ฎแ€€แ€ผแ€ฝแ€ฑแ€แ€ฝแ€ฑแ€•แ€ฑแ€ซแ€บแ€™แ€พแ€ฌ แ€’แ€ฐแ€ธแ€‘แ€ฑแ€ฌแ€€แ€บแ€€แ€ฌ แ€แ€ฑแ€ฌแ€„แ€บแ€ธแ€•แ€”แ€บแ€•แ€ผแ€ฎแ€ธแ€”แ€ฑแ€ฌแ€€แ€บ ... แ€’แ€ฎแ€กแ€™แ€แ€œแ€™แ€บแ€ธแ€แ€›แ€ฎแ€ธแ€™แ€พแ€ฌ แ€™แ€„แ€บแ€ธแ€แ€…แ€บแ€šแ€ฑแ€ฌแ€€แ€บแ€žแ€ฌ แ€€แ€ญแ€ฏแ€šแ€บแ€›แ€ฐแ€ธแ€›แ€™แ€ญแ€•แ€ซแ€€แ€ผแ€ฑแ€ฌแ€„แ€บแ€ธ ... แ€แ€ปแ€šแ€บแ€›แ€ฎแ€•แ€”แ€บแ€ธแ€แ€ฝแ€ฑแ€€แ€ญแ€ฏ แ€žแ€€แ€บแ€žแ€ฑแ€‘แ€ฌแ€ธแ€€แ€ฌ แ€แ€ปแ€…แ€บแ€›แ€ฑแ€ธแ€†แ€ญแ€ฏแ€•แ€ซแ€›แ€…แ€ฑแ€œแ€ฌแ€ธ ... แ‹ โ—ƒโ”€โ”€...
๐Ÿ๐š๐ข๐ซ๐ฒ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ๐ž๐ฌ. mo xiang tong xiu books x reader one-shots by chillebby
๐Ÿ๐š๐ข๐ซ๐ฒ๐ญ๐š๐ฅ๐ž๐ฌ. mo xiang ton...by that one mxtx ff writer
โ˜ฏ๏ธŽโšฃ๏ธŽ ๐–‹๐–†๐–Ž๐–—๐–ž๐–™๐–†๐–‘๐–Š๐–˜ *เณƒเผ„ หห‹ แตแต’ หฃแถฆแตƒโฟแต แต—แต’โฟแต หฃแถฆแต˜ แต‡แต’แต’แตหขโ €โ €โ™กโ €โ €สณแต‰แตƒแตˆแต‰สณ หŠหŽ หห‹ยฐโ€ข*โ€โžท WHEN YOU OPEN A BOOK, YOU OPEN A DOORWAY TO ANOTHER WORLD. with all the iconic...
The cripples all stood up by me by Kessho_Yuki
The cripples all stood up by meby Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : ็˜ธๅญ้ƒฝ่ขซๆˆ‘ๅฟฝๆ‚ ็š„็ซ™่ตทๆฅไบ† Author :้ป‘็Œซ็จ็จ Gu Ye, the third young master of the Gu family, is born wooden, stutters, talks ten times a question, he can't ev...
๐€๐Œ๐„๐“๐‡๐˜๐’๐“ ๐–ค“ โ›YUKIO OKUMURA.เผ‰ by lollanie
๐€๐Œ๐„๐“๐‡๐˜๐’๐“ ๐–ค“ โ›YUKIO OKUMURA...by ๐“†ฉแฅซแญก๐“†ช
แŸš ยท ๐Ÿซง | ๐๐‹๐”๐„ ๐„๐—๐Ž๐‘๐‚๐ˆ๐’๐“ โช์ž์ˆ˜์ •โซ โคท โ› ๐‘—๐‘ข๐‘ ๐‘ก ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘‘๐‘’๐‘๐‘–๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘œ๐‘› ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘ ๐‘Ž๐‘ฃ๐‘’ ๐‘ ๐‘œ๐‘š๐‘’๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘’ ๐‘ค๐‘Ž๐‘  ๐‘’๐‘›๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘”โ„Ž ๐‘ก๐‘œ ๐‘โ„Ž๏ฟฝ...
Twin Hunter (Detective Conan Fanfiction) by kanzakiciel
Twin Hunter (Detective Conan Fanfi...by Luin-Gwilwileth
Everyone know The Kudous family, They are famous and they were blessed with twin boys, the eldest being Shinichi and the youngest being Seiichi. Both were highly intelli...
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by sleeping_soullessly
Blue Exorcist Oneshotsby sleeping_soullessly
[Completed] It pretty much says it all in the title, so this is going to be a 'Blue Exorcist Oneshots' book.
Core Pride and Innocent Sorrow by SpiderWitch96
Core Pride and Innocent Sorrowby SpiderWitch96
The Black Order is no more. The Noah Family has disappeared along with the Millennium Earl. All that's left is God most beloved child, Allen Walker. After a hundred year...
Hope In The Midst Of Destruction (D. Gray-man Fanfic) by AsterSilvis
Hope In The Midst Of Destruction (...by Asteria V. Silvis
When Cross went to fetch Neah's vessel, he did not expect a cute, and maybe slightly insane, girl with dead eyes. Nor did he expect her to already know all about Exorci...
Jujutsu Witch || Jujutsu Kaisen by Sandraliza
Jujutsu Witch || Jujutsu Kaisenby Dragon Girl ๐Ÿฒ
โžข โ ๐‘ฐ ๐’‰๐’‚๐’•๐’† ๐’•๐’‰๐’† ๐’‰๐’Š๐’ˆ๐’‰๐’†๐’“-๐’–๐’‘๐’”. ๐‘ป๐’‰๐’†๐’š ๐’๐’๐’๐’Œ ๐’‚๐’• ๐’Ž๐’† ๐’‚๐’” ๐’Š๐’‡ ๐‘ฐ ๐’‚๐’Ž ๐’”๐’๐’Ž๐’† ๐’Œ๐’Š๐’๐’… ๐’๐’‡ ๐’‚๐’ ๐’‚๐’๐’Š๐’†๐’. โž โ†ณEveryone has heard of jujutsu sorcer...
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenarios by aesthetic-n-stuff
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenariosby Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY Hi there! In this book, there will be boyfriend scenarios for: Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Mephisto, and Amaimon. Please Enjoy! Highest Ranking: #3 in Bon #...
[Discontinued] The Demon King's Mate (Amaimon x reader) by Midnight0Fox
[Discontinued] The Demon King's Ma...by Mae Black
One day Y/n wakes up one day with her neck in pain, she discovers a bite mark. What will she do when she finds out the mark belongs to a certain green demon king? โ€ขโ€ขโ€ข Y...
Fuck being human :Blue exorcist/Tokyo ghoul [editing] by just_here_being_dumb
Fuck being human :Blue exorcist/To...by Fawk_sleep
After hearing about the transfer kaneki is met with a suspicion of the boy with fangs as he and Rin grow closer until a new fate has come upon the boy from true cross T...
Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin) by LunarShadowKnight
Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin)by ~LunarShadowKnight~
For the first time in his life, Rin finally had friends. He had people who he could rely on, people he could trust. And one camping trip destroyed that. He never asked t...