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Aeroplane mix up by girlpoopstories
Aeroplane mix upby girlpoopstories
Y/n and your husband h/n are going on a business trip, you accompanying h/n. However, the travelling procedure gets a little messy.
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyfriend by xxkinkwriterxx
Sat on and Farted on by Gassy boyf...by xxkinkwriterxx
Bruno is a nasty man and won't stop farting. Lets just see how far this goes!
babysitter (fart fetish, inflation, buttcrush )  by Whyyouhateonnoodles
babysitter (fart fetish, inflation...by Whyyouhateonnoodles
If don't like these fetishs don't continue but if you do come on in
Better This Way (Stucky) by zachtheowl16
Better This Way (Stucky)by Zach the owl
Steve starts to notice bucky feeding him more soon his belly develops a bit of fat and he grows hungry and gassy as he grows fatter.
Mommy Dearest by TommyXM
Mommy Dearestby TommyXM
Mark is taking a long time on the pot when his mom barges in.
Collection of fart fetish (Part 1) by YesIamActuallyWendys
Collection of fart fetish (Part 1)by *Yes I am Actually Wendys*
🚫If you do not enjoy this type of fetish, please leave. Im only making this for those with this fetish. If you don't like this, don't comment or message me. Just leave...
Big Bad Wolves by zachtheowl16
Big Bad Wolvesby Zach the owl
characters: Jacob, Sam, Cameron, Paul, Brady, and Quil. the pack get a new member but things become different as the boys lose there hunkiness. they become slobs farting...
Spell Gone Wrong  by PaddedSkaterButt
Spell Gone Wrong by PaddedSkaterButt
When Julie leaves her wand at home and tells Cody not to mess with her wand. He ignores her warning and messes with it. Then accidently awakens adult diapers that come a...
Creepypasta Farts by SmexyCreep
Creepypasta Fartsby BleachhhhXD
This is a gas fetish warning. If you don't like it,I suggest you don't read it. Sexual content MAY be included request are accepted. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
House Of Farts by zachtheowl16
House Of Fartsby Zach the owl
All roommates are gay and each is a gas bag and have their own kinks to work as in this house he smelt it is well you know the rest Lux and others go on adventures as th...
No Clue//BE// by ohlord_nene1
No Clue//BE//by nene 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
"Eilish. " She looked up at the teacher with anger in her eyes. "It's Eilish" she said and walked to her seat which was the second row to the right.
my hero Wedgie by msWedgie
my hero Wedgieby msWedgie
Mini historias de Wedgie a las chicas de bnha Habra: Fem Bakugo Fem Izuku Fem Mineta Fem Todoroky También habrán un poco de Nalgadas y de cuntbust
Mancave Season one by zachtheowl16
Mancave Season oneby Zach the owl
in the world of only man and food, the man is willing to grow fat. but as war is closing in will they be up for the task. Episodes in this season: !3
The Tavern Of The Black Dragon by zachtheowl16
The Tavern Of The Black Dragonby Zach the owl
lego ninjago Zane is tricked into joining a bizarre club
Hiro and Tadashi (Bro's, Bellies, and Braps) by GassyBoyStories
Hiro and Tadashi (Bro's, Bellies...by GassyBoyStories
In an alternate and less depressing universe, a younger Hiro and Tadashi make a bet, which slowly leads to more and more playful and kinky fun. Warning: this story cont...
fat slob academy (book one) by zachtheowl16
fat slob academy (book one)by Zach the owl
a group of adult boys are sent to a academy with a strange array of classes that involve gaining weight. Chapters: 12
When Sickness Strikes by SickOCs
When Sickness Strikesby Amber
This is a book of sickfics involving my original characters.
Stinky hell by fartloverrr
Stinky hellby fartloverrr
You died and are in the bad place your punishment for being bad on earth is to be farted in by bad Janet for eternity.