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Lincoln the Jedi by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln the Jediby Hollowhunter2
What if Lincoln can feel the force? Request from Evancorp123456
Truth of Joker by TheBoarSin
Truth of Jokerby StaidAlarm42056
All it takes is one rotten day to turn a man... into a monster. The Joker knew these words well... but what happens when Joker sees' an old face? Note: I own nothing and...
Big Bro Loud by Davis5583
Big Bro Loudby Davis
Oc Big brother Lucas Loud how will his appeases in the loud universe change things.
Loud of Time-Skip by TheBoarSin
Loud of Time-Skipby StaidAlarm42056
Lincoln Loud was labeled as bad luck by his sisters and was locked out of his house. But when they did this he discovered a power that few have learned, and very few hav...
The Second Great Assassin (Loud House x DC) by Red16dragon
The Second Great Assassin (Loud Red16dragon
Lincoln runs away from home at an early age because of his abusive family and becomes apart of Floyd Lawton's family after Floyd took pity on him. Lincoln asked that Flo...
A female perspective. by Superbbbbb
A female Superbbbbb
after a accident with one of Lisa's experiments Lincoln life changes...possible for ever.
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_CLUB) by demonicwritins73
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft demonicwritins73
What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro...
Have you ever heard of mk ultra. It was a mind control project done by the cia.Now it secretly doing research again and the government need people for mind control test...
Moonlight fangs by dce1002
Moonlight fangsby dce1002
After loud family discovers lincoln a vampire he leave royalwoods not before turning luna into a vampire. She goes through the process of transforming into a vampire. Wh...
The Demon of the Ghoul School (Loud House x Ghoul School) by LRGriffin
The Demon of the Ghoul School ( Lee G
Betrayed by his family and ex-friends, Lincoln discovers he's not a human born into the Louds. He is instead a half-demon born from a human mother named Teresa Lucifero...
Lincoln and The Demon by TheBoarSin
Lincoln and The Demonby StaidAlarm42056
Lincoln was alone on Halloween night. He cried on the sidewalk and as he cried he was approached by a strange woman who offers him a chance not to be alone. He takes tha...
The Unforgiving (REWRITE) by CartoonFF
The Unforgiving (REWRITE)by CartoonFF
after his family threw him out, Lincoln ran from home and was never heard from again. 14 years later, Lynn Sr. dies shortly after an accident, Rita tells the siblings th...
undoing that is already been done by alexmason125
undoing that is already been doneby A
Hello fellow readers and authors this story is a request from brnstin or blade if you want to call him that Real Description: Lincoln loud is a very kind hearted person...
Lincoln Decade by PatrickEstvo
Lincoln Decadeby Patrick Estêvão
(Lincoln Loud X Massive Crossover Harem) After the events of NSL, Lincoln gets kicked out of his house, and gets saddened. Luckily his friend Jimmy Neutron had a solutio...
The Loud-Flash (The Loud House x The Flash) (On Hiatus) by SkipTheDip
The Loud-Flash (The Loud House x SkipTheDip
Getting kicked out of The Loud Family, Lincoln runs away and was in Central City, while there, he meets a kind scientist let him to live in at his lab as along as Lincol...
Lincoln loud is dead by dce1002
Lincoln loud is deadby dce1002
at age 14 lincoln loud starts going through a goth phase. He join renee and her group of goth friends. But think turns for the worst when lincoln and his goth friends su...
Total Knockout  by instantthought
Total Knockout by Izanagi ♡
Everything Lincoln Loud's ever done has been a cry for help. It's just that nobody's noticed until now.
Family Bond by Babysqid
Family Bondby Babysqid
When Lincoln is gravely injured by Luna, the rest of the family is left to ponder how close they really are, and discover how frail a family bond truly is.
The Loud House: Lincoln Loud is Spider-Man (DISCONTINUED) by SkipTheDip
The Loud House: Lincoln Loud is SkipTheDip
October 26, 2021: pls dont read this hot piece of Garbage. It's extremely bad and The only reason why I'm not deleting is because i got over 4k reads from this story. Li...
Babysitting by lolaloud6
Babysittingby Hannah Hunt
Rita leaves Lincoln in charge of the twins while she's running errands, but things don't go great for him.