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An Arranged Marriage by TooKawaiiTooLive
An Arranged Marriageby Rifa
Y'all really need to stop reading this garbage 🗑 💀 -- You never expected your father to give you away as the bride for the first prince of Kou, Ren Kouen. You'd never...
Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi) by AhiruElric
Yandere Kouha Ren x Reader (Magi)by EniloraThePuppeteer
When your village was raided and you were sold off as a slave, you never imagined you would gain the love of a prince. However, this was a prince you wished you had neve...
-A kings child- by sashawwwro
-A kings child-by sashawwwro
Amara, a single traveler and an ex slave, finaly gets to her last destinasion, Sindria, or so she though. She wanted to move there after she traveled for almost 5 years...
Trust by eff_off
Trustby eff_off
Fairy Tail betrayed her. She knew that she was weak, she knew that she was useless, but she always tried harder, she always did better than before and she always wished...
Contracted Killer ( Ja'far X Reader ) by ESKT_26
Contracted Killer ( Ja'far X about26noobs
Ja'far from Magi As a skilled mercenary you were contracted to infiltrate and kill the adviser of Sindria, Ja'far, but soon you find yourself caught in his feelings. *Sl...
Meridian(Magi x Reader!WMMAP) by Xythe_Phantasma
Meridian(Magi x Reader!WMMAP)by God of Rice
Y/n de Alger Obelia, the second princess of Obelian empire was suddenly pulled into another continent entirely different from the prosperous and peaceful Empire she grew...
Magi X Blind Reader by BlackRose2811
Magi X Blind Readerby Rosie
A young girl is stricken with blindness and now has to travel the world alone, proving people wrong and defeating her disability.
I Want You | Sinbad by LyraUlric
I Want You | Sinbadby Lyra Ulric
Sinbad's generals want him to marry but he has no desire to, wishing to live a life of sleeping around and drinking. To get them off his back, he gives them a mission to...
Other Worldly - Magi Fanfiction by HoodieVixen
Other Worldly - Magi Fanfictionby Anxious Force of Chaos
My life sorta sucked. I didn't feel lile I belonged, no matter what I did. I lost myself into stories, be it novels, cartoons, movies, but especially anime. One in parti...
Magi or Magus (A Fate/Stay Night/Magi crossover) by BW1301
Magi or Magus (A Fate/Stay Night/ Mythmaker258
As Shirou Emiya is sent on his final mission of the Counter Force, he finds himself in a new world filled with djinn, strange magicians, and even stranger humans. How w...
Magi's Mother by DeathQueenRuler
Magi's Motherby Death
As the finale battle rages on Aladdin knows they are not going to win against the "Medium" that brimgs down the end of the world Ill Ilah. He suddenly hears a...
Unexpected - Judar x Reader by dweebusbrain
Unexpected - Judar x Readerby dweebus
Judar... 🍋 hehehe I don't usually read descriptions so if you're like me then read this one. I've seen people write about Judar and it's usually about love and all of t...
Magi: Boyfriend scenarios! ( Slow updates !) by MissMikunaChan
Magi: Boyfriend scenarios! ( Shou-Chan's girlfriend(Mikuna)
It will consist of Sinbad, Ja'far, Aladdin, Kou empire 3 princes, Hakuryuu, Judar, Yunan I will add more later on! Hope you like it!
Princess of Sindria (Reader) - On Hold by HoodieVixen
Princess of Sindria (Reader) - Anxious Force of Chaos
(Y/N) was raised in the slums. She was raised by people who were not her parents, but she felt like they were either way. All she knew was her mother was killed after gi...
Magi: The Goddess of Hope [DISCONTINUED] by inacctve
Magi: The Goddess of Hope [ .
Five years after the war with Hakuryuu and Al-Thamen came to an end; the Kingdom of Sindria, the Kou Empire, the newly formed Republic of Balbadd, and the Leam Empire ha...
The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
Magi x male reader one-shots  by HayHay5453
Magi x male reader one-shots by HayHay5453
I don't see much male reader with this anime. I just want to make it gay lol I don't own magi! Highest rankings #6 in sphintus #13 in titus #35 in kouen #51 in sinbad...
Mad Love  [Kouha x OC] by PrettyLittleDragon
Mad Love [Kouha x OC]by PrettyLittleDragon
Nori Arashi is the daughter of a magician. Her life as a doctor was great, but one day a prince enters her life after she saved his life and he changes hers.
 Aladdin's twin sister  by Kuramalover4ever
Aladdin's twin sister by Favor
One day Mika woke up in the world of Magi. It turned Ugo brought her there for a reason. Watch as Mika finds Aladdin and joins him in all his journeys. ⚠️Warning ⚠️ : T...
The Mysterious Girl (A Magi x Reader fanfic) by Kiko_Axure563
The Mysterious Girl (A Magi x Kiko
Suddenly a burst of light came from the palace of the Obelisk, and a burning sphere was hurtling through the sky towards the young child. A figure appeared infront of th...