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Grind Pretty 💞 by Zatima22
Grind Pretty 💞by Zac.xfatima29
Read an fine out !
Will Love Last or will Love End. by Nyderaa
Will Love Last or will Love End.by Nydera
Read and find out 🫣.
Love At First Sight ❤  by Zatima22
Love At First Sight ❤ by Zac.xfatima29
How two people with broken hearts found love again after many betrayal from previous relationships but .....will Fatima line of work get in the way of that love ?
𝘔𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘊𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘦 by trulyykaylaa
𝘔𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘊𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘦by trulyykaylaa
Sequel of "The Coffee Shop".
Publicity Stunt by Sassynae91
Publicity Stuntby SassyNae
What happens when the fake relationship starts to feel real?
Dangerously In Love by _mmeezyn_
Dangerously In Loveby _mmeezyn_
Follow Zac and Fatima as they embark on a new found love that neither one is used to.
Brutal Truths by Creed9000
Brutal Truthsby Creed9000
An opposing outcome for how the meeting between Zac, Karen, Fatima, with Andi as a visitng referee about plans for the baby on the way could have gone another way at the...
Choosing us by phillyniyah
Choosing usby Aniyah466177
Watch and see if their love overcomes fame and temptation
ZATIMA CHAPTER by youngestkid23
I rewrote this book like alot of time hopefully this go as plan but this book is about Fatima n zac in hs (highschool) n them growing up tg (like they grown n in college)
THE BODY GUARD by Zatima22
THE BODY GUARDby Zac.xfatima29
Fatima is Atlanta top criminal attorney at her own lawfirm which is rating #1 since she never loose any of her cases ,But during to her family business her dad insist on...
Law and Order: The Zatima Unit by trulyykaylaa
Law and Order: The Zatima Unitby trulyykaylaa
Will a 14 day case bring two teams together?
Betrayal by Zatima22
Betrayalby Zac.xfatima29
After being betrayed by the one you love, will they ever come back from such hurt and pain . Read and find out!!
A Walk To Remember by Zatima22
A Walk To Rememberby Zac.xfatima29
Two broken hearts , that found each other but will there pass get in the way of finding true love , read an find out 🤔
The Taylors: Family Affair by storyvixen101
The Taylors: Family Affairby storyvixen101
Ready to experience life like the Taylor's it's gonna be a ride but it's worth every up down and bump along the road. Let's see how this couple and the rest of the Taylo...
YouTube lovers🫶🏾 by youngestkid23
YouTube lovers🫶🏾by beauty
Ik I said the other book was gonna be last but trust me y'all gonna like This but enjoy 🤗
The Deluxe by trulyykaylaa
The Deluxeby trulyykaylaa
If this story finds you, read it🤍