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(BEING REWRITTEN) Scars (abused and neglected male wolf faunus x RWBY)  by Striker766
(BEING REWRITTEN) Scars (abused an...by D
This is my first story so be nice please PS: in this story you have a daughter and sorry if I misspelled anything like names, places etc. (Y/n) Rose has been neglected...
The Grimm Rose by Zap3000
The Grimm Roseby Zap/Zoe3000
What separates man from monster? In truth, nothing but the words used to describe them. For every man has the potential to become a monster, and every monster is capable...
The Hunters Rose: Ruby x Male Faunus Reader by Cosmickatana
The Hunters Rose: Ruby x Male Faun...by Marcus Horton
you are Y/n L/n a silver-eyed Cheetah Faunus who was abandoned by his parents at a young age. He wondered Vale his whole life stealing food when he could. until one nigh...
Wolves Stick Together: RWBY X Wolf Faunus Male Reader by TheSpectre21
Wolves Stick Together: RWBY X Wolf...by Spectre
You were nine years old when you met your best and only friend, who was also a wolf faunus like you. Her name was Raven Brawnwen, and you two were each others only frien...
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Reader Insert X RWBY Harem) by GenderBenderAuthor
A King's Revenge (M.Lion Faunus Re...by JustARandomStranger
Abandoned by your family at the age of 2, the Belladonna's found you and raised you. Then came the White Fang. It was the place you grew up in, with two other individual...
Adopted Nikos (Volume 1) by Zap3000
Adopted Nikos (Volume 1)by Zap/Zoe3000
What happens if the world of Remnant is the aftermath of the Traveler's sacrifice? Aura, Dust, Magic, and Fanus are aftereffects of the Traveler's Light and Ghosts are t...
Blake x Female Reader by FanFictionAwaits
Blake x Female Readerby Team ~ White ~ Rose
(F/n) (L/N), Heiress to her fathers company, Her father is a strong businessman that threatens to get what he wants and has many ways of dragging in customers, he works...
Abusive Yang x abused Kuroka belladonna reader x Leone by LunaJones953
Abusive Yang x abused Kuroka bella...by LunaJones953
You were Yang's girlfriend for a good long while intel she started to beating you for no reason you then got fed up with it and transferred to shade and met a certain bl...
I'm Nothing Like You by _Ray_Light_
I'm Nothing Like Youby Ray Mendez
In the world of Remnant there exist two species Humans and Faunus, the two were very similar and yet so very different all at once, the Humans held most of the power in...
Dragons Fire by Hunter4894
Dragons Fireby Red Reaper
Uri Faunus. This sub species of faunus is very special and rare. These Faunus unlike normal ones don't have animal parts. But bits and pieces of mythical creatures that...
The Silver Dragon  by JrocksUSA
The Silver Dragon by JrocksUSA
Y/n Wick was the last faunus of his kind, a dragon faunus. Forced into hiding after his family was murdered, Y/n has survived by disguising himself as a human for the la...
RWBY: Thunderbird!  by Cadjtf4
RWBY: Thunderbird! by The writer hero: Cad
"Born from flames, bringer of lightning, the one with wings that burn so bright, the one who controls storms, one who flies so high, yet remains grounded to humanit...
The Twin Roses (RWBY FANFIC/AU) (AbusedReader) by BoSoknJOC
The Twin Roses (RWBY FANFIC/AU) (A...by BoSoknJOC
(COMPLETED FOR NOW.) Ruby Rose's twin, Eren. Abandoned, beaten, forgotten. Too beaten and beyond repair for a semblance to develop, he runs away hoping to be killed off...
Rwby: Blade of Fire: Vol:1 by Victorcook817
Rwby: Blade of Fire: Vol:1by Victorcook817
This is another story I've been working on for a little bit now. I DO NOT OWN RWBY This is also my first attempt at a Character insert story so...once again... Here Goes...
The lord of grimm and faunus. by hunter5241
The lord of grimm and faunus.by ghost bounty hunter rider
When YN was a kid he protect a faunus kid and unlocked his semblance that made him summon grimm but instead of praise he gets locked up for his power and was gonna get s...
Wolf on a hunt for revenge(RWBY harem x Abused and Neglected male Faunus reader) by DJMM15
Wolf on a hunt for revenge(RWBY ha...by Masked writer
Your father was D/N L/N and your mother is Quill Branwen when you were five your dad died defeating a village from bandits has your mother few months later got in a rela...
Qrow-sworn - Son of Qrow reader x rwby by N3verKn0wn
Qrow-sworn - Son of Qrow reader x...by N3verKn0wn
Title says it all. pls read, I hope it's good.
Yang's Little Titan (RWBY x Male child Godzilla Reader) by Hyperbomb
Yang's Little Titan (RWBY x Male c...by Hyperbomb
Yang hade lost the trust of her sister by an incident that happened in Beacon team RWBY wasn't the same Yang was doing her Evening strolls when she heard Crying she went...
Ruby Rose? No, Ruby Taurus. (Ruby & Adam) by RubyRose1031
Ruby Rose? No, Ruby Taurus. (Ruby...by
People think Ruby as Yang's younger sister. They're not wrong, but neither is correct. Well, hey, have you noticed that their last names are different? Ruby told them t...
Let the Storm Begin, Gamer 33 by Eyeofcreation
Let the Storm Begin, Gamer 33by Vanadis
Some say Death is the end. How wrong they are. Waking within the endless darkness of the void, I discover I am to become the 33rd Gamer. Now armed with Magic, OP perks...