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My goddess bully by YaDom_bish
My goddess bullyby Yadom
Lia is a soft hearted, easy to manipulate 19 year old highschool senior. After moving for the final time due to her dad's job she decided to stay at her school dorm to f...
Tortured by luckytobeunlucky
Torturedby Yusuf
This story is about a Muslim boy Abdul, who suffered a lot in a Hindu family (especially by females) during and after Gujarat Riots in 2002.
Tickle Jail by Bright_Moon_Light
Tickle Jailby Bright_Moon_Light
A young girl goes into prison for a attempted murder. little does she know, this jail uses tickling as a punishment. Specifically from, Tickle Master.
Bella's bitch by hbem09
Bella's bitchby
becoming Bella's slave and doing her filthy bidding
Enslaved at Summer Camp by womenaresuperior
Enslaved at Summer Campby womenaresuperior
The tomboy at your summer camp befriends you but her true intentions are soon revealed. (Certain scenes based on true events)
The Ticklers Breaks The Insanely Ticklish by Billy-Dragon
The Ticklers Breaks The Insanely T...by Brad Dragon
A story of Kate being wanted to tickle girls for the tickle slave request!
Haili Gets Tickled by Armpittoes
Haili Gets Tickledby Armpittoes
Haili likes to wear tank tops, flip flops and short shorts to school alot. Nothing against the dress code, just normal everyday wear. Except one of her teachers has been...
Gentle Giantess by giantess44
Gentle Giantessby giantess44
For those who asked for it!
The Kleine Project by giantess44
The Kleine Projectby giantess44
What is this place...? Where am I..? And what's going to happen?
Hollywood Femdom - Taylor Swift by FetishFiend
Hollywood Femdom - Taylor Swiftby Fetish Fiend
This book will contain multiple short Femdom stories involving Hollywood Celebrities. Every story will be put under a different volume. WARNING : This book will contain...
Tiny At College by NicktheYanmegaYanmeg
Tiny At Collegeby Nick the Yanmega
You're a tiny who's only 1 inch tall, who got into the University giants mostly go to, you took the risk because of the lack of adequate Universities for tinies.However...
Your Ticklish Babysitting Story (And Other POV Tickle Stories) by Featherscape
Your Ticklish Babysitting Story (A...by Featherscape
You take a job babysitting for a little extra money in between semesters of high school. When the kids you look after propose a game to play, you quickly learn of their...
Playing Around (Shrinking Story) by TwoTailedMoon
Playing Around (Shrinking Story)by TwoTailedMoon
An odd dollhouse arrives with the ability to shrink people small enough to enter it!
The Ladybird Prince  by giantess44
The Ladybird Prince by giantess44
Jake never amounted to much, however something big is about to change in his life. Will he be able to stand up to something larger than life? Or will he be crushed under...
Feet Stories by Foot-Butt-Stories
Feet Storiesby Foot-Butt-Stories
Descriptive stories about foot stuff including: Foot smother Foot smelling Shrinking things such as being insole or sandwiched. Foot kissing Massaging Trampling Sorry t...
Pissslut || Scaramouche x m!reader by balladeersbitch
Pissslut || Scaramouche x m!readerby balladeersbitch
Pisskink smut with Scaramouche making you cum with his feet. Cover artist: vaiycee on Twitter Credits to hoe
The school bully becomes your goddess  by womenaresuperior
The school bully becomes your godd...by womenaresuperior
You are forced to switch schools after being expelled for fighting your bully, however at your new school Eastwood High your bully is a girl and she dominates you to no...
A Giantess Planet  by mrKDM123
A Giantess Planet by Mr KDMdude
Jack has shrunken down to the size of a LEGO figure, due to a blue shockwave. Jack struggles as he tries to adapt to the new living conditions.
Helluva Boss: Loona X Male Reader by M1key456
Helluva Boss: Loona X Male Readerby M1key456
This is an alternate timeline, meaning it has nothing to do with the main cannon. If you haven't watched the show, don't worry since there are no spoilers. You only need...
Who's Better by smutgod2431
Who's Betterby I write what i want
Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber wanted to know who is better so then Taylor Lautner steped in a helped