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The gothic lolita and the batfamily by AliceMoon08
The gothic lolita and the batfamilyby AliceMoon08
From on my earlier works Hellboy and the lolita had a lot more views and likes than I thought and I figured why the the hell not and try the same thing again with the Ba...
The sad tale of the internet star( Rick Sanchez X  Nicole Peterson _AroAce oc) by AliceMoon08
The sad tale of the internet star( AliceMoon08
This is a continuing story with pursuit of an internet star which I'm proud of doing and seeing how many peopled liked it especially since my character is from the ace c...
Angel Dust x reader oneshots by phoenixstar9000
Angel Dust x reader oneshotsby Phoenix Star
Just a collection of times you spend with the floofy spider.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ Big warning that there's gonna be a lot swearing in all one shots because it's Angel. He's also...
fictional other gush || f/o journal by coffeebinge
fictional other gush || f/o journalby :worried:
- excited gush over my f/o(s)!! (please be kind!! this is one of my only coping mechanisms that actually works)
Ficto steps by Snowingsprinkles
Ficto stepsby sprinkles the cat
A place where I share my opinions on a subject relating to the ficto community.
Scooter Of Love  by EthanLovesRap2001
Scooter Of Love by EManNYC01
Ethan won a free trip to Starlight City. While on his trip he spotted a girl of his dreams. Credit to My Friend Shawna for the Pic For The Cover
Thoughts and reflections re: my fictosexuality  by lieutenantlucky
Thoughts and reflections re: my lieutenantlucky
I'm fictosexual, and I've always wanted to talk in depth about the nuances and lived experiences of fict people. This collection is mostly comprised of my writing regard...
X reader shots by AuroreDoyon15
X reader shotsby Turtlepower12
One-shot x readers. I'm not used to writing these, but when there's not enough material to write a book, what else are you going to do? I'll probably take requests, but...
Bi-fiction-homo & Bi-fiction-hetero Club by DemigodOfAnime
Bi-fiction-homo & DemigodOfAnime
A book on a sexuality I made up. If you're feeling confused on your sexuality, come here! You might be of this!
Sexuality and genders by ALazynonbinary
Sexuality and gendersby V1ol3t_Roses
This book is an book with all the LGBTQ gender and sexuality I could find
my f/os( ◡‿◡ ♡) by friedangelwingz
my f/os( ◡‿◡ ♡)by strawberry222eggz
all of my fictional crushes and my headcanons of them🫀