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Stay by april-anne-may
Stayby april-anne-may
Emily wants nothing more than to keep the love of her life- her children. Determined to save her sanity and the only home her children have grown up to she dared to face...
I Fell Inlove With My Personal Maid by lllovemi
I Fell Inlove With My Personal Maidby mikyla
"She's my personal maid.. I can't fall for her!" - Jace Gailford
MUSEUM OF US by liyahwritesx
CAUTION EXHIBITS MAY CAUSE TEARS IT IS OKAY TO TAKE NOTES ENJOY THE HISTORY AND ART - Every Salinger had the worst summer, losing her best friend, losing the guy she lik...
The Book Lovers by squidwardscribbles
The Book Loversby squidwardscribbles
What happens when you realize you're reading the story of the person destined for you? And what happens if he or she reads your story too? ** Dear Readers, Thank you for...
Learn to Love | Aiago Series #1 | ONHOLD by avivienx
Learn to Love | Aiago Series #1 | AV
ON HOLD: I HAVE ONLINE CLASS | REVISING BEFORE PROCEEDING Athena Leighvienne is the description of a perfect daughter parents can ask for. Good grades, goal-oriented, g...
Perfect boyfriend Material (ongoing) by Scribblyiana
Perfect boyfriend Material ( MD
Be aware to Boyfriend Warrior. This is a group of boys who can make you fall in love. Marami ang mga babae ang nahahangad na makuha sila lalong lalo na sa leader ng grup...
Revusco Brothers #1: Value of Love by amarisyk
Revusco Brothers #1: Value of Loveby amarisyk
Nabuhay sa kahirapan si Gabriella kaya naman lahat sa kaniya ay may halaga. Mapa-bente singko centavos man 'yan, ay pupulutin n'ya at itatago. Kaya naman ng makilala n'y...
Me & You by MadeleineOngpin
Me & Youby Madeleine Ongpin
Jane is a young Filipino woman that has lived in America all of her life, that all changed when her family sent her to finish her final year of college in the Philippine...
My No Choice Love Story [ENGLISH VER] by MeteorREIN
My No Choice Love Story [ENGLISH MeteorREIN
All Audrey wanted to do is live a simple college life and also become a professional photographer. But, everything changed when she met Graeson Montereal. While working...
I'm Thankful for You by AngelvinShipper
I'm Thankful for Youby angelvin or get out
Angela loves Melvin... Does Melvin think she's awful like everyone else does? ONESHOT
The Secret I Chose to Kiss by AzerMiranda
The Secret I Chose to Kissby Azer Miranda
In the wake of World War II, it was not always easy to find something good. There was cruelty and death. True love came to those who were lucky enough to find it. In Div...
Over the Moon by youmeandcharlie
Over the Moonby Charlie
When you are so happy with someone but the relationship seems wrong in so many levels, are you still willing to make it work?
Friends by Unknownedxxx
Friendsby Unknown
A Story about friends who fell inlove to each other secretly
DREAM LOVE by charlescapio1230
DREAM LOVEby Rizalde Capio
Words can break a heart. For Angela, only the ability to LISTEN can mend the broken HEART. Winning her LOVE one back is her ultimate GOAL. Keeping their memories togethe...
Playing The Losing Game by Never_Been_In_Love
Playing The Losing Gameby HatedByMany
Can you imagine yourself playing a losing game? Hindi ba't parang ang sakit naman kung ganoon?
How to die a beautiful death by mr_paw
How to die a beautiful deathby mr_paw
What would a veteran soul reaper do if he fell for the girl he has to reap? Azrael is a reaper, an angel who is tasked to deliver the souls of every individual who's ti...
Teach Me How To Smile by natsuriayuko
Teach Me How To Smileby Natsuri Ayuko
In her six-week stay in London, Gabrielle del Rio never expected that she would manage to get the attention of the man of her dreams. Or that he would fall for her. And...
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Story by eli_there17
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Storyby Eli_there
Hi I'm Marlon. In the year 1997, I was 25 years old back then, everything seems so dull and ordinary. I was an employee of a telecommunication company that time. My lif...