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The Second Princess [indefinite hiatus.] by starryrubyskies
The Second Princess [indefinite annie (on hiatus.)
[indefinite hiatus - check message board for more details] There are millions of Outrealms. Some based on the choices we make, the different paths we take, others just m...
The Sacred Hearts (Fire Emblem: Ephraim x reader) #Wattys2018 by kyralovesanime
The Sacred Hearts (Fire Emblem: Kyra
"Don't leave me Ephraim!" He was constantly fighting to liberate skirmishes across Magvel, leaving behind the people whom he loved. One day, Grado's forces in...
You alone drown out all of my fear  by Friendly-nerd
You alone drown out all of my fear by Friendly-nerd
It's a crazy storm outside one night during Ylisse and Lissa is hiding in her bedroom, trying to ignore it and sleep. She suddenly heard running down the halls and nervo...
Radiant Hearts  : Robin X Priam (Fire Emblem Awakening) by GirlyAnimeManiac
Radiant Hearts : Robin X Priam ( Indie_flowers
Robin didn't expect to fall for the blue haired descendant of the radiant hero. Priam didn't expect to care so deeply for his stunning and strong pupil. But then again...
A Dark Dance (A Fire Emblem Awakening Story) by MMZelda
A Dark Dance (A Fire Emblem Fallen Mage
"This is not your - your fault... Promise me you'll escape from this place... Please, go..." That fateful day, Robin gave in to Grima and left her family behin...
Sing With Me A Song of Hope & Destiny by Otaku_AriaSnow
Sing With Me A Song of Hope & Aria Snow
The war is over, Anankos the Mad Dragon is slain. Corrin has been crowned queen of Valla Kingdom with Laslow as her king. Under the guidance of Azura the restoration is...
Silver's Art Book by SilverKitten456
Silver's Art Bookby ✧Dream Child ✧
Hello! Welcome to my c̶r̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ art book! A magical world of drawings, both traditional and digital, old and new alike, and watch as my art goes from cringe to mediocr...
Dragons' Blood: A Fire Emblem Awakening Novelization by -Silif-
Dragons' Blood: A Fire Emblem -Silif-
He found her in the field, and fate changed. But they still had much to learn about the past - and the future. A Fire Emblem: Awakening novelization. ~Cover art by Liir...
Fire Emblem Awakening Oneshots by My_Current_Obsession
Fire Emblem Awakening Oneshotsby Lex
Hey!! I'm Alex. This is an older book filled with a lot of cringe, so be sure to have a cringe bucket hhhh. This writing is also not the best as this was one of my first...
Exalt (Fire Emblem Awakening) by bloggerat4am
Exalt (Fire Emblem Awakening)by Blogger
You are a very lonely person. At school, your friends would rather be anywhere else than with you. At home, your family is too busy to spend time with you. When you wis...
Divine Day | Fire Emblem Awakening (Holiday Shepherds Book 1) by MMHunter
Divine Day | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
The holy festival of Divine Day is a foreign concept to Robin. Luckily, Chrom is determined to make her first experience a perfect one. But it's just months after the wa...
The Prince vs The Tactician | (Chrom x Reader x Male!Robin) by BylethEisner
The Prince vs The Tactician | ( BylethEisner
(Y/N) is a simple tactician and former princess of Plegia. After Mad King Gangrel invaded Plegia, (Y/N) fled from Plegia castle in search of her missing brother, Robin...
I'm frozen, but I melt under your touch. (Gray x reader) by Thatrandomderp
I'm frozen, but I melt under Mika, The derp
**SPOILERS FOR FE AWAKENING AND FAIRY TAIL** "It can't be.. After all this time.. Y/n?" You gave him a smile. "I'm back... Gray." You are the younger...
Invisible Ties | Fire Emblem Awakening (Novelization) by MMHunter
Invisible Ties | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
[Fire Emblem Awakening novelization.] When Robin wakes up at the border of a strange country, she has no memory of her past. Taken in by the Prince of Ylisse, she become...
Chrobin Instagram by Danawolf3412
Chrobin Instagramby Dana Beaudin
Chrom: I finally got my bookworm of a husband to do this Robin: We hope you guys enjoy this
fire emblem x readers [2] by malleux
fire emblem x readers [2]by lay
The Second Book to my Fire Emblem Collection. All works are from my Tumblr, @firemblem-fics.
Fire Emblem: Before Awakening by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: Before Awakeningby AnnaBanana813
Have you ever wondered what the events before Awakening were? Wondered what Chrom and Anna's lives were like before they met? Find out in this FEA prequel, Fire Emblem:...
Fire Emblem: High School Years (High School AU) Freshman Year by AnnaBanana813
Fire Emblem: High School Years ( AnnaBanana813
Time for a brand new year at Ylisse High School! Chrom, the son of the principal and the claimed: "prince of the school" is anxious to start his high school ca...
Thorns and Roses | Fire Emblem Awakening (Holiday Shepherds Book 2) by MMHunter
Thorns and Roses | Fire Emblem M.M. Hunter
When the daughter of a nobleman goes missing in the run-up to Sir Amias' Day, Robin turns from tactician to detective in a race to find her. Amid the festivities and her...
Fire Emblem/Super Smash Bros - Invisible Ties [Book #3] by dangoeri
Fire Emblem/Super Smash Bros - eri
WOLF SONG: THE PREQUEL (FINAL) *YOU CAN READ THIS STORY FIRST OUT OF THE THREE. This is a prequel, after all. You've heard bits and pieces about their past, now you can...