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An Aspirant's Guide To Become a Flight Attendant by kyleellorin
An Aspirant's Guide To Become a Fl...by KY
All the things you need to know if you're planning to pursue a career as a Cabin Crew. Your queries will be entertained through comments. Some things that I'll be shar...
Chance: Gabriel Jin Fernandez (Hectic Band #2) by Im_missauthor
Chance: Gabriel Jin Fernandez (Hec...by < 3
Why can't you just take a risk again and take a CHANCE with me? "You have a chance with me and you blew it" Crdts: Pinterest for the cover
Flying Into Your Heart by JessCStories
Flying Into Your Heartby Jess Catherine R.
New flight attendant, Aaliyah Woods dreams were finally coming true. Self absorbed, overconfident pilot Jace Bennett dreams were already in place. Both dreams get tested...
FlyGirl - The First Edition by LizCharnes
FlyGirl - The First Editionby Liz Charnes
When trust fund brat Siobhan McIver gets kicked out of her family, handsome Alexander Cosetino is there to help her move forward with her life. But why's he pressuring h...
Not in the Same Way by SavSOS_
Not in the Same Wayby Sav
Calum and Darby have history. A lot of it, in the form of their one year old Ava Kai. When life pushes them back together they work to identify what really went wrong be...
I CHOOSE YOU (Completed) by buffana
I CHOOSE YOU (Completed)by buffana
"I dare you to kiss me"... My story with her was a pure game of dare... playing against my odds against our lives against her reality. All she ever had to say...
BACKBURNER (not by a man or a lover but by your friends) by beautiful_valentine
BACKBURNER (not by a man or a love...by Pretty_potato
A girl who just want to feel being validated by her own friends a friend that won't let her fell she's out of place whenever they are together. Ngunit malas yata sya dah...
Love Me Instead, My Happiness (SQUAD: Vince&Kimmy)  by CrybabyIsYours
Love Me Instead, My Happiness (SQU...by Cryyyy
Squad Series No. 3 Vince Earl Velasquez from AICE band he made for a girl he admires the most suddenly didn't believe in love. Here is a girl from ABM/Tourism, Kimmy Jar...
[✔] Excuse me, sir || SOOGYU  by spreadingsmiles15
[✔] Excuse me, sir || SOOGYU by rei
It's Beomgyu's first time traveling on a plane alone and- Let's just say he has a funny coping mechanism. One shot cross posted on ao3
Don't play with me, Captain || ONGOING (EDITING) by gurlxmilo
Don't play with me, Captain || ONG...by g u r l s a b a b y
Don't play with me series #5: Don't play with me, Captain
Forbidden Affair (Professor Series 1) by LizFabella27
Forbidden Affair (Professor Series...by L I Z 💙
Being voluptuous is tough for Desiree. Until she step into college. Learning and standing her guards made her an independent woman. Not until she step into her fourth ye...
undercover by lilmissisanonymous
undercoverby lil.miss.anonymous
"Welcome to Hotel Oceanus. We hope you enjoy your stay." Mehar managed to say. "I'm sure I will." Replied her client. His gaze locked on hers, recogn...
The Billionaire's Addiction by glitter_charm
The Billionaire's Addictionby Anika
After Anika Vargas caught her ex husband about to have intercourse with another woman she became furious not only at the man she love and care for but at herself for bel...
The Sky's The Limit (WLW) by vampire_queen_2004
The Sky's The Limit (WLW)by vampire_queen_2004
Emily is a head stewardess at Spartan Airways and her crew are like a family to her. She is working her dream job, travelling the world with her best friends and living...
After a series of tragedies, Veronica Ramos easily falls for the handsome Geoff Morgan, a New York billionaire nearly twice her age. The business magnate admires Veronic...
A love challenge (Love Series 2)  by moon_yoona
A love challenge (Love Series 2) by mysterious yoona
This is a story about the complicated relationship between the pilot and the flight attendant. Josh is a pilot who is praise by all his family because he always said tha...
To my safe sky by AtheaDaniel
To my safe skyby A
Alissa Mae Velano, a 24 year-old Flight Attendant has always been the type to prioritize career over love and is dedicated to pursue a single life, fearing an experience...
ANOTHER BYANCA by byancakalistha
[Based On True Story] "Abang udah jadi Tentara dek, abang tunggu kamu pake seragam Pramugari di Makrab tahun depan ya!" Kata-kata itu, memasuki tahun kedua ka...
I Do, Captain (Tourism Students Series 1) by dazing_blue
I Do, Captain (Tourism Students Se...by dazing_blue
Tourism Students Series 1 Flight Attendant x Pilot - Professor Faerie was born obedient and kind. She never rebuked every decisions her parents made for her. Not until s...