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Sweet Tea || Tommyinnit by karlsthetic
Sweet Tea || Tommyinnitby 🪐𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐒🪐
Three words were all it took for Tiana, a normal teen, to befriend one of the most famous content creators on the internet. Four syllables that gave Tommy a friend that...
Frosty the Streamer by ToasterKai
Frosty the Streamerby ToasterKai
Usually, when you think Frosty, you think Frosty the Snowman, right? In this case, FrostyFischer is the username of a young, new to the scene streamer. He has big dreams...
Markiplier Imagines Collection by PhyllyHickish
Markiplier Imagines Collectionby Phylly
A wide variety of imagines and one shots focused around the lovely Mark Fischbach!! {Requests Open} Disclaimer: Please read chapter: Important A/N. It explains why afte...
1 Softie 1 Nice Guy (Corpse x Illie/reader) by Illie_Griffith
1 Softie 1 Nice Guy (Corpse x Illie_Griffith
A story with a soft sensitive girl with tourettes and has mad anxiety, suffers from panic attacks, and insomnia. Meets a guy with almost the exact same problems and has...
Transmigration With QQ Farm {Part 2} by RosyMizuki
Transmigration With QQ Farm { RosyMizuki
{Chapter 133 - Chapter 331} Credits To The Author(s): Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui aka 蝶戀花花戀蕊 Credits To The Translator(s): Credits to the translator: fringeoctopus aka frin...
I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPG by Whipflash50
I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPGby Whipflash50
Bai XiaoYu, a student who had become an otaku due to being forced into living a life of seclusion after a tragic event in real life, met a magical lucky pet cat when he...
Transmigration With QQ Farm {Part 3} by RosyMizuki
Transmigration With QQ Farm { RosyMizuki
{Chapter 332 - Chapter 530} Credits To The Author(s): Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui aka 蝶戀花花戀蕊 Credits To The Translator(s): fringeoctopus aka fringecapybara OFFLINE READING...
{Georgenotfoundxreader} six hours apart by minesimp
{Georgenotfoundxreader} six minesimp
This story is contains more sexual jokes and my sense of humor lol. Just a new story :) - smuts? Maybe😏🤝 Y/n (gn: Pluto) is a faceless minecraft player. Games or love...
You're number 1 to me (Kenma x reader) by burnt_beans_on_toast
You're number 1 to me (Kenma x Verb
You're a shy anxious girl (slowly coming out her shell) who was just forced to move in with her brother in a country where she doesn't speak their language Her brother...
diamond league by HOBIJPG
diamond leagueby alistra
"yoongi just burned my entire house down." in which jungkook creates a minecraft server for his friends and all sorts of chaos ensues taegi centered social me...
[TBHK AU] || Gamers In Disguise||Amane Yugi X Reader by mintsuchii_
[TBHK AU] || Gamers In Disguise|| mintsuchii♡︎
"The one who loses gets to delete their account. Forever." . . Two famous players all around the world. Are destined to meet. But what if they already met eve...
Make It Right ( From series " Falling Into Your Smile ") [ Lao K FF ] by lauri1a
Make It Right ( From series " Laura Smoliarovaitė
How could everything in the house be as you wish? Everything's alright, no dramas, no fights. And then BOOM here she goes. Comes from nowhere to visit her long-lost cous...
The Gamer of DC! (Dc Superhero Girls x Male!Gamer!Reader) by Alextex2
The Gamer of DC! (Dc Superhero Alextex2
A little story where YOU are the main character. :) Nothing belongs to me, it all belongs to the creators.
Oh Boy (tommyinnit x reader) by lawyerthegreat
Oh Boy (tommyinnit x reader)by emily 😕
y/n is wilbur soot's little sister. she meets tommy when he, tubbo and nihachu come to visit for a week, but tommy stays longer than them expected due to some family iss...
Black Tech Internet Cafe System by ZNDY123
Black Tech Internet Cafe Systemby Crippled_potato
We've had systems that help the MCs make pills, steal skills from legendary masters, and even be forced to show off to earn points, but what about a system that allows o...
FoolSamPonk Oneshots by atthe_crossroads
FoolSamPonk Oneshotsby CrossRoads
FoolSamPonk Oneshots Dsmp [COMPLETED] By Crossroads
Gamers (Kenma x Reader) by Aquaxsoup
Gamers (Kenma x Reader)by Libzi
You just moved back from the Uk with your dad back to Tokyo. You reunite with your family (Twin brother Kuroo) and friends once again. You have happy days going back to...
-It started with a Doozer- Foolish X reader by HazardousDotCo
-It started with a Doozer- HazardousDotCo
A story in which you are Quackity's older sibling, you know a bit about the dream smp and love Alex's friends. One day while on Phil's stream you come across a funny per...
(I met you in the rain )  a corpse x Reader by cloudy_isMe
(I met you in the rain ) a Cloudy station
discontinued😔 You and sykkuno have been friends for years even before you started your YouTube and twitch one day he asked you if you wanna play some among us With h...
ORANGE SUS | b. katsuki * 𝙇𝘼𝙏𝙏𝙀𝙎―
[fem!reader insert] in which a random girl joins the baku and deku squad in among us.