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A security breach (male reader x fnaf security breach) by gaminglemons
A security breach (male reader x game fever
???: y/n do you copy? Y/n: yeah I copy and paste so what? ???: this is no time for jokes we got a kid still in the building. Y/n: alright don't worry I'll find them.
"Into you" Monty x Reader | FNAF: Security Breach by gappysgf
"Into you" Monty x Reader | gappysgf
You get a job at the nearby Mega Pizzaplex as a personal assistant for 4 rockstar animatronics updating them on their schedules, running errands for them, and keeping th...
The Old Animatronic - FNAF Security Breach Fanfic by bigow1
The Old Animatronic - FNAF bigow1
What would happen if a 30ish year old animatronic just 'appears' in the basement of the Mega Pizza-Plex? And what would happen if this animatronic woke up? What would h...
SWAMP PEOPLE- Jay Paul Molinere (Fan Fiction) by AbztractIsight
SWAMP PEOPLE- Jay Paul Molinere ( Abztract Isight
This is completely fiction, but uses the real life people of Jay-Paul and his family. The information used in this story comes from the tv show Swamp People and news a...
My FNAF Imagines by clumsyenby
My FNAF Imaginesby zèro • they/them
Five Nights At Freddy's x Gender Neutral! Reader REQUESTS CLOSED! Come and join in the fluff and fun! :^) Also on Tumblr and AO3 - @clumsyenby *I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK COV...
Security Breach Headcanons by Quartzala
Security Breach Headcanonsby Quartzala
I don't think I'm going to include Gregory or Vanessa only because I don't have any headcanons for them at the moment. (THESE CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME SO DONT BE UPSET I...
Monty x Reader  by emluvscrowley
Monty x Reader by Emm :p
Let's Rock! Your new job at the Pizzaplex might just work out. Story Wrote by: montysballs_ Edited by: Golden_Corn
➪ " Seeya later, alligator " 🐊 by AReallyDumbLiar
➪ " Seeya later, alligator " 🐊by Pepsi
✮ ↳ montgomery gator smut/slutshots ⚠︎ "waah its an animatronic" or "waah hes made of metal" and i did ur mom sooo → REQUESTS ARE | OPEN ✮ ⚠︎ NSFW AH...
Five night's at Freddy's Security Breach Glamrock Twins by godgofetablue1299
Five night's at Freddy's Punkrock Freddy
What if glamrock Freddy had a twin called glamrock Fred but know one knew about until a certain chick finds him deep in storage.
FNAF Security breach rewrote by tinychild1232
FNAF Security breach rewroteby phone guy knockoff
ART NOT MINE. CHARACTERS USED ARE NOT MINE. MAIN PLOT NOT MINE. MAIN STORYLINE NOT MINE. TW: Blood, Gory descriptions, Death, Extreme Angst, Cursing, Mentions of Abandon...
Love for a Rockstar Gator   Montgomery Gator x Male Reader by PlatinumTie
Love for a Rockstar Gator PlatinumTie
I do not own any of the fnaf characters. They belong to there owners. From the point if view of the reader as in (me , my , I) I'm trying something new. Y/n took the...
(Maybe) Forever Yours, Monty. - ANOTHER Burgatley Rewrite by obeseorangecat
(Maybe) Forever Yours, Monty. - zunn
I hate rewriting burgatley 3 times but I cant stop myself.
"𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥~" Montgomery Gator × Female¡Reader by b1llyl00m1s
"𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥~" b1llyl00m1s
A story of which you and an animatronic gator fall in love. Little drama, very fluffy, with the exception of sexual scenes. Enjoy! o(〃^▽^〃)o
Ask my security breach au by ejrctr
Ask my security breach auby Whyiseveryonesocreative?
A q&a for my security breach au, you can ask questions and dare them to do things. Cover art is not mine it is a random photo I just have for some reason.
System Reboot (MHA x FNAF) by Wingydingdims
System Reboot (MHA x FNAF)by GivashelBaggingshield
Some people aren't who they say they are. *DISCLAIMER*: Some images, music, videos, gifs are not mine, so as both franchises. They all belong to their respective owners...
Montgomery Gator x human OC by Espeongirl13
Montgomery Gator x human OCby maylunerwolf
this is going to be different than my other Fnaf books
all FNAF characters one shots.  by Imaginestories11
all FNAF characters one shots. by Bumble.bee
well basically I've been put back into my FNAF phase and I have barely been able to find any good books, so I've decided to write one. as the title says it's gonna be ab...
(ART IN COVER NOT MINE) Monty Gator x Security Guard Y/n by f0rg0tt3nFr1end
(ART IN COVER NOT MINE) Monty Asher / Ash
Y/n is on night shift and unaware of how interesting the night may become...
My Prince Charming (Monty x Male Reader) by FNAF_BOOK_CLUB
My Prince Charming (Monty x Male Incconce heart
This is a story that involves a male and animatronic Monty falling in love.