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It just... happened? (boyxboy) by leaa4500
It just... happened? (boyxboy)by leaa4500
Before I knew it my shirt was torn away from my torso and tossed on the floor, Charlie's doing the same. Our kiss intensified and I felt him groan against my lips. I swe...
The Rogue's Mate (Werewolf Story) by LeonardoMontero531
The Rogue's Mate (Werewolf Story)by Léo Montero
Alistair is a rogue werewolf. Born into this condition, he lives with his family the nomadic life, always traveling and never settling down in one place for long. Until...
teacher's pet | taekook by _thetea_vk
teacher's pet | taekookby 🍵
Jeon Jungkook slightly arrogant and spoiled, but contrary to appearances a very nice student of a very prestigious high school, in the last year of his studies meets a h...
GxG Book Recommendations by takemeto_WENDYS_
GxG Book Recommendationsby Mom’s Problem Child
Just tons of recommendations for some good gxg books!! If you have any you would like me to add to the list or read for myself, just leave a comment!
Topping the Enemy (Werewolf Story) by LeonardoMontero531
Topping the Enemy (Werewolf Story)by Léo Montero
Pulled into a war he never asked to be a part of. Landon Barnett was groomed from birth to succeed his father as the next Alpha of the Regency Falls pack. He trained, st...
your lips, mine lips | taekook by _thetea_vk
your lips, mine lips | taekookby 🍵
jungkook is a college student who is madly in love with his best friend taehyung who comes from the royal family. will jungkook confess his feelings to taehyung? just a...
Never Hide by notkrystel
Never Hideby g r a c e
[COMPLETED] I won't be another straight man's secret. It's hard to plan the perfect wedding for your best friend when you can't keep your eyes off the groom's cousin. Sk...
Amazing GxG Reccomendations by oreoslvr101
Amazing GxG Reccomendationsby oreoslvr101
I've read over 100 GxG books and these are honestly the best I've ever read. I am not lying you guys need to read these if you haven't yet. You can also find these stori...
A Boy Among Wolves  by Sheppard200999
A Boy Among Wolves by Sheppard200999
Theo Bennett has had a rough life. Between his abusive father, neglectful mother and overly protective ex boyfriend his life is rough. Danny Madison hasn't had a rough...
LGBTQ+: Labels and more by LGBTQIA_safety_sheep
LGBTQ+: Labels and moreby Peepaw
Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i...
Falling for my boss*** Love Is Love #Book 1 Alexis And Jaimee by babecat_21
Falling for my boss*** Love Is babecat_21
Life has been nothing but rough for 20 year old Alexis Anderson, she has a past filled with secrets ,hurts and betrayal. Moving away from home seem to be the only option...
not just friends... (lesbian smut) by hanjisungiesjeekies
not just friends... (lesbian smut)by Amori Johnson
⚠️ this Is smut okay so 18+ if your not idk I'm not your mama but theese charters are random⚠️
UNKNOWN ID (pansmione) [girlxgirl] by whorerstories
UNKNOWN ID (pansmione) [girlxgirl]by ness (they/them)
A Harry Potter AU in which a budding romance occurs between Pansy Parkinson and Hermione Granger after Pansy decides to go after the thought-to-be-straight Hermione Gran...
Destined To Be Together - Alanjeff  by LavenderYule
Destined To Be Together - Alanjeff by Lavender Yule
Alan and Jeff were very different from eachother yet destiny brought them together to know what chaos took place in their life stay tuned...
Two Boys Learning by texaschild19
Two Boys Learningby Ur mom’s favorite
Will and Ash are best friends, except they aren't exactly "friends." Will is a typical angsty teenager who hates anything that moves. Ash is a bubbly, nerdy bo...
lesbian smut ( nsfw! ) by friedghouls
lesbian smut ( nsfw! )by gianna ☮️
lesbian smut with a small plot! there's smut in every chapter 🏳️‍🌈
Remember Me(They Both Die At The End Fanfiction)  by Godhatesartists
Remember Me(They Both Die At The TyTy
i loved this story so here's my contribution to the fandom. Suffer with me. Here's my boys in the afterlife
Female Reader X Female Characters  by Buffysworld
Female Reader X Female Characters by C
Imagines, oneshots, etc. I don't write smut!❌❌🚫 I do not write smut! 🙅🏻🚨❌ I do write angst!✅ I do write fluff!✅ And sometimes there's sexual comments and or referen...
Sonadow Pride Month by Sonadow7CE
Sonadow Pride Monthby Sonic x Shadow = ❤️
『June 1st - June 30th┋ 🏳️‍🌈 』 ◦ ◦ A book of my Sonadow Pride Month Series, a reboot of my old pride book! Join the wonderful journey of two hedgehogs and their relatio...
gxg oneshots by mywritingisokithink
gxg oneshotsby Anonymous✨
Exactly what the title says. I'll update when I can ;)