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Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
{COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school...
illicit | five hargreeves - EDITING by taylorsversions
illicit | five hargreeves - EDITINGby august
"...clandestine meetings and longing stares" five hargreeves x male!oc pre season one - season three
Falling for my boss*** Love Is Love #Book 1 Alexis And Jaimee by babecat_21
Falling for my boss*** Love Is babecat_21
Life has been nothing but rough for 20 year old Alexis Anderson, she has a past filled with secrets ,hurts and betrayal. Moving away from home seem to be the only option...
අරලිය || Non-fic BL by RadhithReyshan
අරලිය || Non-fic BLby RadhithReyshan
අරලිය....... පැහැයෙන් සුදු මලක් වන අතර විටක නිවී පහන් වී ගිය සිල්වත් බවකුත් තවත් විටක කැරකෝපුවක දැනෙන මූසල බවකුත් ගුප්ත අදුරු බවකුත් සිතට එක් අතර ජිවිතයේ කළු හා සුදු ප...
Our Prince (mxmxmxmxb) [CANCELLED] by Amarok_212
Our Prince (mxmxmxmxb) [CANCELLED]by Amarok
After what felt like countless number of centuries had passed, they had finally found their mate. Ace the king of Fire Dragons, Azalea a God of Darkness, Damon a Supreme...
MAKE UP || Neteyam x aonung  by userbanwolven
MAKE UP || Neteyam x aonung by Barbie
Neteyam and Aonung scenarios
Tarlos one shots  by Happieness2001
Tarlos one shots by Houston
The title pretty much explains itself. This is a collection of different short stories about the couple T.K and Carlos from 9-1-1 lone star. I do take requests if you h...
COLOUR RUSH ( Ongoing ) by LAZHU_98
COLOUR RUSH ( Ongoing )by ◈◉◈__ 𝐀𝓩𝓱 __◈◉◈
BL Story __________ ඇත්තටම මං කොහොමද මේ දේවල් පිලිගන්නේ ...මේක බොරුවක් කියලා මට කියන්න රුනාල් ... මේක බොරුවක් කියලා මට කියන්න ...
mending your heart [dreamnotfound] by SheNotFound_
mending your heart [dreamnotfound]by bethany
when george and his boyfriend break up due to his boyfriend cheating, he hits self destruct, causing many drunken and tear filled phone calls with dream. when one partic...
Drarry Soulmates AU by DisasterChild20
Drarry Soulmates AUby Nix
In a world where everyone has a mark that represents and matches with their soul mates mark. Harry Potter, an unloved boy with no parents, feels like he will never find...
Janto oneshots  by CertifiedAngstWriter
Janto oneshots by CertifiedAngstWriter
Basically one shots of ianto and jack There will be some as if ianto never died some before he died and basically none after he died Updating the description: the f...
dreamnap- break me by Issa76490
dreamnap- break meby Issa76490
(contains, gore, abuse, self harm, bullying, shipping, fluff, flirting, one smut scene but I put a warning to you can skip) What happens when you mix one bully, failed c...
Whispers of the Heart: A BounPrem English Fan-Fic by golden_fujoshi
Whispers of the Heart: A golden_fujoshi
Everyone knew that Boun has a thing towards Prem. Everyone knew that Boun cares for Prem. Everyone knew that Boun's happy pill is Prem. Everyone saw the happiness in Bo...
Teach Me - A Camren Fanfiction (GxG) by demsprincess
Teach Me - A Camren Fanfiction ( l.
Camila Cabello, school's badass goes out one night, meets a girl and spends the night with her. What happens when she finds herself meeting the girl again at her high sc...
🌼 මගේ හුස්ම නුඹයි 🌼 by LAZHU_98
🌼 මගේ හුස්ම නුඹයි 🌼by ◈◉◈__ 𝐀𝓩𝓱 __◈◉◈
Non ff / Bl love ( Ongoing ) +... මට ඔයා නැතුව ඉන්න කියලා දෙන්න සමර් ... +... ඒ කොහොමද කියලා කියන්න මං දන්නෙත් නෑ මගේ මැණික ... ♡🕊️
A burning summer by IlTrioDellaDamaNera
A burning summerby IlTrioDellaDamaNera
What happened at Godric's Hollow in the summer of 1899? We know of love, of great plans, of tragedy; this story will dig deeper. It will tell how Albus Dubledore came to...
The Infamous Hacker (Natasha Romanoff x OC) by CarolineTrius
The Infamous Hacker (Natasha AJM
You may not know Bryce Russell, but you will most definitely know d!s10y41, commonly referred to as Disloyal. d!s10y41 was one the most skilled hackers on the face of t...
Ring of Fire (Book 1) by sunflowerdaze-
Ring of Fire (Book 1)by inactive
finished collab // Avi Kaplan(Pentatonix) never knew he could fall so hard for someone. Not until he met Tim Foust(Home Free.) Avi was great friends with the guys of Ho...
Romeo In The Closet || Ranpoe by OsamuuLyricss
Romeo In The Closet || Ranpoeby 🤍🖤 𝑶𝒔𝒂𝒎𝒖 𝑫𝒂𝒛𝒂𝒊 🖤...
Started: 18.03.2023 Finished: 31.08.2023 He thought he was straight when he first saw him. Until that certain tall man made his way through the girls and greeted him...
Perfectly Imperfect (bxb) by meandnah
Perfectly Imperfect (bxb)by Da Lazy Wreiter
The tale of Mr.Lindon's obsession with a freckled seventeen year old boy. (bxb-teacherxstudent)