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Our Prince (mxmxmxmxb) |ON HOLD| by Damon_1989_TV
Our Prince (mxmxmxmxb) |ON HOLD|by Amarok
Lucian Callisto is a 17 year old boy. He's a Sun angel and nature fairy hybrid. They say he's the most beautiful being to ever lay eyes on. Ace is the king of fire drag...
Another Newell Brother  by official_kokopuffs
Another Newell Brother by Bby_BoyKoKo
[Another... Collection Book #1] Anderson Daniels is a 15 year old with his life going great, he has a modelling career and an acting career to tend to. The one thing he...
Perfectly Imperfect (bxb) by meandnah
Perfectly Imperfect (bxb)by Da Lazy Wreiter
The tale of Mr.Lindon's obsession with a freckled seventeen year old boy. (bxb-teacherxstudent)
Drarry Soulmates AU by DisasterChild20
Drarry Soulmates AUby Nix
In a world where everyone has a mark that represents and matches with their soul mates mark. Harry Potter, an unloved boy with no parents, feels like he will never find...
illicit | five hargreeves by taylorsversions
illicit | five hargreevesby august
"...clandestine meetings and longing stares" five hargreeves x male!oc pre season one - season three
Teach Me Your Ways //DNF by TechnobladesChild
Teach Me Your Ways //DNFby Techno's Child
dreamnap- break me by Issa76490
dreamnap- break meby Issa76490
(contains, gore, abuse, self harm, bullying, shipping, fluff, flirting, one smut scene but I put a warning to you can skip) What happens when you mix one bully, failed c...
|| Bruno Bucciarati x M!Reader || by bokutosLeftFoot
|| Bruno Bucciarati x M!Reader ||by Lunes
SLOW UPDATES BC SCHOOL MAKES A MAN BUSY!!!!!! Lime plus mild slow burn. A stand user by the name of Y/n L/n manages to join an Italian mafia by the name of Passione. Wha...
Falling for my boss*** Love Is Love #Book 1 Alexis And Jaimee by babecat_21
Falling for my boss*** Love Is babecat_21
Life has been nothing but rough for 20 year old Alexis Anderson, she has a past filled with secrets ,hurts and betrayal. Moving away from home seem to be the only option...
Random RT Stories by KaylaMoonlight
Random RT Storiesby KaylaMoonlight 121
Title kinda says it all. All sorts of stories will be in this such as abuse, smut, fluff etc, AUs and everything else.
Marco Polo by jaysonmahone12
Marco Poloby Jayson
"Those that are damaged still are capable of love-" What he lacks in a wealthy background, Marco Costas makes up with a strong mind and equally strong intellig...
Your Neighbor, The Villain  by trulyupsetting
Your Neighbor, The Villain by oli
Max Codham is Calamity, the ruthlessly hilarious villain with the worst of luck and the coolest of BB guns. Kevin Weld is Captain Kind, the strong, humble superhero who...
𝙨 𝙬 𝙚 𝙚 𝙩 𝙞 𝙚  by youneedatictac
𝙨 𝙬 𝙚 𝙚 𝙩 𝙞 𝙚 by iheart_roraa
out of every star you twinkle the most .
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}} by JeonKookie_127
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}}by Comic_StoryWriter
-Park Jimin had woken up in an abandoned forest with no clue where he was. He had no idea on who he was other than his name that first moment he awoke. -Jeon Jungkook w...
My Hot Housemates Series 2: WHAT IF IT'S US [ON GOING] by Victon_seungwoonie21
My Hot Housemates Series 2: WHAT Seungwoonie_21
WHAT IF IT'S US is a continuation story of Jarred and Mark. This is a gay and a boy story... There's also a spg scene.. It depends on you if you're going to read it or...
Janto oneshots  by CertifiedAngstWriter
Janto oneshots by CertifiedAngstWriter
Basically one shots of ianto and jack There will be some as if ianto never died some before he died and basically none after he died Updating the description: the f...
light and dark (Kaebedo Oneshots) by fpluvias
light and dark (Kaebedo Oneshots)by finn
they r gay ur honer (this is my first fic so its probably gonna be shit)
A Rainbow In The Dark ♡ MLM Hunter Sylvester x Male!OC by PixieBoy420
A Rainbow In The Dark ♡ MLM Peyton
(Takes place after movie!!) Maxwell Kelso starts his Senior year at Parkrose Highschool, though it is his first year at the school. He is lucky enough to meet Kevin, Hun...
EraserMic Fluff by SingingShadowFox
EraserMic Fluffby SingingShadowFox
A mostly lighthearted fluff fic of EraserMic. (Spoiler-wise, this is caught up to the anime, so if you aren't caught up: read if you dare). Super cheesy and awful and...
kongpob has a daughter  by animelovegirl2
kongpob has a daughter by Hailey
kongpob is a teen dad before he came out gay he had a one night stand and the women ended up pregnant. After that he finds out he has a daughter now he's taking care of...