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The Two Of Us (boyxboy) by _craveyou
The Two Of Us (boyxboy)by *On Hiatus*
Connor has a great life. He's a senior who's well known and well liked in his school, is extremely attractive and has great grades to go along with it, as well his best...
Prince Charming's Prince (BoyxBoy) by Emily_harley
Prince Charming's Prince (BoyxBoy)by Emily
Kade Eman is your average sophomore, except for the fact that he's gay. And falling for his sisters boyfriend. And he's falling hard. Elias Excer is every woman's drea...
Erupt (boyxboy) by _craveyou
Erupt (boyxboy)by *On Hiatus*
Mark Langdon has had it easy in his life, financial wise, with both his parents being considerably well off and able to provide everything he has wanted. He's also very...
Alone by AdamOffixial
Aloneby Adam
Not your typical love story but somehow it is..... "I thought you were different" "I thought you'd understand" His eyes doesn't hold any guilt or re...
Everlasting (BoyxBoy) by Dramaxxur
Everlasting (BoyxBoy)by Alan
Landen was your typical teenage boy. He played sports, had a great group of friends, smart. Brett was a new boy in town. The moment that Landen lays eyes on Brett his wo...
The moon is beautiful isn't it? [DreamNap] by i_miss_technoblade_
The moon is beautiful isn't it? [ Sir
"The moon is beautiful," Dream was looking at the boy in front him, not the moon. He could care less about the moon. All he cared about was the short brunette...
johnny orlando Carson lueders gay love by KieranBryant0
johnny orlando Carson lueders Kieran Bryant
teen singers fall in love with each other over time
All About You by AdamOffixial
All About Youby Adam
*Sequel to Alone* You made me believe there was love again. You made me alive and human again. You made me trust and have faith. In the end,it was All About You.
In A Perfect World (boyxboy) by _craveyou
In A Perfect World (boyxboy)by *On Hiatus*
Jeremy has it all. • • Cover photo not mine, all rights belong to owner.
Ice Eyes, Ice Heart (only Nick's POV) by gangstaninjahobo
Ice Eyes, Ice Heart (only Nick's Melina Marie
Nick Monroe is 15 and is on his summer break! But one thing is bothering him: He's in love with his best friend Lucas! Will Lucas even accept his feelings, or just brush...
Ice Eyes, Ice Heart (only Lucas's POV) by gangstaninjahobo
Ice Eyes, Ice Heart (only Lucas' Melina Marie
Lucas Drew is the guy every girl wants to be with. He's tall, handsome and has a cool and collected personality. His best friend Nick confesses his love to him and every...
Reaper's Kiss (Zayn/Louis/Harry boyxboy) by MusicChild13
Reaper's Kiss (Zayn/Louis/Harry MusicChild13
Angel is the boy with many secrets about his past that he's trying to keep hidden. Kadie is the girl who's escaped her destructive ex. She's a big 1D fan who one night...
My Coming Out Story (How a Boy Broke My Heart and My Life) by untalentedactoryeet
My Coming Out Story (How a Boy turtle
This is my story. All things listed are 100% real. If you want to comment, go ahead. If you want to get in touch with me, leave me a comment and I'll drop a social. Nobo...
Sugar Bow (English) by MagicOL
Sugar Bow (English)by MagicOL
Jamie's life will take a 360 ° turn when he accepts a job offer as a stripper in a new gay place in NYC. But fate has prepared more surprises for this clumsy and innocen...
Finally (Gay Romance) by Jordan_Super
Finally (Gay Romance)by Jordan
We never know who we are supposed to fall for. We just fall for whoever is first in our sights and makes us feel like the only person in the world. But sometimes that pe...
The Complicated Love by jncrls_
The Complicated Loveby jncrls_
This story is about a gay boy and how his life changes when another guy comes into his life. It presents the reality and the conflicts that a homosexual couple can exper...
The Gay Love I Cherish (Boyxboy) by Dazzledfruit
The Gay Love I Cherish (Boyxboy)by Dazzled fruit :3
Stuff and more stuff happen and then finally the end :) Jk no this is a love story between two guys. Best friends for yo info mation. So yeah that's all I guess. Descrip...
At The End Of The Day by skyvanp
At The End Of The Dayby Saphri J.P.
Ever since Audrey was born, he's always had one constant. One specific thing that was his and he wouldn't let go of it, which was Shane. His childhood best friend whom...