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Heroes And Titans by Eyeofcreation
Heroes And Titansby Vanadis
Awakening in a world that is not his own. Gojira, the King of The Monsters finds himself in unfamiliar territory, where 80% of the world has powers called Quirks. But th...
the Guardian Prince (son of ghidorah x kaiju girls) by dabi-blueflames24
the Guardian Prince (son of [~¥Sin of pride¥~]
(son of ghidorah x kaiju girls) This story revolves around a character named indra. Who as we know is the son of queen ghidorah, not long after his birth his mother cast...
An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ghidoran Shifter Reader) by RyanJersey
An Alpha's Rise (Astrid X Ryan Jersey
Ghidorah unleashed, a man with three personalities to show for it. Will Astrid be able to calm him and the beast within.
She-Zilla by lovergirl9023
She-Zillaby lovergirl9023
Monarch has discovered a new member of the Titanus Gojira family sleeping in the mid Pacific Ocean. After they recently discovered and obtained cells of a deceased Godzi...
it's been a while...hasn't it y/n? (ghidorah x reader fanfic) ON HOLD by my_lamp
it's been a while...hasn't it y/ MoM
y/n is a 513 foot tall, female kajiu that lives in the mountains. most specifically mount Everest. she doesn't want to be discovered and would like to keep it that way...
Remnant's new rulers(Godzilla reader x RWBY)(DISCONTINUED) by Dragonflyer8654
Remnant's new rulers(Godzilla Dragonflyer8654
(Y/N) and his best friend Jack are huge fans of kaiju and the internet show of RWBY.So what would happen if they ended up being transported by the brother gods themselve...
Storm of War (Velvet X Ghidorah Reader) by RyanJersey
Storm of War (Velvet X Ghidorah Ryan Jersey
Multiple Personalities- Check Bunny Girl- check Massive chance of the world falling apart- check
A storm in the north | cregan stark by danystan03
A storm in the north | cregan starkby Dany
In the ancient realm of Westeros, where the shadows of dragons stretched across the pages of history, House Targaryen stood as both a beacon of power and a vessel for th...
Godzilla: rise of evil by Nwoliver2
Godzilla: rise of evilby Nwoliver2
After his battle with MechaGodzilla and team-up with Kong. Godzilla descends into the ocean only to pass out from his wounds and wind up in a Disney world of all places...
What if Madison Russell was Raised From Titan's  by Enedelia123Q
What if Madison Russell was violence 236 channel
What if Madison Russell was raised from Titans Including King Ghidorah and moonhidora but Madison Russell's family are still in drama of their lost about their daughter...
Gojira Rim. by gokugunslinger
Gojira gokugunslinger
Kaiju (kai·ju): Huge beast. Jaeger (Jae·ger): Hunter Godzilla (God·zilla):.......Death
Madison's 3 headed King (Madison Russel X King Ghidorah) by itzkevinbitsh
Madison's 3 headed King (Madison Kevin_Ghidorah
Madison accidentally gets left behind when Emma and her team get onboard their escape osprey and begin flying off to activate the Orca and awaken Ghidorah. During his aw...
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader oneshots|♡} by Skyler183_AnimeLover
{♡|Godzilla and kaijus x reader Skyler1836
Art cover made by clevzx!anyways,enjoy with you're kaiju boyfriend or girlfriend,requests closed for now,sorry! Requests are back!
Kaiju girl, The Two Queens and the new King by BlazeDX7
Kaiju girl, The Two Queens and BraeonX2
Imaging a world where Female Kaijus and Humans exists together. And two of those Kaijus are in constant battle. Gojira Queen Of The Monsters and Queen Ghidorah The Golde...
The Reckoning  ( Godzilla Ultima x kaiju girls ) by dabi-blueflames24
The Reckoning ( Godzilla Ultima [~¥Sin of pride¥~]
After being awoken just before ghidorahs invasion, singular point goji then decides to join godzilla and her friends in the fight against ghidorah and her team of mechas...
Godzilla x Mothra: EPIC by godzilla9736
Godzilla x Mothra: EPICby GodzillaToons
WARNING: The following story is inspired by: canthavename178: Godzilla x Mothra 1-2 SkylarKeeney: The Children of The King of The Monsters
The Golden Demise's Return... (Godzilla Story) by Turkeytheboi
The Golden Demise's Return... ( Turkeytheboi
5 years after The Battle Of Boston happens, All Humans and Kaijus coexist in a symbiotic peace but when the severed head of Ghidorah heals his whole body, what will happ...
Dinosaur King: Godzilla The King Of Monsters (Remake) by Huyhuynh406
Dinosaur King: Godzilla The King Hhuynh24
Dinosaur King X Godzilla The Series/1998. When (Y/N) Tatopoulos is the Twin Brother of Nick Tatopoulos Soldier and Combatant Martial Artist along with his kaiju son: Zil...
Why want me dead? by SirGhidrah
Why want me dead?by SirGhidrah
Agony calls to me, death is out for me. But my body refuses to let me die. This story is part of a connected multiverse, shared by Goji and the human. However, reading G...
Son Of Godzilla by tyler2706
Son Of Godzillaby tyler2706
He NEVER saw this coming, at all...after infiltration of the secret Himalayan base Apex built, Monarch and Godzilla uncover it's disturbing and shocking secrets but also...