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Darks And Lights✔ by Yoojung_08
Darks And Lights✔by JinJin🍒
There is two groups in school which is the most popular groups called darks and lights. The members in DARKS is beautiful they are known as playgirls since they just fli...
K: Kitten by Dream_Perfect_Regime
K: Kittenby M_A_N_I_A_C
Shuhua is just a normal girl with a not so normal life, Her parents died on a plane crash when she was 11 years old, her Unnie Gave her money to settle in a house dorm. ...
[CONTINUING] The Dorm Keeper | (g)i-dle  by StarlightGummy
[CONTINUING] The Dorm Keeper | (g) StarlightGummy
Do you ever wonder what it feels like to live with (G)I-DLE? Abby Ruez is an orphan who finds herself working as (G)I-DLE's dorm keeper. But what if feelings start to ge...
Born With My Idol by IdleWP_NAr
Born With My Idolby IdleWP_NAr
When you're a fan, all the fantasies of being with your idol come to your mind. What if one day you become somebody very important to your idol but the twist is, it's no...
Best Part Of Me by baepriya_29
Best Part Of Meby Limario
Two childhood friends meet again. They became idols
I'm ready to let go~// × by parisiannini
I'm ready to let go~// × s.sjby cherienini
Yeh Shuhua and Seo Soojin are both members of the "Monster Rookies" (G)I-DLE. Shuhua has a feeling towards her co-member Soojin. But Soojin has a secret relati...
Girl Group Imagines (GxG) by jisoosvocals
Girl Group Imagines (GxG)by 𝒉 𝒐 𝒂
A collection of girl group imagines. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*・゚✧*:゚✧ Features all your favorite girl groups, and even your favorite soloists! Possible triggering c...
Second Chance (MiMin) by purplenoodle_
Second Chance (MiMin)by Noodle.min
Minnie lost her girlfriend because of an accident and she blames herself for it, but after she moved on, she met another person that looks exactly the one she love. A/N:...
just for you || (g)i-dle minnie x fem!reader by _reminisce
just for you || (g)i-dle minnie _reminisce
two souls find each other at a cafe... one out in the rain and the other within the warmth of her cup she watches with wonder at the girl quietly strumming her guitar as...
MAKNAE'S LETTER | YSH (DONE) by WritingRoyals
"Shuhua is sorry for not doing well, Unnies."-YSH Author: "I'm also tired just read the story" INSPIRED BY (SAD l JJK by Daises and darkness) Check o...
Stay with me (soojinxshuhua) by mikayla6543
Stay with me (soojinxshuhua)by mikayla6543
"Stay with me" Soojin whispers. I've always been here, when will she realise. Soojin and shuhua are members of the popular girl group (g)-idle, they have an u...
Hwaa (Soojin x Fem Reader) by -jisunslvr-
Hwaa (Soojin x Fem Reader)by Jet
Love is friendship that has caught fire - Ann Landers Yuyeon included in this story.
Jenlisa Park by jisooismychrist
Jenlisa Parkby ppoong
Lisa Manoban, a musician. She plays ukulele the most when she's sad or bored. She usually go to her favorite place every night, the park. There, she will sing some songs...
yeou 🦊 by ryujinsshavedarmpit
yeou 🦊by Poopie
Lia buys Yuna a hybrid for her birthday which Yuna never asked for. As time passes by, Yuna didn't know that Chaeryeong wasn't just any ordinary hybrid. Top!Yuna Bottom...
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SooShu OneShots by _itswindy
SooShu OneShotsby _ryouki
full of sooshu fluff oneshots
gay oneshots (BOOK 3) by Shippingbrotatochip
gay oneshots (BOOK 3)by straw-very gay ;p
[ranked #1 in minqi - 8/2/22] [ranked #1 in wonako - 7/16/22] [ranked #1 in mintomi - 6/5/22] = MAINLY IVE AND IZ*ONE, and a few gg's i stan = consists of: *an excessive...
Give Love a Second Chance [Lisa X Miyeon] by OffTheChaeng
Give Love a Second Chance [Lisa Elii
Lisa gets her heart broken by Jennie. She feels she would never be able to love again. Maybe a certain someone from another idol group will change that.
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate by AnnyGomezB
The Thin Line Between Love and Hateby AnnyGomezB
High School was the same old cliché, with their groups of nerds, theater kids, cheerleaders and jocks. The only thing that was out of the norm was the hatred the captain...
Mafia Stepbrothers | Brothers | Mafia brothers| BTS FF by fic_fan_ff
Mafia Stepbrothers | Brothers | ʚEva Popɞ
•Hello guys 😊 This is a Mafia Stepbrothers series. I have been reading and loving these kinds of stories. I decided to make mine too. Totaly unique with my ideas. I hav...