Godhood Stories

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Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,) by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson The New God (Old Ver...by Katie Mossman
Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts. what will happen? Read to find out. Obviously I'm not Rick Riorda...
Alone in Solitude; Percy Jackson by Smokey117
Alone in Solitude; Percy Jacksonby Smokey117
Percy is forced into godhood. They try to send him to Tartarus for being ungrateful but their forced gift saves him. He take off alone never wanting part of his past ag...
Path to Godhood by Daoist-Infinity
Path to Godhoodby Daoist-Infinity
Ryuhei Minamoto, an SSS rank assassins with tens of billions of dollars bounty on his head, killed a large number of people before he retired. Now on his death bed, he d...
GODS OF UA HIGH by Vdahiya420
GODS OF UA HIGHby vinay dahiya
This story has two original character one being me and one being my friend we follow their journey in UA high school. the ships would be Me X Momo My friend X Nejire if...
The New Job (Percy Jackson / Harry Potter Fanfiction) by MahimaDahanayake
The New Job (Percy Jackson / Harry...by The Dark Prince
The Wizarding War was over. Dumbledore finds out about Voldemort's grandson and offers him a job to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Will the students fi...
The Arrangement by Codayoda
The Arrangementby Codayoda
Percy has just come out of the Giant War and can't wait to settle down with his Girlfriend. But things don't go exactly as planned. Read and find out what happens to Per...
The Sky's Revenge by KatieMossman
The Sky's Revengeby Katie Mossman
The Third book in my fanfiction series. The first book is called Percy Jackson the New God. The second book is called The Son of Time. If you haven't already read tho...
A Story for my Children by LoweFantasy
A Story for my Childrenby LoweFantasy
Two young celestial beings, a boy and a girl, are sent off from their paradisical home to find true love on a planet filled with suffering. They cannot remember their lo...
Percy Jackson Betrayal (Pertemis) by PercyJacksonStories7
Percy Jackson Betrayal (Pertemis)by PercyJacksonStories7
Annabeth dumps Percy.........Betrayal.......Love.........Godhood..... Percy becomes a God after being dumped by annabeth. Then he trains with Artemis. What will happen w...
Shadow's Touch (A Nico Di Angelo/ Avengers fanfic) by yewrose
Shadow's Touch (A Nico Di Angelo...by yewrose
what happens when the avengers cross paths with Nico di Angelo ???? FUN? CHAOS? FRIENDSHIP? WAR? Join Nico on his journey to find out. disclaimer: however much I hate to...
Gods and heroes New God Series book 4 by KatieMossman
Gods and heroes New God Series boo...by Katie Mossman
Well, Here is, the fourth book that I promised on the last chapter of the sky's Revenge. Percy thought he might finally have peace after the war against the primordials...
Percy Jackson: A New God by ViciousViking03
Percy Jackson: A New Godby Nobody
(I don't own PJO or HOO Rick Riordan does) Basically Percy becomes a god after he gets betrayed by Camp Half-Blood. He goes home and stays with Sally and Paul but leaves...
Pertemis the 16th olympian by 439939w
Pertemis the 16th olympianby Artemis and percy
Percy has been betrayed by Annabitch after running away from camp he becomes Hestia's champion
Percy Jackson the god by Justin216931
Percy Jackson the godby Justin
When Percy Jackson finds the love of his life cheating on him with his half brother David rivers who spread lies about him so he ran away but what happens when the gods...
Percy Jackson a forced God(Permanent Hiatus) by _Trico_
Percy Jackson a forced God(Permane...by _Trico_
This is set after the giant war, where Percy was offered godhood again, but this time to become an Olympian. He refuses and every god, and I mean every god was angry, so...
Savrsen Of Isein by ShaknaIs
Savrsen Of Iseinby Shakna Israel
Second story in the Heart of Madness trilogy, proceeded by Daughter of Markus, and followed by Sister of Magick. Savrsen has saved Cenn, the hero of Faeheim, and the two...
After The War: A Percy Jackson Story by _-Lord_Poseidon-_
After The War: A Percy Jackson Sto...by =+=Lord_Poseidon=+=
Ok hi guys this is my first real attempt at writing, I am now sure to call this a fanfic or original work...This is basically a sequel for BOO In my opinion Rick ended i...