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The Crystal Golem: Steven Universe Fanfic by Dat_Dorito
The Crystal Golem: Steven Universe...by Dat_Dorito
This is my first story so feedback (both negative and positive) is welcome. This story starts when the Crystal Gems find an abandoned Gem science facility with a strang...
RE: Summoned to the parallel world of swords and magic as a titan pilot Vol1 by Lerpa2k2
RE: Summoned to the parallel world...by LERPA2K2
Overworking, underpaid, and frustrated. That is the definition of a certain person named Jack Cooper, an average adult American who is single for life. There's a lot of...
Mythical King- Editing by courtcamp
Mythical King- Editingby courtcamp
He lived his days out on a snowy mountain, unaware of the disasters that he would have to unfold in his future. Wanting to live out his days enjoying the company of his...
gyeoulseong-ui agi joesunim by nunaaaluuu
gyeoulseong-ui agi joesunimby Akaba Nhuya
Hari ketika negaranya runtuh dan seluruh anggota keluarga kerajaan dieksekusi, anak haram dari keluarga kerajaan yang telah dianiaya secara tak terduga menjadi anggota k...
A Golem's Journey by Doomslayer656
A Golem's Journeyby TheGreyknight 4.0
A golem wakes up confused of were it is and sets out on a journey to explore the world (Dont own anything but the story, I just did this for fun and I am no writer so do...
Toxic by MsLazuli
Toxicby MrsLazuli
A woman named Luciel lived in a town that had been invested with monsters of all sorts. To survive she has to find food,or she will die of starvation. She also would nee...
Odyssey To Dominion by KA-Author
Odyssey To Dominionby KA-Author
The beginning Nytri Alcore Elnora, the first Calamity from the mortal realm. Her name alone birth fear and terror in the hearts of gods and devils. Born an orphan, bet...
Toymaker by Kyndaris
Toymakerby Kyndaris
Golemetry has always been Lacet's dream. But all of it came crashing down when a babe was pushed into his arms fifteen years ago. Still unsure how to describe his relati...
July Moon by dauntlessunleashed
July Moonby dauntlessunleashed
When sixteen-year-old July is pulled through a magical door connecting Tokyo City with Ravenswood, home of her grandmother, she encounters an impossibly ancient man who...
Gods are Monsters by TokiBear13
Gods are Monstersby Toki Bear
It was a year in Spain long forgotten through time. The town itself no longer exists in the textbooks of today, is when Dessa was introduced to the man who claimed her.
Invisibles by TimothyNiederriter
Invisiblesby Timothy Niederriter
"All, all is theft..." - Marquis de Sade "They do the dark work of the city, the kind of work that only goes on before sunrise. Taking money is a good way...
Spiritless Life by Kenzivo
Spiritless Lifeby Mikenzi Van Orman
From Ayumi to Karam, From Earth to Sunijunki; many changes were made when Ayumi Ishii pissed off her professor. Including death and life. In that order. Now, she's livin...
The First Golem by TaroSmoothie
The First Golemby TaroSmoothie
Welcome to Belgate, a magical-turned-colorless metropolis where Magicians and Nonmagi have lived through years of discontent and begrudgery. Magic has been outlawed by t...
Lacking Emotion by Phantom_howl
Lacking Emotionby Phantom_howl
After the death of his sister, James's life became hell. His parents started beating him up and he was forced to indore it. Isolation, submission, and a desperate attem...
Adenelaia by ReijStargazer
Adenelaiaby ReijStargazer
A decade long in the man's time is only a week in the perspective of the gods. In one of the world which the father of the gods carelessly and casually created, intellec...
Der Runenschmied by Oberst_Greybeard
Der Runenschmiedby Oberst_Greybeard
Ein zerstörtes Dorf. Das Leben aller die er kannte ist vorbei und nur die Zwerge konnten ihn retten. Was wird er mit dem Wissen anfangen das er bei ihnen erwirbt...?
Rise of the Vampire Brethren: Mystical Mishaps Series Book 2 Sample by foxglove1028
Rise of the Vampire Brethren: Myst...by Alicia Scarborough
Single again, sweet-naive teen witch URSA MOONFIRE gets caught up in a whirlwind of horrible dates thus distracting her from the new vampire threat that rolls into town...