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Tutoring My Ex by Zanzan112
Tutoring My Exby ZAN
"Your mouth may say you hate me," he whispered, "But your hands...they say otherwise." His eyebrows raised pointedly at my touch on his chest, face w...
in an open relationship 2 by SiTalie
in an open relationship 2by SiTalie
"No matter how fast or how far I try to run from you the track always leads me back to where I started -back to you " Everyone's favourite power couple is back...
XJ → Harry Hook [1]✔ by abouttoexpplode
XJ → Harry Hook [1]✔by exie
Shan Yu could be argued to be the cruelest villain of all time. Maleficent terrorized a kingdom, never really killing anyone; Jafar did nothing more than pull the string...
Sinner and Saint by ninyatippett
Sinner and Saintby Ninya Tippett
Kady Lynn Jones is an acquired taste. From her exotic beauty to her brash personality, she's notorious for being too hot to handle. Her history with men has convinced...
The Saint by Bunana_3120
The Saintby Bribunana
Book one in Victoria's Trilogy. Book 2 • Saving You Thirteen yearold Victoria Sanchez is a girl with troubles, yet manages to be kind and loving. Anyone who knows her c...
The Good Guy Criminals (boyxboy)  by brokendreamzzz
The Good Guy Criminals (boyxboy) by L
BOYS' LOVE Trip is part of an organization that's viewed as a group of criminals from the outside. However, from the inside, they're just young adults who correct the wr...
XF → Harry Hook [2]✔ by abouttoexpplode
XF → Harry Hook [2]✔by exie
XJ's back, and she's not happy that someone else is badder than she is. --- Summer's arrived, and school's out. XJ and Harry's plans consist of bathing in Auradon's incr...
The President's Son by writtenbyrosiee
The President's Sonby 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐈𝐄
He wrapped the cozy fluffy white vesarce blanket around us then rested his chin on my shoulder, not to talk of the fact that he snaked his smooth hands around my bare st...
Damaged Goods by -starletsky-
Damaged Goodsby -starletsky-
Every girl always loves to go for the bad boy, but why not this time give the good guy a chance? ••• Auror...
Male reader x marvel and dc girls girlfriend scenerio  by DJMM15
Male reader x marvel and dc Vortex’s Multiverse
Simple explanation it's basically you the reader and a marvel or dc girl forming up a relationship from when you meet to when you do the deed and further beyond I will p...
It Comes Back To You (Completed) by vgcampos
It Comes Back To You (Completed)by Val
"Why are you attacking me with air freshner?" Nate questions and coughs. Probably due to the strong floral smell now in the air. "Oh, I don't know, maybe...
Two Thousand Miles from Me by Elliot_Katie475
Two Thousand Miles from Meby Elliot_Katie475
Tessa Craig broke Jase's heart, so why is he showing up at the ER at three in the morning? Because he's technically still her emergency contact. And her Senator boyfrien...
Feels Good To Be Bad by izzysalt
Feels Good To Be Badby Izzy’s stories
Meet Mrs. Bat and her role in the bad guys is being the eyes in the sky. When Mr. Wolf wants to go good she isn't happy about it at all
Saving You by Bunana_3120
Saving Youby Bribunana
Book one • The Saint Second book in Victoria's Trilogy Third book • Daylight Victoria finds herself wandering around this new world, filled with curiosity and determinat...
Optimus prime x reader by Ari_Whittlock
Optimus prime x readerby Ari
Update: this is super old and I wrote it when I was still in school. I will be rewriting it all when I can but I can't right now so keep posted! Original: This is not my...
Ellie Devine Rock Star by Hinchwood
Ellie Devine Rock Starby Suse Hinchwood
Rising rock star Ellie Devine has to work out whether she can get her band Slider back to the top of the charts without the help of her famous muso boyfriend, Daniel Arm...
Avatar: The Legend of Azis by Haven0170
Avatar: The Legend of Azisby TheFirebender🔥
Chaos. That is how everyone would describe the world after Korra died. Everything was messed up. The people, the nations and even the spirits were not interested to rema...
Good Guys Finish Last (Chucky Fanfic) by skullyswirls
Good Guys Finish Last (Chucky skullyswirls
Mabel Madsen is an oddball who still has a fear of dolls. She moves to Chicago to leave all her troubles behind her, but only seems to stumble upon more dangerous ones t...
Small Town Hero - #ONC 2024 by ericdabbs
Small Town Hero - #ONC 2024by Eric Dabbs ✨
He might become the next small town hero with stars in his eyes... and a monster in his veins. Good has a dark side. Evan Mack's football coach will do anything to win...
Charmed [✔] by xxsoteria
Charmed [✔]by a tired potato
Elise's life is never a bore. With unusual parents, mad scientist brothers, and a little sister who aspires to be a witch, who can say that she is ordinary? Just lookin...