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my bully lovers bts× got7 × Exo × reader  by Glitterycake16
my bully lovers bts× got7 × Exo × glitterycake
First of all I AM NOT INDIAN!! they bully me not only mentally but physically too.......they touch me everywhere , they kiss me everywhere THEY HAVE ME ANYWHERE! they...
would you rather? | got7 by binluvclub
would you rather? | got7by cyn
dirty version of would you rather | got7
When We Were Young// Yugyeom •COMPLETED• by aesthetic-hoshi
When We Were Young// Yugyeom • aesthetic-hoshi
"Well, I fell in love with him. The way he taught me to dance, the countless sleepovers, how he always defended me. Then he left. I didn't hear from him in two year...
GOT7 and BTS Smutshots... by kpopyaoi78
GOT7 and BTS kpopyaoi78
**ALL ARE BOYXBOY SMUTS** Going to hell. That's it. That's my life story. But you came for smut, right? Ok. Read on.
the sun will set for you | jj project by themillennialverse
the sun will set for you | jj rai b // riley winters
❝ hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages ❞ ● in which jaebum is the bad habit jinyoung wants to get rid of but it's easier said than done ● a jj proje...
KPOP SMUT by thirsty_fandom_
KPOP SMUTby thirsty_fandom
I take request, so feel free to comment on my posts or just dm if you're a shy person :p FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @thirsty_fandom_ I guess that's it ;)
V Live // Markson  by 2jaeschildx
V Live // Markson by Desiree
When a fan tells Mark and Jackson to kiss during a live stream♡ 《This is just a oneshot Markson smut made for you horny shits》 Started and ended in March 2017 Rewritten...
Look At Me by ficofnel
Look At Meby ficofnel
Pairing: Reader x Jinyoung x Mark Genre: KPOP Idol Trainee! AU | (Angst?) Warning!: This is just fiction and the author has no way of knowing how KPOP trainings actually...
Soft? // Mark Tuan Smut by imokayatfanfic
Soft? // Mark Tuan Smutby !ORIGINAL FANFIC!
Mark Tuan from Got7 smut yeet im sorry i always end up doing smut in the end lmao
If You Do (Jackson) by kittae_tumblr
If You Do (Jackson)by kittae
You've been having a hard time at home, causing you to flee to your best friend and most important person in your life. You have feelings for him, but he'd never recipro...
kidnapped lovers [jackson wang x reader] by milkyystarss
kidnapped lovers [jackson wang x milkyystarss
warning ::: has sexual parts !! you and jackson met at a night club- only to be taken to his home without permission.
Yugyeom (Got7) - smut oneshots series  by SugarVmin
Yugyeom (Got7) - smut oneshots SugarVmin
Some smut oneshots about Yugyeom I occasionally write for a friend eheh Enjoy ;)
Toy soldiers  by Freya_Bomb
Toy soldiers by Da Bomb
Youngjae is a new recruit for the US military, where he meets his strict, dominating First Sergeant IM Jaebum. He is placed under his team, being trained to become a sk...
GOT7 Smut by sammywilksilly
GOT7 Smutby s i e r r a
Honestly I don't even know how to describe how incredibly dirty this book is gonna be so dead at your own risk:")
[+] Ride [+] Jackson GOT7 {Smut} by 19_jmap
[+] Ride [+] Jackson GOT7 {Smut}by 바나나💗
Zhang Xiu Ying has been dating GOT7's member Jackson for a year now. She is also an artist signed under JYP which means....PROMOTIONS!!!! Yup. with all the traveling bet...
Ulterior Motives | Lim Jaebeom  by notadove
Ulterior Motives | Lim Jaebeom by notadove
It wasn't easy to escape your home country after your underhanded dealings finally caught up to you. But your plans of continuing to build your empire are made much more...