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A Granger Family Reunion - Dramione by MiaJannink
A Granger Family Reunion - Dramioneby MiaLouise
Hermione's Family is having a reunion, but what her Family does not know is how successful she is, and to whom she is married. Most of her cousin's hate her, due to her...
Granger Family Reunion by Cyanbluebear
Granger Family Reunionby Cyanbluebear
After making excuses for years, Hermione finally decides that it is time to face her fears and see her family after all these years. However she's changed a lot, accompa...
Family Reunion of the Granger's by MidnightHerondale
Family Reunion of the Granger'sby ─ 𝕸𝖎𝖉𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙.
Here you have another one! An Granger Family Reunion with slut-niece's, an rich husband for Hermione and an family to hate!
The Last Great Hogwarts Dynasty by justkatrinaxo
The Last Great Hogwarts Dynastyby kat
The Tri-Wizard tournament is all that everyone is talking about at Hogwarts and of course Potter's name comes out of the goblet. Katrina Malfoy, the eldest daughter wit...
A Granger family reunion [on hold] by TheWitchWhoShips
A Granger family reunion [on hold]by TheWitchWhoShips
{A dramoine fanfiction.}Hermoine's cousins would bully her as a kid so when she got her hogwarts letter, she always skipped the family reunions because her parents made...
The Granger family reunion (Dramione) by Dramionelover26
The Granger family reunion ( Luya Makhonjwa
Hermione hasn't seen the Grangers ever since she was 13. 25 years later she's back and she's not what they expected read to find out. P.s I got a new cover
Her Family by LexiBell_King
Her Familyby Night Owl Alexis
What if just after the war something unexpected happened? What if Draco Lucius Malfoy had a crush on a Gryffindor? Maybe Harry James Potter wasn't into Ginny as much as...
New York Reunion by DracoandPercySimper
New York Reunionby Olivia
A Dramione PJO HP crossover. This is a Granger Family Reunion, but with Annabeth Chase as one of the cousins so a little bit different than my other one. Enjoy!!!!
Unexpected Friends (A Harry Potter Fanfiction) by Supergirl8666
Unexpected Friends (A Harry Amber Caple
I don't own Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling does. This starts at the end of the Order of the Phoenix and continues on from there. Harry Potter has been back at Hogwarts for 5...
The Granger Family Reunion  by Anishiii
The Granger Family Reunion by Anishiii
Pretty much the same story line: Hermione decided to go to the granger family reunion to seek revenge on her snooty cousins who had made her childhood a living hell. Alo...
A Granger family reunion {Dramione} {ON HOLD} by Ivanna-Romanoff
A Granger family reunion { Ivanna
{I AM THE AUTHOR, EMBARRASSING REALLY, I LOST ACCOUNT} Hermione happily married and owner of HJGM fashion plus co-founder and CEO of the EMERALD LION with her husband Dr...
UDM:GY - Ghost Sighting II - Finding Ghosts by yemihikari
UDM:GY - Ghost Sighting II - Yemi Hikari
Sirius remained haunted by the fact he literally saw a ghost and knows his mind is playing tricks on him because of his guilt - or he has a chance to make things right. ...
UDM: Granger Yet - First Meal  (Harry Potter) by yemihikari
UDM: Granger Yet - First Meal ( Yemi Hikari
Regulus learns to cook from his adoptive Muggle mother. Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter. This is written for the monthly Froday challenge for November 2021 and is...
Memories by a_waiting
Memoriesby aakanksha
|| ''Even if, I don't know, your memories got wiped and you had no idea who I was?'' Hermione twisted at a loose thread in the blanket, feeling it stretch taut. || We al...
Three Witches (Harry Potter/Good Witch Crossover) by yemihikari
Three Witches (Harry Potter/Good Yemi Hikari
Cassie Nightingale left England years ago and finally came back. The memory modification Hermione Granger used on her parents is no longer needed. Pansy Parkinson attemp...
UDM: Granger Yet - Which Room by yemihikari
UDM: Granger Yet - Which Roomby Yemi Hikari
The newest Granger needs his own place to stay, and the older Granger brothers have something to say. Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter. This is one of two stories t...
Granger reunion  by Angel22renee
Granger reunion by Lyra
You will see a lot of pictures in this don't get mad at me if some of them are your favorite celebrities and they are the bad guys/girls and yes I'm on the cover I need...
Harry Granger Potter  by 0Winnowed0
Harry Granger Potter by 0Winnowed0
The moment Petunia Dursley found little Harry Potter on her doorstep and learned about her sister's death, she knew she couldn't have this boy in her house. Her husband...
Lucy Granger  Harry Potter Fanfiction (not edited) by vedra_krimon
Lucy Granger Harry Potter slytherclaw
When Lucy finds out that Hermione is a witch havoc breaks loose. Lucy is Hermione's younger sister. Lucy is 2 years younger then Hermione.
I'm the husband - a Granger family reunion by Willemijn101
I'm the husband - a Granger Willemijn101
After 27 years, Hermione Malfoy, née Granger, gets invited for the Granger family reunion again. As a young girl she was bullied by her bratty nieces and her own family...