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Addicted Book 2 - Passionate Flames by Rosy0513
Addicted Book 2 - Passionate Flamesby rosy spell
Credit online sources for cover picture. He's dead... He's alive... He should be abroad! Hands that embraced him so tightly in the good dreams and also in the bad dreams...
Three Days with Bai Luo Yin by mylovepjm
Three Days with Bai Luo Yinby Honey
Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin spend every day together, and every minute by each other's side. But to Gu Hai that is not enough. Wanting to be with Bai Luo Yin alone and with...
addicted season 2 by daydreamyMKB
addicted season 2by day dreamer
shi hui suddenly returns from abroad ,will yin change his mind and see the worst of hai or will their love stand the test of time
its 2026 , mark(yin) returns from abroad after 4 years apart .only to find his long time sweetheart johnny had married a day before his arrival , to the woman who had t...
I do, but I don't.( Addicted Fanfiction) by mylovepjm
I do, but I don't.( Addicted Honey
Gu Hai is the son of a very powerful man, who demands he find a partner and marry straight out of high school. Gu Hai is completely against getting married at such a you...
Be My "Girlfriend"! by katsukitkat
Be My "Girlfriend"!by katsukitkat
Addicted Fanfiction You Qi x Yang Meng ___ Teaser: I was dragged into a empty place once again and pinned to the wall, but not with the same vigor in which he normally h...
Craving The Flames by TwistedDrifter
Craving The Flamesby TwistedDrifter
Fanfiction: Are You Addicted?/ Addicted (Heroin) Summary: This is a what if story spin for the original novel. What if Gu Hai never transferred school? It is logical to...
My Lethe by mylovepjm
My Letheby Honey
Lethe- a river in Hades whose waters cause drinkers to forget their past. Growing up in a small and poor village in China, Zhang Wei was forced to learn the way of the...
YuZhou Plots by Crazzyjxk
YuZhou Plotsby 《 QUEEN 》
THIS IS MY GIFT TO MYSELF AND MY PN'S (Readers) It is filled with YuZhou plots that I will publish. Each plot is Unique and something that I have been planning to do for...
Bela e A Fera by BLee1996
Bela e A Feraby Bruh
JY is a UFC MMA fighter. ZZ is a young singer. "Beauty and the Beast" is a satire. Nothing more I will say, you will discover the reason for the meaning of the...
Are You Addicted? Volume 2 (FF) by kinsley1027tuy
Are You Addicted? Volume 2 (FF)by Kinsley Tuy
Do you want to find out what happened after the First Book of "Are You Addicted?" by Chai Jidan? English Translation of a Fan Fiction written by Maomi Poxiao (...
Jealous Yin Zi  by cassietvfxq01
Jealous Yin Zi by cassietvfxq01
hello everyone! here's a oneshot fanfiction based on the Chinese BL novel addicted/Shangyin by Chai Jidan. Description: Bai Luo Yin tried not to get effected when it ca...
White Lines, Black Lines - 白线条,黑边(An Are You Addicted? Fanfic) by ann_han
White Lines, Black Lines - 白线条,黑边( Anna Han
A Fan-fiction of Chai Ji Dan's "Are You Addicted?" This is a reimagining of how the relationship between Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin would have played out had they...
But What's New? by katsukitkat
But What's New?by katsukitkat
You Qi x Yang Meng Yang Meng needs new sneakers as he ruined his new ones and he can't bare to have his mother's "silly" superstitions come true. Gu Hai is wi...
I Don't Belong Here by MMM95618
I Don't Belong Hereby MMM95618
After the marriage. 18 year old GuHai woke up, and he noticed the world was the future for him. kind of time travel story :D I'm not native speaker, so it might be wrong...
I don't like him, I like you.  ( You Qi x Yang meng)  by starbmgyu
I don't like him, I like you. ( Cwunshi
I've always shipped these two, and So I decided to make a book for them. You Qi has always assumed he liked Bai Luo Yin, but seeing Yang meng give his attention to Bai...
Dear Translators and Writers by chansoooverdose6112
Dear Translators and Writersby chansoooverdose6112
This image is a tribute to all the translators and writers whose amazing works have taken me by storm on the HaiLuoYin's effect. Since I'm not good at making stories, I...
The Untold Story of Gu Hai and BLY.  by mylovepjm
The Untold Story of Gu Hai and Honey
This is a collection of short stories and one shots based off of the characters Gu Hai and Bai Luo Yin from the Chinese Web Series "Addicted/Heroin" and the n...
In Another Lifetime by wyshbones
In Another Lifetimeby kaara
A love that transcends worlds. (Collection of YuZhou one-shots, written by yours truly.)
Are You Addicted (Heroin) by a_sya42
Are You Addicted (Heroin)by kanawut
beberapa orang seperti NARKOBA, setelah kamu mendapatkan rasa dari mereka, kamu akan selamanya kecanduan. kisah cinta antara dua pria muda, dari musuh hingga pasangan ya...